Constitutional Carry Ends Gun Control’s Racial Discrimination

Rachel Malone writes: For those of us who believe that words like “shall not be infringed” mean what they say, Constitutional Carry makes perfect sense. For someone who’s never considered the idea, constitutional or “permitless” carry may be a shocking proposition. I’ve already presented its safety benefits. It’s time to acknowledge the fact that Constitutional Carry […]

Constitutional Carry: It’s The Safest Option

Rachel Malone (above) writes: Constitutional Carry is on a roll. In 2013, only a few states allowed open and concealed carry without a government permission slip. Now, close to 25 percent of these United States recognize the [relatively] unfettered right to keep and bear arms, with more working toward that goal. Everytown for Gun Sense in America, Moms Demand […]

South Dakota Governor Daugaard Vetoes Constitutional Carry

On Friday, March 17, 2017, Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota vetoed HB 1072, known as the Constitutional Carry bill, and HB 1156, which would have allowed a small number of South Dakota holders of Enhanced Concealed Carry permits to carry inside of the state Capitol. His veto letters reproduced below, sans headers and signature […]

Florida Republican Gun Rights Turncoat Anitere Flores’ Motivation: Naked Political Ambition

Our anonymous Florida correspondent writes: Before she flipped, Florida state Senator Anitere Flores supported firearms in national forests, firearms in vehicles in parking lots, prohibiting firearm discrimination in adoptions, the “Pop Tart legislation” (allowing tax collectors to process concealed permit applications) and 2005’s Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground bill. And that”s not all . . . In […]

Florida’s Anti-Gun Rights Republicans Revealed

A reader writes: Yesterday, March 7, 2017 was the first day of the Legislative Session for Florida and with that two 2nd Amendment related bills were up for debate in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The same committee where Open Carry and Campus Carry were killed last year by then Republican Committee Chair Senator Miguel Diaz […]

Kentucky Constitutional Carry Dead for 2017?

Will the Constitutional carry bills in the Kentucky House and Senate get out of committee and head to the governor’s desk? On, a poster has been in intimate contact with the attempt to pass “permitless” or Constitutional carry in Kentucky. Gutshot has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the legislative mechanics and the personalities involved in the […]

South Dakota: Constitutional Carry Passes Senate Committee

The South Dakota Senate Judiciary Committee passed the current “permitless” or Constitutional carry bill, HB 1072. The next stop for the bill: the full Senate. The bill has already passed the House of Representatives on February 23. From House Bill 1072 passed the state House of Representatives last Thursday by a vote of 37 […]

Constitutional Carry Passes Alabama Senate Committee

SB 24, the “permitless” or Constitutional carry bill in Alabama, cleared another hurdle. Last Wednesday, it passed the Senate Judiciary committee. “The committee voted 6-3 for the bill after a fiery public hearing with law enforcement officers largely opposing it and gun rights groups speaking in favor of it,” reports. “The bill now moves to the […]