Armed Good Samaritan Stops Savage Beating of Mother in Front of Her Three Kids

In Kansas City, Missouri, last Saturday, a kind-hearted stranger saved a woman from a violent attack and may have saved her three kids, too. The Good Samaritan, Benjamin Seadorf, was with his own four children at home when he suddenly heard a woman’s “blood-curdling scream.” “She definitely was in fear of her life,” Seadorf recalled. “She […]

Wife’s Planned Robbery Goes Bad When Estranged Husband Shoots Back at Hired Guns

Three suburban St. Louis residents are being charged with second-degree murder, assault, and armed criminal action after a wife’s deranged plot against her estranged husband went wildly amiss. The “mastermind,” 25-year-old Jasmine Kimbrough, thought it would be a good idea to send three thugs to her husband’s house Sunday. The plan was for the three […]

Man Being “Methodically Hunted Down” by His Roommate’s Murderer Shoots and Kills Him

In this grim and tragic story out of Bend, Oregon, 31-year-old Brennan Pebbles was left as the only man standing following a three-man gunfight in his home. It all started shortly after midnight on October 20, when Pebbles’ roommate, 33-year-old Kyle Adams, suddenly awoke to find an uninvited visitor standing in his bedroom. The visitor […]