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“A Kennesaw [Georgia] State University student was robbed at gunpoint at the school’s Austin Residential Complex at 3:40 a.m. Tuesday, reports. “The student was loading items into his car when two men carrying handguns approached him. The men demanded the student hand over his wallet and gun, according to an alert sent to students. The student complied and was not injured.” A lot of questions here . . .

How did the bad guys know that the student had a gun? Did they know? In this case, both bad guys had guns. Visible. Assuming they got the drop on their victim, what could the students have done except comply?

For our purposes, what would you do if not one but two armed perps demanded your gat? And while we’re at it, what would you do — gun- and tactics-wise — if a mugger or muggers didn’t point a gun at you? What if it was a knife?

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    • Yep. If I’m carrying a gun and someone tries to rob me, then somebody’s getting shot (maybe me, preferably them). That’s all there is to it.

      On the other hand, if he had a cased gun and was loading it into a car, then functionally it’s just luggage.

  1. “Kill them all. Let God sort them out.”
    – – Derived from the Albigensian Crusade,1209 by Pope Innocent III against the Cathar heresy, at Bezier, Southern France

    – – Also seen on US Army Special Forces shoulder patch

  2. If two armed attackers have the drop on me (guns already drawn and pointed at me), I am in an extremely ugly spot no matter what I do.

    Here is my thinking: if they had any intention at all of shooting me, they could have done so already and relieved my incapacitated body of my money and firearm. Since they have not already done that, I figure there is a fair chance that they will not shoot me if I hand over the goods. At that point I would probably toss my money and firearm in one direction while lunging in the opposite direction to escape. This forces the attackers to choose between me and what they really want. It also means I am a moving target which is much harder to hit if they decide to shoot anyway.

    Now, if something distracts both attackers such that they look away and it appears that I might have enough time to draw and fire, I would do that instead.

    • Very sensible response.
      It’s all very easy for some here to insist they would attempt to draw on a thug who clearly has the drop on them… sure you guys would – good luck to you.
      No, I’d agree that distraction, decoy and retreat is the best one can hope for when Situational Awareness has failed you as it did this kid… um, he was aware, wasn’t he? Oh…

  3. I often wear a IIIA vest and my melancholia is enough that I might draw on a drawn gun (much less likely two though). Also two of the drugs I take limit the severity of emotion I feel so I might not be too afraid to do so. It really depends on too many factors to prognosticate. I also make a continuous game of positioning myself defensively when I see someone(s) approaching. I don’t mind that it makes me look distrustful or even rude. I am not at all a well trained gun fighter but I might just be willing and otherwise prepared.

    • Yup. How and where I walk, sit, stand…
      Even now, on a break, in friendly territory, I’m sitting in a corner…

  4. If an attacker is holding a knife and has the drop on me, whether or not I comply depends on the size/type of knife, how the attacker is holding it, the attacker’s apparent size/strength, and whether I think I can draw with one hand (which would enable my other hand to “run interference” in case the attacker decides to try slashing/stabbing me while I am drawing).

    I would lean toward trying to draw and shoot a knife wielding attacker.

  5. 3:40 a.m. Tuesday WTF. Were those guys just out there at that time of the night, or was something else going on.

  6. depends on the exact situation. if they catch you by complete surprise, meaning your gun still holstered and he has already drawn on you, then i am not going to give him the excuse to shoot me.
    drawing your gun when theirs is already pointing at you is stupid. beyond stupid.
    but if we have BOTH drawn then HELL NO he aint getting my gun except “from my cold, dead hands”

    • If it is just one gun and close enough of course you could quite plausibly grab it and maybe even shoot them with it. A lot of the videos of armed robberies show the robber holding his gun foolishly close to the victim. If you don’t telegraph your intentions, you have a pretty certain .2 seconds and likely .26 seconds.

  7. What if questions suck. There are too many what if’s. General rule, don’t draw on a drawn gun. The fail started way before he was under the gun. Total failure of SA here. There is more here than meets the eye.

  8. KSU is my daughter’s school, and since the new carry law came into effect July 1 this seemed like a high probibility, since they won’t allow guns in the dorms. Just glad my kid isn’t in the dorms. With the way the law is written the commuting students are far safer than those that stay until university housing.

      • Yep, she has her favorites, including my stainless 45. For her 21st we went down to get her GA carry license a couple of years back.

        • Hmm, he won’t mind an older girl. He got his carry permit this year after I gave him a Sig p229 stainless elite.
          He’s at the Marietta campus (formerly SPSU) engineering major, Kappa Sig officer, and all around cool dude. He’s in a couple of my videos. Have her check them out. Maybe they click. His name is Nathan.

        • Daughter has a boyfriend she thinks hung the moon, and he seems okay from my point of view. What father really believes the guy his daughter is dating is really good enough for her?

  9. If I’m alone? I’ll take my chances. I carry at my 4:00, right over my back right pocket which is where I keep my wallet. So I feel like I could fake getting my wallet and come back around with my gun fairly easily. Now if I’m with my wife and kids? Whole new ballgame. Then direction of approach/lines of fire would determine everything.

    • This is why I’ve positioned my gun and a SOCP Benchmade @4-5oclock. “Sure, let me grab my wallet for you…”

      Under the gun twice though, is a really bad day, and I would rather try my best to get a super accurate description and live to fight another day.

    • Sounds like this falls under the “getting ambushed really sucks” heading.

      And it answers what I was wondering above — the gun wasn’t on him when he was robbed. He wasn’t legally allowed to carry in the building. Basically, he was robbed of his luggage…which just happened to include a gun.

  10. I would hope that I can surprise them and kill them before they injure/kill me.

    I’m darn sure not letting them use my gun to kill someone else, though.

  11. I was robbed at knife point when I was about 17 around dinner time in a parking lot. He came up from behind and put the knife to my side. He got my $20 and I lost my pride. All I said to him was “Really?” He said “yeah” and I gave it to him. Not much choice.

  12. If his gun was not usable I think 2armed against 1 late at night is a losing proposition. And can we infer the bad guys KNEW he had a gun locked up? I’ve been in some sticky situations but never with 2 guns pointed at me…

  13. so, a gun locked up in a case is pretty much…nothing but a heavy case.

    kinda obviates the whole purpose of having a gun.

  14. If they’ve truly got the drop on me then I have already lost. Sometimes the bad guy rolls a natural 20.


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