TTAG Morning Digest: Marijuana Patients’ Gun Rights, The NRA’s Dream Bill and Oh, Canada

The latest argument against gun registration . . . Hey, NRA! What About Patients? Gun Rights? So, Hawaii isn?t taking patients? gun rights because Hawaii believes medical marijuana patients are abusing marijuana. Hawaii is taking patients? gun rights because the federal government believes medical marijuana patients are abusing marijuana. Section 134-7(a) is disqualifying Hawaii patients […]

TTAG Morning Digest: White Guys Heart Guns, Gun Buyback Nets Fork and Hawaii Confiscates Dopers’ Guns

The war on white gun owners continues, as reported by The Trace . . . A new study from two Baylor University sociologists finds that when white males have lost financial stability ? or think that they soon will ? they find moral and emotional solace in their firearms. The study, published in the journal Social Problems, used a ?gun […]

TTAG Daily Digest: Indians’ Influence on the 2A, Re-Certifying in New York and Docs Against GLOCKs

Be sure to thank an Indian tomorrow . . . The American Indian foundation of American gun culture It is widely agreed that the United States has an exceptional gun culture. Although Great Britain is America?s ?mother country,? the two nations have very different arms cultures. Why so? Historically, two reasons were especially important in […]