Man Being “Methodically Hunted Down” by His Roommate’s Murderer Shoots and Kills Him

In this grim and tragic story out of Bend, Oregon, 31-year-old Brennan Pebbles was left as the only man standing following a three-man gunfight in his home. It all started shortly after midnight on October 20, when Pebbles’ roommate, 33-year-old Kyle Adams, suddenly awoke to find an uninvited visitor standing in his bedroom. The visitor […]

Victims of Two Unrelated Attacks Wrestle Guns From Their Assailants, Shoot and Kill Them

Within the last few days, two Americans prevailed in struggles for their lives. The first incident occurred in Chicago. Thirty-five-year-old Jason Brock allegedly broke into a home around 10:30 a.m. and was met by two unarmed people inside the residents. The two would-be victims fought Brock, took the gun away from him, and shot him multiple […]

‘If You Act in Self-Defense, I’ll Back You 100 Percent,’ Says DA After Road Rage Shooting

A 58-year-old North Carolina man named Joseph Harrison just found out that he will not be charged after shooting another man in self-defense. According to reports, Harrison was driving on U.S. 70 before exiting onto Main Street in Valdese, North Carolina. While on the highway, Harrison was being tailgated by 21-year-old Max Barnes, who also […]

Family of Father Slain in Home Defense Shooting Forgives Killer During Trial

Displaying unimaginable strength of their Christian faith, a Texas family said, “We offer forgiveness” during the trial of 19-year-old Jonathan Perales, who shot and killed a beloved member of their family, Michael Robinson. KENS5 reports that Perales broke into the Robinsons’ home on October 10, 2017, armed and with the intent to commit a burglary. […]

Three Home Invaders Shot This Week in Unrelated Self-Defense Shootings, DGUs That Some People Call a ‘Myth’

Contrary to what some would have you believe, defensive gun uses happen literally every single day. Over a million annually, preventing assaults, robberies, rapes and murders. Besides other stories we’ve already reported, here are three more DGUs that barely made the news, further discrediting the myth that guns don’t make a home safer. One happened early […]