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Remington Asset Bids Revealed: Ruger Gets Marlin, Vista Gets Remington Ammo, Franklin Armory Gets Bushmaster, Sierra Gets Barnes

The bidding process for the sale of most of the assets of Remington Outdoor, Inc. is now complete. The debtors — Remington — have selected the successful bidders for each asset or asset bundle, along with backup bidders, and you can read the complete court filing here which details all of the assets purchased. The […]

Parsons: America’s ‘Unregulated’ Gun Industry Bears Responsibility for the ‘Gun Violence’ Problem

You pretty much know what you’re in for when you absorb the author’s laughable claim that “the gun industry is effectively unregulated” in the United States. She’s lucky we don’t send her a bill for cleaning the coffee off of our computer after reading that. She really should warn us next time. A crucial component […]

Two Antitrust Democrats OK Taking Money From Big Banks Working Against the Firearms Industry

By Larry Keane Any other year, taking money from an industry that’s conducting barred activity would be called corruption. Not in election years, though, and not when it comes to banks and guns. Congressional Democrats are holding a fundraiser Aug. 24 for Democratic nominee Joe Biden that’s headlined, “Virtual Conversation on the Future of Antitrust,” […]

Brownells Shipping Standard Capacity Magazines to California – Get ‘Em While You Can

From Brownells: In the wake of a ruling by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Brownells has resumed selling its full lineup of rifle, pistol and shotgun magazines to California customers. Known as Duncan vs Becerra, the case against California’s ban on standard-capacity magazines was brought by the California Rifle & Pistol […]