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Before I tell you about my experience as a Hot Shots model and ask for your seal of approval (or brickbat), I’m aware that TTAG banned T&A back in the day, to be a family-friendly firearms destination. Awesome! If that sort of stuff offends you, feel free to pass on this post. A little background, though . . .

Since 2009, the Hot Shots calendar has combined images of hot women and bad-ass firearms. Past themes include James Bond, Mad Max, Life of a Soldier and 1950’s Pin Ups. (I could tell you this year’s theme, but then I’d have to kill you.)

Just in case you thought prurient sex and loads of money were the only points of this exercise, Hot Shots donates half of its proceeds to help military charities. They currently sponsor Help for Heroes and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. 

As y’all know, the U.K. has some of the toughest most ridiculous gun laws in the world. So I was bemused (that’s what Brits say, right?) to discover that the Hot Shots owners hail from the Land of Hope and Glory. Present company excluded, most of the girls featured in this year’s calendar are professional models with sexy British accents. But each one is also a dedicated gun girl and knows her way around a firearm.

The producers of the Hot Shots Calendar have deep roots in the firearms industry. Sponsors include the Edgar Brothers (a British firearms wholesaler), Crye Precision (makers of multicam for the military) and Surefire.

The Brits came heavily armed for battle. Some of the firearms featured in this year’s calendar are movie props, like the gun used by Bradley Cooper in American Sniper.  I used a replica of Chris Kyle’s rig for one of my shots: a McMillan TAC-338A rifle fitted with a Leupold scope.

Shooting the Hot Shots Calendar with a great photographer, a bunch of cool guns and six hot AF ladies was epic! But . . .

The anti-gun left and their mainstream media minions portray gun owners as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. They consider Hot Shots sexist tripe, catering to the power, not to say rape fantasies of under-endowed misogynist men who cling to their guns and their, well, you know.

What’s your take? Does something like Hot Shots hurt the cause of gun rights?

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    • As long as they’re handling them correctly. If I see a picture of a gorgeous woman with a perfect body and no clothes on but she’s handling a gun wrong, I’m turned off.

      • Do keep in mind calendars like these are sold to guys who don’t get out much, and/or have a ball and chain.

        ‘Scantily clad’ women? Meh. There’s more revealed at the community swimming pool – with the bonus that you may actually go home with her. Nudes and guns is a whole different kettle-o-fish.

        Unless it’s just straight-up soft-core, nudes and guns are often very artsy shoots – with lots of very intentional weapon mishandling (no, not that). I’ve been to a couple of shoots that were as much beauty shots of the guns, as they were the (naked) model. B&W and everything…

    • Liberte recently tagged @itslaurendotcom on Instagram, as she was also in this calendar shoot. I had never heard of her, but she has almost a million followers on Insta and casually features firearms and shooting range outings in quite a few of her photos. This breaks the media narrative of the gun owner being an old fat white guy racist survivalist nut job and mainstreams the fact that a gun is just an object and even hot celebrity women can enjoy shooting, too. It’s a great hobby, it’s a freedom we all have a right to exercise, it can be “cool” and there’s nothing wrong with that, and the media’s portrayal doesn’t often align with reality. This sort of stuff helps prove that, and the young folks on Insta following Lauren, Liberte, and other “celebs” who feature guns are the next generation of mainstream 2A supporters necessary to protect the 2A.

  1. If you’re that worried about it you could always put out a hot shots calendar for women. I highly doubt you’ll have a hard time finding ripped guys to pose with big guns, and you’ll have an equally difficult time selling those calendars.

    • There are few, if any, SpecOps Operators that could not serve as the focus for such a male-dominated calendar. Not an OFWG in the bunch, that group.

    • Girls ain’t guys.
      Girls don’t want to see junk that they ain’t committed to.
      Viva la difference.

      • doesky2, i will grant that many, even most, may not. That said, I guarantee that there are millions of women who really want to see the junk, before they commit to it. That, and see how it performs.

        Just sayin’…

    • In this case the weapons are the decorations of the women. Does your implication that the women are objects constitute “slut shaming” or would your comment be different if they were all wearing Muumuus?

    • Maybe TMI, but I am throughly enjoying that healthy male sexuality is now transgressive. Keep telling me how I’m naughty 🙂

    • “Decoration” – along with almost any other such designation, is in the mind of the beholder. You can consider it whatever you wish, but you can’t actually choose for anyone else.

      The idea of running around mostly naked doesn’t work for me, personally, whether visual or actual… but the choice for these ladies isn’t mine to make. I’ve seen a lot of hot brass burns on open skin, so it’s good if these are merely photo ops.

      And yes indeed, a gunny male beefcake photo calendar would be a lot of fun to see. I might even buy one. 🙂

      How can such things “hurt the pro-gun” thing? It will with some people, obviously, and won’t with others. That’s the way it is with everything. If people are going to put themselves through convolutions trying to somehow please or placate the anti folks, they are in for a rough time… a pointless and frustrating waste of time.

      Clue… the anti’s can’t be pleased or placated by anything but capitulation. Why give them the satisfaction?

