Gun Review: Smith & Wesson E-Series SW1911Sc

The 1911 is the dictionary definition of "been there shot that." Especially now, during the centennial celebrations marking its debut. You could equip an Army unit with all the variants clamoring for a modern...

Gun Review: Springfield Armory XD-S .45 ACP

"The .380 was a cute fad," Springfield Armory's print ads proclaim. "Now, let's get back to business." Back to business indeed. Forty-five caliber single-stack striker fired pistols aren't exactly a new thing. Kahr and Glock...
Wilson Combat XTAX 1911

Three Reasons Not to Carry a .45 Caliber 1911

I used to carry a .45 caliber commander-sized Wilson Combat X-TAC (above). These days, I carry a 9mm commander-sized Wilson Combat EDC X9. Only not everyday. A lot of time I pocket carry a Ruger...

Gun Review: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol

  By Jeremy S. It seems like we’ve been waiting years for this little piece of presumed-to-be vaporware. After a falling out (and with an ongoing lawsuit) with Heizer, the company that was originally going to...
marijuana law guns

Marijuana and Firearms Owner ID Cards in Illinois – What You Need to Know

By Dan Eldridge Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois, and medical cannabis has been legal since 2013. We have seen all kinds of misinformation spread about these subjects and how they relate to having a FOID card,...
GLOCK 42 G Code holster discharge AIWB negligent accident

VIDEO: Holstered Pistol Discharges… Negligent or Accident?

This video was submitted anonymously by a reader in Nevada. It shows a firearm that had been holstered discharging when the carrier bent over to pick something up. We're told that the gun in question...
The Best Pants for Concealed Carry

The Best Pants for Concealed Carry

As gun owners who carry on a daily basis, lots of us obsess over finding just the right gear. The best gun (caliber, capacity), the ultimate holster (Kydex, leather, hybrid) or the perfect gun...
Sig Sauer p938 review

Gun Review: Sig Sauer P938

  In recent years there has certainly been no shortage of sub-compact, "pocket-sized" 9mm pistols to choose from. Market demand has spoken, and manufacturers have answered with available products. However, if you're a "cocked &...

Everyday Concealed Carry Dress for Success – Guns For Beginners

Ideally we'd all carry our handguns openly on our hip, out there loud and proud for all the world to see. But due either to legal restrictions or the desire to keep things on...
Taurus Judge isn't the best concealed carry gun

Taurus Judge: Not the Best Choice for Carry?

The Taurus Judge series of .410-firing pistols proves that aggressive marketing can sell ice to Eskimos. The self-defense pistols aren't ideal for handgun buyers seeking stopping power or concealability. Why are so many otherwise...
Weapon mounted lights on carry guns

Pistol Light on Your Carry Gun? Read This First

Among the many internet gun debates that tend to clog up cyberspace is whether or not weapon-mounted lights should be on carry pistols. Discussions of weapon lights often devolve into a debate of weapon...
Homeowner hit with hatchet while his gun is in his car.

Personal Defense Tip: Avoid Hatchet-Wielding Home Invaders…Home Carry

You come home at the end of a long day's work, only to be surprised by a burglar who's rummaging through your things. If ever you needed your personal defense firearms, that's the time....