nightstand gun
Dan Z for TTAG
nightstand bedside gun
Dan Z for TTAG

As a recent Pew poll reveals, most people own their guns primarily for personal protection. The problem is, no matter how “operator” you are, very few of us carry when we sleep (go figure).

You want to be ready, of course, in case you hear the proverbial bump in the night. But that raises the question as to where your gun will slumber when you do.

Lots of gun owners, having done their duty to perpetuate the species, have little future gun owners under their roof. These are curious, clever miniature humans around whom we’re not comfortable leaving a firearm unattended, even on the nightstand next to the bed.

You are not without options. You could keep a handgun in a small safe in a drawer, You could mount one on your nightstand or bedframe, or keep it in something secure and lockable in a nearby closet, or…what?

Where do you keep your bump-in-the-night gun?


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