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BRCC Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas

13   A little pew-pew Christmas caroling to keep the season bright courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company (yeah, they do make some awesome coffee, too).  

TTAG Project: 1,000 Yard Rifle for $500

To many shooters, hitting something from the 1,000 yard line is like putting a man on the moon. It can be done, but it takes a smart person, specialized gear, and a lot of...

Toys of My Youth: Mattel M-16 Marauder

It was way back when I was a kid too young to concern myself with adult worries like Vietnam, counter culture, and gun violence. It was Christmas, and all I wanted was the stuff...

Ask Foghorn: Competition Iron Sights

A reader writes: A commenter on Foghorn's $500 1000 yd rifle linked to a rifleman's journal post, which in turn linked to a couple sight manufacturers. I've seen giant, weird-looking sights on competition rifles before,...

Author Conflicted by “The Terrifying Awesomeness of Nerf Guns”

Anyone with kids knows they love Nerf guns. Even liberal feature writers are forced to recognize that, not only are they cool and fun to play with, but that no matter what you may... Selling Unregistered Silencers

97 Yeah, that title may be a little on the sensational side, but this is actually a pretty good example of how ridiculous US gun laws are. We all remember the Econo-Can, the registered adapter you can...

Hunting 101: Getting Started with Hunting in America

This past weekend Tyler Kee invited me down to his family's ranch in the Texas hill country to go hunting for the first time. As you can see from the picture, things went pretty...

Ammunition Consistency Testing: SetPoint, Hornady and Prvi

Until this point our consistency testing's been focusing on the .223 Remington / 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. This time we branch out into another popular rifle caliber: the .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO round. Specifically,...

Obscure Object of Desire: $2,000+ Suppressed SUB-2000 SBR

Some ideas are just too good to pass up, no matter how much the taxes are to get it done. Today's 0bscure object of desire definitely falls into that category. A firearms genius in...

Gun(smith) Review: Wild West Guns “Marlin 1894C Rescue Project”

The much-troubled Marlin 1894C has been my project gun since early May, when the backordered and pricey 'diamond in the rough' arrived at my FFL guy's door. With a misfit stock, mangled screw heads...

RKBA Win: LeBron James Shoots a Machine Gun

" James and his wife Savannah went for a little his & hers target practice at Lock & Load Miami on New Year's Eve, where they sprayed bullets from multiple guns, including a M-249 SAW...