NEWS FLASH: Medical Breakthrough Could Finally Ensure Passage of National Carry Reciprocity

Does it sometimes seem that anti-gunners simply ignore fact-based arguments for the right to keep and bear arms? Are you frustrated by their refusal to acknowledge that the historic drop in crime rates has coincided with the number of civilian-owned firearms more than doubling, 16 constitutional carry states and millions of licensed concealed carriers? Thanks […]

Ultradyne Announces Tunable X1 Muzzle Brake Available in .223 Rem / 5.56mm

Ultradyne, an American designer and manufacturer of advanced shooting accessories, has officially released the innovative X1 tunable muzzle brake specifically calibrated for .223 /5.56.  The X1 enables the user to optimize barrel movement regardless of shooting technique, individual stature, or ammunition. The X1’s patent-pending Dual-Axis Door System is adjustable to accurately meter out the right […]

Nikon’s New PROSTAFF P5 Line of Rifle Scopes

Nikon introduced the Prostaff 5 rifle scopes six years ago. Now they’re updating the line, dropping the price slightly and renaming the family of eight optics with various magnification and reticle options PROSTAFF P5. Here’s their press release . . . Nikon Introduces the PROSTAFF P5 Family of Riflescopes Melville, NY (April 2019) – Nikon […]

CZ-USA Suppressors Starting to Hit the Market

New from CZ-USA for 2019 is a line of suppressors covering everything from .22 LR to .300 WinMag. And they’re starting to hit dealer shelves now. I got my hands on the S2 Reflex, designed specifically for 9mm carbines (or “large format pistols”) like CZ’s own Scorpion EVO . . . The S2 Reflex is […]

It’s About Time! Holosun Releases a Flip-to-Side Magnifier

It was three-and-a-half years ago when I reviewed my first Holosun. A zillion rounds through it on all sorts of firearms later, having finally changed the battery once sometime around Thanksgiving a few months ago, and it’s still rock-solid. Zero complaints and the price is right, too. All these years later and Holosun is still […]

Galco New Speed Master 2.0 Convertible Holster

Galco’s new Speed Master 2.0 lets you switch between a paddle holster and a belt slide design. Here’s their press release . . . Galco Gunleather is excited to introduce the Speed Master™ 2.0 convertible paddle/belt holster! The new Speed Master 2.0 is the highly versatile and concealable result of Galco’s many years of design experience and continually advancing […]

Streamlight’s New TLR-6 Trigger Guard Mounted Light for SIG P-365

I can’t count the number of Streamlight products I have, including rail-mounted lights, flashlights, a lantern, even a keychain light. All produce great performance for the dollar. Now they’re announcing a new TLR-6 version designed for use with the increasingly popular SIG SAUER P365 sub-compact concealed carry pistol. Here’s their press release . . . STREAMLIGHT® INTRODUCES […]