Illinois Attorney General: ‘We cannot prosecute and incarcerate our way out of gun violence’

Illinois has a new Attorney General, Kwame Raoul. He rose to fame by filling Barack Obama’s former Illinois State Senate seat way back when. And now he’s bringing his equally far-left perspective to his statewide office as the Land of Lincoln’s top prosecutor. Regarding Chicago’s infamous crime problems he told Illinois News Network: “We cannot prosecute […]

SWATter Gets 20 Years in Prison

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember our posts on a SWATting incident in Wichita, Kansas that resulted in the shooting death of an innocent man. A Call of Duty gamer in Los Angeles, Tyler Barriss, was later arrested for phoning in phony report of a shooting and kidnapping. Barriss pleaded guilty to making the false […]

BREAKING: NZ Mosque Murderer Used Firearms to Prompt More Gun Control, End of Second Amendment in the US

Last night an Australian man walked into two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and opened fire murdering 49 people. Another 48 were wounded, many of them gravely. In addition to firearms, police discovered and disarmed explosive devices in a car nearby. From the Associated Press: Police took three men and a woman into custody after the […]

SAFE Act Be Damned: NYC Cop Charged With Illegally Making, Selling Guns to Gang Members

We’ll say it again: criminals will always find a way to obtain firearms. They couldn’t possibly care less about Governor Soprano’s vaunted SAFE Act. The only people hindered at all are law-abiding citizens. Cuomo’s grandiose pronouncements and his signature on a piece of paper didn’t stop this police officer or his biker gang customers and it […]