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SIG SAUER: P320 Striker-Fired Pistols Are Drop-Safe

Reports in recent days have called into question the safety of SIG SAUER’s popular P320 pistol, the very same platform recently selected by the US Army.  These rumors have spread through the internet and social media to the extent that the Dallas Police Department temporarily suspended their approval of officers who chose to carry P320’s […]

Sturm, Ruger & Co: Second Quarter Sales Down 23%

Sturm, Ruger & Co. has just released its second quarter financial results. The numbers reveal the extent of the so-called “Trump slump” and the cost of the gunmaker’s recall of the Mark IV pistol. In the second quarter of 2017, net sales decreased 22% and earnings per share decreased 53% from the second quarter of 2016. […]

Is This the SAW Killer? FightLite Pairs Polymer Ammo with Lightweight Automatic Rifle

When it comes to military gear, lighter is generally better. Mobility is the name of the game. FightLite gets it. They’re pairing their lightweight automatic rifle with polymer cased ammunition to further relieve the physical burden on our men and women fighting on the front lines. FightLite’s belt-fed firearm was designed in 2002, marketed as […]

GLOCK vs. McDonald’s: Why the Pistol Maker Reigns Supreme

“To lure more mid-afternoon customers, McDonald’s is rejecting its recent health-food kick and rolling out the sweets: croissants, muffin tops and a new sundae-topping station for ice cream lovers,” reports. Wait. What? Back when I was a kid, McDonald’s sold hamburgers. And that was it. And boy were they fast. Even after the chain […]

NICS Background Checks Continue High for June, 2017

In the (almost) six months since Donald Trump took office, the FBI has completed 12,601,102 NICS checks. Comparing that stat monthly . . . NICS checks for June, 2017 clocked in at 1,901,768. That’s the second highest number of NICS checks for any June on record, just below 2016’s 2,131,485 checks. The third highest June was […]

Smith & Wesson Acquires GEMTECH

Weeks of industry rumors have proven true, and the following press release from American Outdoor Brands Corporation, parent company of Smith and Wesson, came across TTAG’s blotter yesterday (though the news was made public late last week). The short version: AOBC has purchased Gemini Technologies, Inc., AKA GEMTECH. The full press release plus a look […]