Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P9 SHIELD EZ 9mm Pistol

I saw this handgun was on the shelf at South Carolina Gun Company before I knew Smith & Wesson was producing it. That beats the usual long wait for a newly introduced handgun. Smith &...
Smith & Wesson Model 69 Revolver

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum

Several thoughts come to mine when you examine the Smith & Wesson Model 69 Combat Magnum. The old truism, 'carried much and fired little' is one of them. A gun for the ammunition shortage...
CZ-P-10-C gun review

Gun Review: CZ P-10 C

"Improving on Perfection" CZ-USA boldly proclaims, promoting their new P-10 C. I'm sure CZ's lawyers would swear that the slogan is all about making their guns better. Clearly, it's a shot over GLOCK's bow. A claim that begs us to nitpick the heck...

Ask Foghorn: Is .22lr The Best for Self Defense?

Wade writes: Foghorn, my Dad is planning on getting his CCW license, and is already thinking about the handgun to use. But he says that he is going to get a .22lr or something similar,...
Heckler & Koch HK P7 9mm pistol

The Heckler & Koch P7 is the Best Pistol Ever Made

Many of the products you purchase were designed by engineers, but heavily tempered by the demands of the finance and marketing departments. "Make us a product that does X, but we need the total...
Beretta APX Carry review

Gun Review: Beretta APX Carry 9mm

Beretta's APX striker-fired 9mm is a top-tier duty gun; one that I can't help but feel is oft-overlooked. But not by Jon Wayne Taylor, who liked the RDO, Centurion, and Compact to the tune of...

Gun Review: GLOCK 20 10mm Auto

Hype. It's a word synonymous with 10mm Auto. Developed by Col. Jeff Cooper, carried by Sonny Crockett, known in the firearms fraternity as "the cartridge the FBI couldn’t handle,” 10mm Auto has achieved near...

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Compact

Aside from the M&P Shield, I've never been a fan of M&P pistols. I was continually surprised to see knowledgeable shooters compete with M&P's -- but not surprised that they'd changed the grip, sights, trigger and...
Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck

Gun Review: Standard Manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck Double Barrel Revolver

Connecticut-based Standard Manufacturing made something of a splash with the announcement of their S333 Thunderstruck revolver. The pocket-size wheel gun packs eight rounds of .22 WMR ammunition and fires two round with each pull...
Gun Review: CZ P-10S Optics-Ready

Gun Review: CZ P-10S Optics-Ready 9mm Pistol

By Virgil Caldwell CZ got into the 9mm polymer striker-fired pistol game with the the introduction of the excellent CZ P-10 C. The original pistol was the compact version of the then-new platform. CZ later...

Gun Review: Glock 42 .380 ACP Pistol

With their oh-so-sly teaser ad campaign and the fact that it seemed like Glock hadn't introduced a new gun since late in the first Clinton administration, the company did a marvelous job of whipping up...
Stealth Daily Anti-Theft Crossbody Sling Bag

Things That Really Do Suck: Stealth Daily Anti-Theft Crossbody Sling Bag

I have hope in my heart. Hope that, one day, I'll see something advertised on Instagram as I'm scrolling through gun photos (only lightly drooling on the phone, mind you) that is actually as...