LMGs, Bromance, and Exploding Soda Bottles

Dougan Ashley and Carnik Con seem to have gotten their money’s worth from a trip to the Knight’s Armament factory in Florida, home of the world’s best machine gun collection. In this video he runs through some of the best light machine guns, blowing stuff up and maybe learning just a little bit along the […]

Our First P320 Winner

As we’ve mentioned, SIG SAUER was generous to allow us to give away not one, but two P320 pistols during this latest, most epic content contest. And as Nick announced earlier, in addition to awarding one for the best article submitted, we’re giving the second gun away via a drawing of the names of everyone […]

Game Preview: Battlefield Hardline

There’s little doubt that a good portion of the new shooters flooding into the gun stores and ranges started their interest in firearms thanks to playing video games. First person shooter games especially have had a huge influence, as evidenced by the Call of Duty tie-ins and Zombie-themed firearms and accessories. One of the most […]

June Gun Give-Aways

  As usual, Aaron Spuler’s Weapon Blog has compiled an exhaustive list of gun and gear give-aways and allowed us to share them here. You can thank him by checking out his blog, then winning something. Now would be a good time.

One More Day to Get Your P320 Entries In!

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we’ve done a few of these content contests in the past. We love them because we get to run great submissions from our talented readers. You love them because you get a shot at a free shootin’ iron. Our latest iteration though, has been a whole […]