Arizona’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Bill Is A Doozy

Arizona Democrats have filed yet another “assault weapon” ban bill. This one is Senate Bill 1625. At first glance, with two notable stand-outs, it’s pretty much par for the gun-grabbing course; a ban on assaulty-looking guns with grandfathering. But the first notable item is just how inclusive this bill is. All semiautomatic rifles that take […]

Rule #5: Take the Shot

TTAG reader Cliff H writes . . . Colonel Jeff Cooper was a very smart man. He wrote a lot of books, had a storied career as a Marine Corps officer and established the Gunsite Academy in Arizona which has a well-deserved worldwide reputation for high-quality firearms training. Colonel Cooper was also a staunch supporter […]

Some Rural Virginia Democrats Not On Board With Gov. Northam’s Gun-Grabbing Plans

Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam suffered another defeat Monday. Lost among news of the Democrats’ disastrous Iowa Caucus fiasco, Old Dominion lawmakers blocked another of Northam’s gun control proposals. Northam wanted to make it a felony for gun owners to allow their minor kids access to firearms for self-defense or other lawful purposes. Or even […]

Tennessee’s Proposed Red Flag Law Would be the Worst in the Nation

“Red flag” confiscation laws are a legal abomination. By design, they deliberately eliminate due process protections by suspending an individual’s Second Amendment rights without a hearing (at least one where the targeted gun owner is present). Red flag laws, or gun violence restraining orders as they’re sometimes called, also eliminate the need for evidence, since […]

In State of the Union Speech, Trump Affirms Commitment to Second Amendment Rights

By Larry Keane President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address held a key couple sentences that are reminding all Americans he stands squarely with protecting their Second Amendment rights. “Just as we believe in the First Amendment, we also believe in another Constitutional right that is under siege all across our country,” President Trump said. “So […]

The Same People Who Can’t Count Votes Want National Gun Registration and Licensing

By Larry Keane Monday night’s Iowa Democratic Caucus has gone off about as smoothly as a sheet of 24-grit sandpaper. Only 71 percent of results were initially reported nearly two days after the caucuses were held and there are still very few concrete answers, mostly questions remain. South Bend’s former Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears to be holding […]

Bad Medicine: Gun Control Advocacy Doesn’t Stand Up to the Facts

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD Dr. Patrick Neustatter recently penned an op-ed for the Fredricksburg Star supporting typical “common sense” gun control legislation. I feel for my colleague because I too once believed the medical mythology that guns are bad and need to be “eradicated.” Over the past year — I celebrate my first guniversary next week — I’ve opened […]