      If the guys and gals are practicing safe gun handling, and not hurting anyone, why should they care if others disapprove of their activity?

    • Women aren’t JUST decoration!

      (See what I did there? I fixed it for you! Thank me later.)

    • Although women are not decoration, unless they’re a trophy wife, they can certainly be decorative, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      In the great scheme of natural selection, which is celebrated here often in comments about Darwin Awards, the natural sexual attractiveness of a female is a definite evolutionary plus, not something to be complained about. Unless of course you happen to be a woman who is not decorative, or attractive.

      For a woman being physically attractive is a good thing, so long as it is not their only claim to fame, not the case in regards to Miss Austin, and admiring that physical trait is not misogynistic unless it is the only thing you seek in a woman.

      • Moreover, while the various cultural biases are certainly playing an important factor, the concept of female attractiveness comes directly from the concept of health (through being seen, consciously or subconsciously, as fit for motherhood).
        Now nobody can complain that being healthy isn’t a good thing.

      • If the world were to separate decoration and woman, diamonds and gold would have no value other than the limited industrial applications. Would crash the world financial market.

  2. If it were pandering to male power fantasies, wouldn’t it be more likely to portray women as helpless, instead of armed and ready to defend themselves?

  3. The libtard snowflakes are always going to attack gun rights. I don’t think this hurts at all, if anything, I think it helps.

  4. Yes, yes, anytime we refuse to cater to the transient whims of the social justice warriors and self-appointed political correctness police, we are damaging our own cause, and contributing to global warming. Yes, yes we must internalize our own impression, be afraid of our own shadows and adopt the narratives of our sworn enemies.

    Any male who prefers to view an image of an attractive woman holding a firearm, rather than say, an image of Trigglypuff throwing a tantrum….. Well, that man is clearly suffering from self-defeating personality disorder and singlehandedly dooming the cause of gun-rights for all time, and he is colluding with the Russians to subvert our democracy, and he wants to make popcorn and watch while poor people lose their health insurance and die.

    Ack pffft!

  5. Ya’ll look GREAT! Don’t worry about the twinks…oh and no one is forcing you to disrobe.

    • No; all of them don’t look great. Those with tattoos look gross. A woman with a tattoo is like spray painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

      • And how about women who alter their looks for the worse by adding rings to their noses, and chunks of metal in their lips. Who would want to kiss a women with a couple ounces of silver hanging from their lower lip?
        Maybe they stick that stuff on there so nobody would want a knob job from them, for fear of tearing off part of their man pole.

      • Man, what is it with the tattoo haters lately? That’s YOUR opinion, buddy – which you’re welcome to have. But my opinion is the opposite… to me, tasteful artwork enhances an already beautiful body, making the combination greater than the sum of its parts. If both the tattoo artist and God have done their work well, then BOI-OI-OING! 🙂

        You know what they say about opinions… they’re like a certain body part – everybody’s got one, and yours stinks just as much as mine! As time goes by more people appreciate the beauty of tattoos, however, so your opinion is shared by fewer people all the time. Mine is becoming more common. Sorry you’re stuck in the past.

        Now, hand a gun to a beautiful woman with stunning tattoos, and look out – now we’re talkin”!

        • Apparently you need to get out more, if you haven’t seen beautiful artwork in permanent ink yet – it’s everywhere! Perhaps your viewing of tattoos is limited to those sported by the local prison population, streetwalkers, or junkies? That might tend to lower one’s expectations. (“Body graffiti”, eh? Now I’m beginning to understand…)

          BTW Sherlock, your estimate of my age is only off by about 40 years, boy. After all that time being a biker and a fan of heavy metal. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a lot more tattoos than you have – and yes, much of it (not all) can certainly be considered tasteful artwork, despite your opinion to the contrary.

          Tell ya what, you closed-minded hater – if you don’t like tattoos… don’t look at ’em. There are plenty of other directions you can gaze.

  6. The calendar is totally not my thing — I find women sexier when they actually shoot guns, versus using them as incongruous props. (On that note, Ms. Austin’s photo in this post is pretty okay. Step on up to the firing line, young lady.) 🙂

    But it doesn’t matter what my thing is or isn’t. You all should do whatever floats your boat.

    As for the anti-gun ninnies, they’ll find a way to make anything we do look bad to the uninformed anyway. They don’t matter in the least. To hell with what they think.

    • I agree with all of this. I would prefer to see the scantily clad women in a more “ready to fire” pose, than just posing while having a gun in hand. That said, anything that gets the antis knickers in a bunch is good with me. I doubt fence sitters are going to care much one way or the other.

  7. Everyone is just looking for a reason to be outraged. Anything that features attractive, scantily clad (or better yet, nude!!) women is automatically going to generate outrage amongst the prudes, puritains, ninnies, and insecure women and men of the world.

    I really think much of the anger is the result of jealousy and insecurity. Some leg beard is angry that she doesn’t look like the girls in the calendar so she has to make a stink about misogyny and the patriarchy, and some neck beard is pissed that the girls in the calendar won’t go for him, so he has to rant about all women being whores, and red pill this and that . . .

