Gun Retailers Changing How They Do Business During the Coronavirus Gun Buying Surge

We’ve all seen the photos of packed gun stores and empty shelves around the country as Americans prepare themselves for a national emergency. Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and pharmacies are changing the way the do business and interact with the public given the need for social distancing and minimizing crowds of people congregating together. […]

The Great Coronavirus Emergency Gun Run is On

We’ve all read reports of the long lines in grocery stores following the declaration of a national emergency with most Americans coming to the realization that the coronavirus is very real and isn’t going away any time soon. We’ve also noted the run on ammunition and reports from around the country of increased sales of […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Dumps Gun Sales At 440 More Stores

Dick’s Sporting Goods has thrown in the towel on gun and ammo sales at another 440 of its stores. Because, for Dick’s CEO Ed Stack, losing $250 million in sales from implementing anti-gun measures simply wasn’t woke enough. That’s right: At last March’s stockholder’s meeting, Stack claimed his company had lost $150 million as a […]

Everest Launching New Firearms and Outdoor Gear Merchant and Community Site

As the range of firearms-related products Amazon allows retailers to offer dwindles and YouTube de-monetizes more and more gun-related content, the increasingly ghetto-ized firearms business is in need of more online options to reach consumers. Enter Everest. Everest intends to be the go-to site for hunters, shooters and other outdoorsy types by featuring retailers that […]

Vista Outdoor Beats Third Quarter Earnings Estimates, Shows Positive Ammunition Revenue Growth

Press release . . . “We are pleased to see continued stabilization of the ammunition market, alongside year over year growth for many of our brands.  Notably, our Ammunition business delivered positive revenue growth for the first time in eleven quarters,” said Vista Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz.  “While the external environment remains fluid, we […]