Maine Man Blinds Home Invader With a Flashlight, Then Holds Him at Gunpoint [VIDEO]

Buxton’s a rural area not far west of Portland, Maine. And while the state’s “stay healthy at home” order doesn’t expire until the end of the month, that didn’t stop a home invader from forcing his way into Eric and Missy Bartlett house this past weekend. Fortunately, the Bartletts are gun owners. From “It […]

New York’s Mayor de Blasio Shocked, SHOCKED to Find Criminals Committing Crimes

Hapless New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio professes incredulity upon discovering that criminals who have been released from the city’s jail are — wait for it — committing more crimes on the city’s streets. It is “unconscionable” that Riker’s Island inmates who were released due to coronavirus concerns are committing new crimes, Mayor Bill […]

Suspect Arrested in Apparent Mass Shooting in Nova Scotia

From the Associated Press . . . A suspect in an active shooter investigation was arrested Sunday at a gas station in Nova Scotia, after police said there were “multiple victims” in an incident that began in a small coastal village where frightened local residents took cover in their basements overnight. Police didn’t immediately say […]

Lawful Civilian Gun Ownership, Enforcement of Existing Laws Mean Declining Crime Rates

By Elizabeth McGuigan Last week the Department of Justice hosted a series of three public hearings of The Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. NSSF learned that the nation’s top cops are clearly united on what it takes to reduce crime. First, it takes increased, targeted prosecutions. Second, a proven strategy is […]

Why Americans Are Buying Guns: Illinois Governor Released Murderers, Rapists, Armed Robbers

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzer has not let the Chinese virus crisis go to waste when it comes to lowering the headcount in the Land o’ Lincoln’s prisons. As other states have, Pritzker’s administration told law enforcement officials that they intended to quietly release non-violent offenders because of COVID-19. The governor didn’t publish any lists or […]

65-Year-Old Texas Woman Shoots, Kills 19-Year-Old Home Invader

Here’s a newsflash for you. Criminals don’t really care about lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders or social distancing. They’ll attack law-abiding people no matter the circumstances, time of day, or infection count in their area. Cleto Neri Solorzano a 19-year-old man from Fredericksburg, Texas, was just such an example of that fact. Was.  Just after midnight Saturday morning, […]

San Jose Mayor: Citizens Don’t Need Guns in an Emergency. Crooks: Thanks, Your Honor!

The Chinese coronavirus outbreak and shutdown have revealed a lot of anti-gun autocrats for exactly who they are. New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy practically jumped out of his shoes at the chance to stop his state’s citizens from buying firearms. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva wasted no time in sending deputies around from store […]

Self Protection Begins at the Gun Store Counter

By Matt Manda By the millions, law-abiding Americans are buying firearms. Many are doing so for the first time, mainly for self-protection. That’s kept local gun stores busy and kicked up the debate, by some, of just how essential firearm retailers are during a health crisis. NSSF’s Larry Keane joined the Washington D.C.-area radio’s Kojo […]