Did the Colorado Firearms Dealer Violate Federal Law When Sol Pais Purchased a Shotgun?

As we mentioned in our previous article, 18-year-old Sol Pais traveled to Colorado from Florida on Monday. The woman was reportedly obsessed with the Columbine massacre. She had made threats ahead of the shooting’s 20th anniversary this Saturday. She purchased a shotgun and ammunition when she arrived in Colorado. Following an extensive manhunt by local and […]

Peru’s Ex-President Shoots Himself As Police Close In

Peru’s former president Alan Garcia and some of his ministers had been the subject of extensive corruption allegations and an investigation related to bribes they’d allegedly accepted from a Brazilian contractor. This morning, when police arrived at his home to take him into custody, Garcia shot himself in the head. He was rushed to a hospital […]

Pittsburgh DA to Citizens Looking to File Charges Against City Officials Over Gun Laws: Not So Fast

Now that Pittsburgh has new gun control laws on the books that violate the state’s preemption law.  As a result, some Steel City residents want to file criminal charges against the mayor and city council members. They’ve tried to do just that, but have been blocked so far by Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. […]

Illinois Attorney General: ‘We cannot prosecute and incarcerate our way out of gun violence’

Illinois has a new Attorney General, Kwame Raoul. He rose to fame by filling Barack Obama’s former Illinois State Senate seat way back when. And now he’s bringing his equally far-left perspective to his statewide office as the Land of Lincoln’s top prosecutor. Regarding Chicago’s infamous crime problems he told Illinois News Network: “We cannot prosecute […]

SWATter Gets 20 Years in Prison

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember our posts on a SWATting incident in Wichita, Kansas that resulted in the shooting death of an innocent man. A Call of Duty gamer in Los Angeles, Tyler Barriss, was later arrested for phoning in phony report of a shooting and kidnapping. Barriss pleaded guilty to making the false […]