Ban Balloons! They’re Louder Than a Shotgun!

“No birthday party is complete without balloons – just as long as they don’t burst,” Becky Fletcher at cautions. “Scientists have warned that popping balloons can be louder than blasts from a shotgun, and may lead to permanent hearing loss.” The survey said! Using ear protection and a high-pressure microphone, University of Alberta scientists […]

TX State Rep. (D) Harlingen Struck on Head by Celebratory New Year’s Eve Bullet

Texas Representative Amando “Mando” Martinez was struck on the head by a bullet or bullet fragment just after midnight on new year’s eve. It seems most likely that the culprit was celebratory gunfire. From The incident, which is being investigated by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, reportedly occurred just after midnight Sunday, when Martinez […]

Homebrewed .50 Cal Captured From ISIS in Iraq

Jake Hamby has posted photographs of a small shop-manufactured .50 caliber single shot, scoped rifle. The rifle was captured from ISIS forces in Iraq. Many on the Internets are disparaging the rifle, characterizing it as a “face bomb” waiting to go off. Yes, well . . . It’s a mistake to judge a weapon by […]

Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: President Trump Will Pass the Hearing Protection Act

In 1934, the Franklin Roosevelt administration passed omnibus gun control legislation, with massive infringements on the Second Amendment. The National Firearms Act was primarily designed to eliminate the private ownership of handguns. As that was too much of a direct assault on the Second Amendment for Congress, they removed handguns from the bill. The remainder of […]

Kimber Gun Rights Bulletin: French Gun Ownership, Carry Increasing

France is home to an estimated 7.5 million legal firearms and 10 – 20 million illegal guns, many of them WWII-era vintage. Thanks to recent terrorist attacks, both numbers are growing, as English language French publication reports: As a result there has a been a surge in the number of people joining gun clubs and looking to arm themselves. […]

Homemade Sub-Machine Guns in Australia

This video is from 2013 is a graphic illustration of the results of what happens when extreme gun restrictions are imposed, as they have been in Australia. When it’s prohibitively expensive or nearly impossible to import firearms, criminals will resort to making their own. The guns in the video are of a simple design and […]