10 Self-Defense Lessons From Illinois’ Version of the George Zimmerman Trial

Thankfully, jury trials in legitimate self-defense cases don’t happen very often. Unfortunately, we just had one of those cases here in America’s heartland with the Illinois murder trial of James Love. The entire affair offers a number of opportunities to learn some very valuable lessons. Usually, in self-defense cases, common sense prevails and prosecutors rightfully […]

Anti-Gun Miami Attorney, Now Deputy Commissioner, Will Oversee FL’s CCW Program

Florida’s new Commissioner Agriculture  & Consumer Services, Nikki Fried (D) has selected Mary Barzee Flores to be her Deputy Commissioner over Consumer Affairs. The Ag Department, among other things, is responsible for running the state’s concealed weapons permit program. The appointment of Flores isn’t a good thing for Florida gun owners. Here’s a little background of […]

Texas Senator John Cornyn Introduces the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

In what looks like a direct response to Diane Feinstein’s latest attempt to abrogate Second Amendment rights with her push for another “assault weapons” ban, Texas Senator John Cornyn and a gaggle of Republican co-sponsors have introduced a new concealed carry reciprocity bill in the Senate. Here’s a press release from Sen. Cornyn’s site: WASHINGTON –U.S. […]

The Best Pants for Concealed Carry

As gun owners who carry on a daily basis, lots of us obsess over finding just the right gear. The best gun (caliber, capacity), the ultimate holster (Kydex, leather, hybrid) or the perfect gun belt (webbing, leather, steel reinforced). But what a lot of us never consider as much is the pants we wear. Depending […]

3 Reasons It Still Makes Sense to Carry a Revolver

[ED: RF’s take on why wheel guns still make very viable concealed carry guns from the archives.] Some thirty years ago the American gun-buying public began to see semi-automatic pistols as reliable firearms. Once semi-autos cleared that hurdle, their superior capacity and quick re-loadability ruled the day. When cops switched to semis, as the Brits say, it was all […]