Louisiana Puts Constitutional Carry in Play

Current Louisiana gun law recognizes residents’ right to carry a firearm openly, but requires a permit to carry concealed. The second part of that equation could change. From wafb.com: House Bill 68 by Baton Rouge lawmaker, Rep. Barry Ivey, would do away with the permitting process. That means anywhere a person can legally carry a gun openly, they […]

Alabama Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

The Alabama legislature is moving toward passing constitutional carry. The bill, SB 24, has passed the Senate, 26 to 8 on Tuesday. The bill would enforce the Alabama constitutional amendment passed in 2014. Amendment 3 passed with 72.5% of the vote in 2014. SB24 is the legislature enforcing the constitutional amendment with statutory reform. Here’s […]

Presenting The Honor Roll of States that Protect the Rights of Travellers

The prediction from TTAG’s own Second Amendment Coalition member John Boch that Democratic Party intransigence will keep even the slightly watered-down Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill proposed in the Senate from passage this year is disappointing for many gun owners. Nevertheless, those yearning to tour the USA in their Chevrolets (or their Teslas,) needn’t wait to begin their road trips, as […]

Big Push for Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin

Wisconsin legislators are mounting a serious push to add Wisconsin to the constitutional carry club. Two weeks ago the Right to Carry Act LRB-2039/1 was announced in the legislature. I have been hearing rumors about such a bill, but details were lacking. The Wisconsin legislature is catching up with what the people voted for in 1998. Back […]

National Reciprocity Gets More Ink, But Passage Is Unlikely…For Now

Yahoo News teased a favorable article on national concealed carry reciprocity that ran at Al-Jazeera US. Gun rights activists have sought national reciprocity for some years now. Under President Obama, a sure veto precluded serious consideration. However, under President Donald J. Trump, the concept has gained a good deal of momentum. National reciprocity amounts to nation-wide […]

Nebraska Introduces Constitutional Carry Bill

Nebraska has a constitutional carry bill in play, styled Legislative Bill 502 (pdf). The bill was introduced by Senator Tom Brewer (above), and was heard in committee last week, but don’t look for movement any time soon. From omaha.com: The committee took no action Thursday on Legislative Bill 502. Because the bill does not have a priority […]