Gun Meme of the Day: No Firearms Allowed Edition

Heh. Bit of a dad joke there, eh?  

Gun Meme of the Day: Swear Jar Edition

We all do it and our wives all love it, eh? Maybe I'll fill up my "pointing out firearms inaccuracies in movies" jar a...

Gun Meme of the Day: A Shot At Kimber Edition

Look, seriously though, she has a great personality. Make sure to check out the Kimber R7 Mako gun review.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Dollar Tree Lobster Edition

Yes, that's totally legal! Just not. Or sometimes, just not right now when you use it that way or maybe if you do but...

Gun Meme of the Day: Israeli Carry Aliens Edition

Seeya! GTFOH with that noise.  

Gun Meme of the Day: A Shot At PTR Edition

We've run memes taking jabs at CZ, HK, KELTEC, GLOCK, gun reviewers, Florida-based gun manufacturers, and more. Today it's PTR's turn.  

Gun Meme of the Day: The Math Checks Out Edition

Forget the weather. What color is the sky in their world?  

Gun Meme of the Day: The HK SL8 Is Back Edition

In case y'all hadn't heard, Heckler & Koch has brought back the SL8 and new-production units are hitting the market now at an MSRP...

Gun Meme of the Day: Two Hands SBR Edition

"Most people" including, of course, the ATF. Here's the section from my article on the proposed pistol brace "guidance" where the whole one-handed thing...

Gun Meme of the Day: They Sure Love Florida Edition

LOL. For sure there are exceptions of high quality guns in Florida and sh*t guns outside of Florida, but Gila Monster's meme ain't wrong.  

Gun Meme of the Day: Avoiding Caliber Debates Edition

Oh boy. He's fixin' to get an earful if he's talking to the owner of a .40 cal XD. That's a passionate crowd! The...