Will a Cashless Future Also Be Gunless?

Since Parkland, we’ve seen a number of banks change their policies on doing business with firearms manufacturers and retailers. Some have made the decisions on their own and some have no doubt been pressured to cut out gun companies by some of their biggest customers. Lowell Ponte has been watching this trend and is raising […]

Dick’s Has Trouble Filling Shelf Space As Sales Sag

Dick’s Sporting Goods won high praise from gun grabbers and the media for their knee-jerk reaction to the Parkland school massacre. Under CEO Edward Stack, the chain pulled magazines and modern sporting rifles from their shelves. They also unilaterally decided to end sales of all guns to anyone under 21. It hasn’t gone well for […]

What Remington Can Learn From Savage…At Least For Now

Reader Tim Olmstead writes: As you’ve probably heard, Remington Arms, the oldest gunmaker in the United States, has filed for bankruptcy. It appears they won’t be closing their doors. Most reports indicate they’ll just be able to shed most of their debt. As a result, you’d have to think that selling off or even shuttering […]