Daniel Defense’s Marty Daniel: I Was Wrong About FixNICS

On Friday, Daniel Defense head honcho Marty Daniel issued a statement announcing his support for the FixNICS bill currently pending in both the House and Senate. But FixNICS hasn’t exactly been popular with gun rights supporters, many of whom see it as a slippery slope step toward universal background checks and, eventually, full-blown registration. Mr. […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott and the 7-10 Split

March 9th, 2018, a date which will live in infamy. You see, I never thought I would live to see it happen, but it’s happening. I’m not talking about Donald Trump as president, the Philadelphia Eagles beating New England, or even the fact that there’s a girl out there that likes me, thinks I’m amazing […]

eBay Banning AR-15-Related Gear and Images?

Chris Bushnell is the owner of Cypress Collectibles and patchaddict.com and sent us the following: I am the owner of an embroidered patch company right here in Austin. Today I got a call from eBay saying that I cannot sell our 2nd Amendment patches that have an image of an AR-15 on them. eBay told me on […]

Smith & Wesson (American Outdoor Brands) to BlackRock: FOAD

As we reported previously, BlackRock Inc. developed a sudden hard-on for gun control after the Parkland, Florida spree killing. The trillion dollar investment group sent a letter to American Outdoor Brands, Ruger and Vista Outdoors — companies in which they hold a substantial stake — asking  the gunmakers a series of pointed questions about the […]