Review: CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster

if you're fit enough to carry inside the waistband, do yourself a favor and check out a SuperTuck. I don't think you can find a better solution for conceal carry, and the price is right.

Time to Invest in Body Armor?

We see a lot of bulletproof vests on television - and damned if they don't always stop the bullet perfectly. Well, they have to work on TV because they are plot devices. Oh no! Crockett...

Modesto California Sheriff Pledges to Loosen Gun Permit Regs

Two days ago, an Ohio judge told local residents to arm themselves in response to cop cuts. Our own Donal Fagan warned TTAG readers to take his ballistic exhortation with a shaker of salt....

Off-duty Officer Carjacked

I encountered this in the crime section of today's Baltimore Sun: Off-duty D.C. police officer carjacked. "The 44-year-old officer told police he was driving home on Harford Road and East 25th Street at about...

Victory for University of Colorado Gun Ban opponents

The Denver Post Online reports that the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday in favor of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. The group, profiled here by TTAG, argued that 1994 Colorado University (CU)...

Off-duty Officer [not] Carjacked

As I stood up to get off the light rail this morning, I noticed this article over someone's shoulder: DC officer carjacked - more to the story A District of Columbia police officer whose service weapon...

Arizona Dumps Permit Requirement for Concealed Carry

Starting sometime this summer, Arizona residents will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Staring down the barrel of a Republican primary, Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1108. The bill eliminates concealed...

Forget Romance – Buy the Gun You Need.

While it pains me (about a Franklin and nine of his closest pals pain, if you must know) to admit this, I bought the wrong gun for the job I had in mind - namely, concealed carry. But I think what's more important for the sake of this discussion is the why as to my selection of firearms, and how you might be able to avoid the same mistake.

Oregon State University College Republicans Raffle AR-15

Why in the world would Oregon State University College Republicans want to alienate anyone who isn't a Republican by raffling an AR-15 rifle to "celebrate" Second Amendment week? Because they're college kids! Yes it's...

True or False: Smith & Wesson Model 642 Best for Conceal Carry?

From Effective Handgun Defense, by Frank W. James: I will be criticized by some when I say this, but I feel the Smith & Wesson Model 442, now discontinued, but the stainless steel alternative, the...

The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword. Sometimes.

I've been in a lot of airports lately. Airports are the original "gun-free zones" and with good reason, I might add. As long as the TSA and airport police are armed (they are, aren't they?) and ready to use their weapons if needed (ditto), then I'm actually okay with being weapons-free. Mostly. While I'm cool with not carrying a gun into an airport or onto an airplane, I'm not nearly as happy with having to divest myself of anything else the TSA has deemed to be contraband. Case in point, my tactical flashlight and knife.

Next Week is TTAG’s “Take Someone Gay to the Range” Week

TTAG supports the groundbreaking project called SAFE: Share America's Firearms Equally. Through the generosity of the program's sponsors, SAFE dedicates itself to arming America's minorities: Backs, Hispanics, Asians, gays, physically challenged, etc. People who...