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It’s been all quiet on the Fast and Furious front since President Obama won reelection and all hell broke loose in Newtown. Meanwhile, the slaughter south of the border continues apace, with unarmed civilians at the mercy of vicious narco-terrorists and corrupt police and government troops. All armed to the teeth. With official U.S. assistance (State Department-sanctioned military and police sales of fully automatic rifles which “seep” to the bad guys). Part of the coverup: a total blackout on the model and serial number of weapons confiscated by the Mexicans. Information that was publicly available until Uncle Sam’s ATF launched Operation F&F in 2010. But every now and then, for some reason, details make it into the media. Make the jump for an excerpt from a report in detailing yet another gruesome crime. It includes info on the captured killers’ arsenal . . .

Detainees were confiscated an arsenal of two fragmentation grenades (hand) K-400, ovoid, olive green, with lot numbers: HWB95K605-029 and EC-89E605.

Two percussion grenades M-118, 40 mm caliber, high explosive, olive green and gold, a assault rifle AR-15 Rock River Arms brand, model LAR-15, 5.56 x 45 mm caliber, illegible s/n (deleted ), American manufacturing, retractable stock.

A pistol, brand Colt .38 Super, registration 29291, American manufacturing.

Also: 21 magazines of up to 30 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm, (.223)  6 magazines with a capacity of 30 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm.

Also: 1,301 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm caliber cartridges 150 5.7 x 28 mm and 95 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm and two aluminum baseball bats.

Gun store grenades? And while gun control advocates can bemoan the “easy access” to assault rifles [see: above], clearly it’s time for bat control legislation.

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  1. Obama pose for a photo from the CT murder crying, all to ban lawful gun rights which our founder gave us. Yet that swine then sends million of arms to Narco Cartels which murders hundreds of people and way over 20 kids per day in the Mexican civil war.Obama is a pig of a man and a swine of a President.

      • I think he meant “millions IN arms”. Calm down. Okay, now you may proceed to question that.

        • Yeah, it’s only tens of thousands OF arms. Fully Automatic arms approved for sale to corrupt Mexican cops and military by the US State Dept.

      • Would thousands make you feel better? I’ll tell you what, sending a single AR or M16 down there without a borderline intelligent manner of tracking or recovery would piss me off. And then, we have to listen to endless BS about how these must be taken from law-abiding citizens.

        Then again, y’all know I didn’t vote for Obama, and I tried to convince everyone that Obama and Feinstein would definitely go after your guns. I started my collection in earnest before BHO got in in ’08.

  2. sounds like everyone in the border states should be equally armed to repel invaders since the BP is spread thin!

    • but us law abiding citizens have the police 10 minutes (if lucky) away to defend us. semi autos are evil and only belong in the hands of the cartel.

  3. I thought the F&F guns went to the Sinaloas, not to the Zetas. Wasn’t that the theory? That the ATF were accidentally/intentionally arming the Sinaloas against the Zetas because they were the perceived better of the two evils?

    • Yes. But Los Zetas were a Mexican police paramilitary unit that received equipment and training from the US before they decided the other side paid better.

      • Exactly. They provided protection for the Gulf Cartel for a while, then split from the Gulf Cartel and set up shop for themselves against the Gulf Cartel. So Los Zetas are double turncoats.

      • Well, the Zetas were by ex-military (i.e. U.S. trained) “bodyguards” for the Gulf Cartel who set up shop for themselves. They weren’t trained by the U.S. per se. Although who knows? We do know that Uncle Sam was worried that Los Zetas would take over Mexico. Maybe they will. Maybe they have. There’s no one shining a light on any of this and the CIA’s up-to-their-eyeballs in skullduggery.

      • In other words, PAID BY BOTH SIDES. Nice work if you can get it. And you can get it from DRONE-MAN.

    • From what I know, the original Zetas are Mexican soldiers that went rogue. Not really shocking if they had people in the Mexican army funneling them American-provided weapons.

    • Correct. Los Zetas’ are an ex-military unit. They’re well-stocked with guns supplied to their pals/defectors in the Mexican armed forces (100k+). Anyway everyone’s got guns, save the majority of Mexico’s civilians.

  4. So, our government has been lying to us while trying to disarm us. Well I swear! What will the low-life bottom feeding bastards think of next?

      • I wish some 2A-minded legislator would file a bill exempting guns & ammo from sales tax just to make liberals’ heads explode.

        • Not sure if the tax route has ever been tried before, but it seems like it could be challenged in the same way as a poll tax. On one hand, the taxes on cigarettes stand (though I think they shouldn’t, and I don’t even smoke), but on the other, theres no mention of smoking in the Constitution.

      • On a related note, I’ve had very good results explaining the stupidity and uselessness of the “$5 tax on every bullet” idea for controlling crime to several fence-sitters lately.

        I’m fond of saying that anti’s are like conspiracy theorists in that as soon as you disprove one incorrect statement they’ve always got another on deck and ready to go. However in this case it seems to work the opposite way, too. Pointing out the lunacy of one of the popular anti-gun ideas has helped me make inroads on shooting down some others.

    • You can reload de-milled grenades. Plug the hole in the bottom by welding in a piece of round stock. You can reactivate the fuses by buy the strikers separately and installing it, and load a small pistol primer and visco fuse. There are videos on youtube of people who made thermite grenades by doing so.

      Videos deleted (they mess up mobile browsers)

      • ugh… so I screwed up the url for the 1st video, 2nd is fine. that guy has a couple of reloading grenade fuse videos in his channel.

        • Matt, if you use to encode your links to YouTube then they won’t auto-embed. That way the editorial staff won’t have to delete them so that people on mobile devices can browse the comments without problems.

        • Jeez, you don’t have to be so nice about it…

          You can also just html encode the links, thusly:
          <a href=”YouTubeLink”>Link Text</a>

          So it looks like this: Link Text

  5. I wonder if the 5.7×28 mm cartridges they were provided were the SS190, which are designated by the ATF as armor-piercing rounds that are restricted to LE and Military only.

    That would just be too convenient.

  6. looks like the cops pocketed the 5.7, cuz there was ammo, but no pistol? ok.

    I saw this earlier, and figured that the authorities may have deleted the serial.

    • It’s not unusual for busts like this to sweep up a bunch of ammo for weapons not even present. Note that there’s no mention of an M203 launcher attachment for the AR15 despite the presence of the two 40mm grenades.

    • I’ll second that. Standards for “arsenals” have clearly declined in recent years. Must be inflation, or maybe it’s the Mexican peso vs the US dollar exchange rate.

      • Dude, a 10/22, a old 20-gauge shottie, and an Army Single Action count as an arsenal these days. If you reload, you’re a back alley ammunition manufacturer. If you have a range on your property, it’s a militia training camp. A computer is a propaganda propagation device.

        … Think I have a career as a marketer? I feel dirty.

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