Here Come de Judge. Again. To the NRA Show.

Taurus is back. No bull. And this time they've brought something like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy to the party. I don't know...

The NRA Descends on Charlotte. Charlotte Likes It.

I'm heeeeeeeeeeeere.... Charlotte is a beautiful place. But there's nothing quite like seeing a huge convention center filled with practically every kind, size, shape, and...

Product Review: LockSAF Biometric Handgun Safe

Even before we had our first child, I knew I had to change the way I stored my firearms. Rapid access to a home...

Kopin Wins $27m Contract For TWS-11B Thermal Eyepiece

0 reports that the U.S. Army has awarded a $27 million contract to Taunton Mass military contractor Kopin ("The Nanosemiconductor Company") for their latest...

Review: CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster

if you're fit enough to carry inside the waistband, do yourself a favor and check out a SuperTuck. I don't think you can find a better solution for conceal carry, and the price is right.

Review – Caldwell E-MAX Low-Profile Electronic Earmuffs

Once you start making regular pilgrimages to your gun range, you'll quickly find that the extra cans most ranges supply leave something to be...

Total Recoil 5: Speaking of Elephant Guns Edition