    My advice, shut up and enjoy the eye candy.

  8. I’ll need more pictures to make an informed decision.

    No, really I don’t see it as mattering that much. Some people will complain about anything.

  9. Let the free market decide what people want. I see nothing but beautiful people in eyeglass commercials, makeup commercials, mannequins at stores are all fit, ever see the cover of Cosmo or women’s health? I’m 100% sure they’re scantily clad. Why? Because it’s what people want.

  10. I approve of the calendar as a means to promote the pro gun message, and who doesn’t admire a pretty girl? Win-win situation here.

  11. It doesn’t move the needle either way.

    Lovers still gonna love. Haters still gonna hate. Some side boob ain’t going to change that.

  12. People will find reasons to enjoy, or to complain about, pretty much any themed calendar. I agree with wanting to see them on the line a bit more…

    Other calendars ideas immediately come to mind:

    “OFWGs of Summer! We put the GUT in Guts and Glory!”
    “Operational Operators…Keepin’ it Tacti-Cool in the Summer Heat” (Beard-hat promotion would be a tie-in with it)

    let’s not forget our dis-Loyal Opposition:

    “Progressive Pantsuits! You’ve Never Seen Rayon Quite Like This Before…”
    “Pin-Ups of the Social Justice War” (Somewhat confusing, since all 12 months show snowflakes)

  13. “I could tell you this year’s theme, but then I’d have to kill you.”

    Is suffocation an option? 😉

  14. Anything that is even remotely pro-gun will send the leftist pukes into apoplectic fits, so why not have fun? No one is forcing anyone to pose for this calendar, or to buy it, so who cares if it offends some hoplophobe?

  15. These type of calendars are disgusting. Whether it’s cars and girls, guns and girls, whatever. All they do is remind me how decency and modesty are unfortunately things of the past, and that the anti’s are somewhat right about some members of the gun culture sexualizing firearms.

    • People have been taking suggestive photos since there were cameras. And before that, there were tawdry drawings/paintings. The photos in these calendars are pretty tame by comparison.

    • “Decency and modesty are things of the past” Maybe to a point but have you ever thought about the cause? What about the ever increasing attack on ANYTHING that was once considered masculinity or femininity? Parents used masculinity to bolster chivalry and good manners in their sons as well as using femininity to bolster manners and poise in their daughters. Men acting like men are called neanderthal while women who take pride in their appearance are considered vain or accused by the ultra feminazis of furthering the objectification of women. It’s a no win situation so why play the game?

      If YOU don’t like the calendar I suggest you don’t buy one. I’ll be buying one for my Dad….. The man who taught me to RESPECT women and “act like a man” when something needs doing.

      If they come out with the stud version I’ll probably buy one of those for Mom…. The one who tempered my “manliness” with enough sensitivity and emotional awareness NOT to be a neanderthal.

    • “decency and modesty are unfortunately things of the past”

      Your wording suggests that human skin is somehow indecent. I disagree. There was a time when it was considered “indecent” for a woman to show so much as a stocking-covered ankle in public. Women’s bathing suits covered them from neck to foot. Community standards evolve, and it really has nothing to do with morality or decency.

      Meanwhile, men are instinctively attracted to women with visible signs of youth, health and fertility. If that ever subsides, our species would be in trouble.

    • So when did you turn in your man/person card????
      If you don’t like the calendar don’t buy it. As for the civilian disarmament hoplophobes I care not one iota what they don’t like. I find most of them tedious morons.
      Gorgeous guns and beautiful women are both great to look st.

  16. i just think its pathetic that this is all these women do with their bodies. yet another woman double standard: “dont objectify me, unless im getting paid” LOL

    • What makes you think “this” is all these women do with their bodies?

      What else do you think they should be doing with their bodies?

      Ms. Austin, for one, has written extensively about hunting and has mentioned her day job as a paralegal. There are models for whom that is a full time job, and others for whom it is merely a sideline. Either way, I don’t understand the condescension.

  17. “Does something like Hot Shots hurt the cause of gun rights?”

    In a radical left culture built on perpetual outrage, it’s impossible to do anything that doesn’t offend someone. So the hell with them.

    But to be fair, I think that we should have a calendar for gungrabbers, SJWs and special snowflakes. Pictures of ugly women with facial and leg hair and jelly rolls around their midsections brandishing rubber penises will be sure to please.

    And throw in a couple of bad looking trans models too, just so nobody gets offended and runs for a safe space or the nearest fainting couch.

  18. There’s a certain element to TTAG’s leadership that seems to believe there are tens of millions of people straddling the chainlink fence of gun politics and really, really want to be pro-gun, but only so long as the culture fully conforms to their wishy-washy, touchy-feely standards of political correctness.

    I’m not saying such people don’t exist at all, but certainly not in any significant enough quantity as to make them worth pursuing as an audience. Besides, anybody who’d take their ball and go home over a little side boob is far too weak-kneed to trust with firearms or politics.

    • Ehhhhh, I’m slightly more worried about those ladies actually shooting me, I’ve dated a crazy goth chick.

      • I’ve dated crazy “good little catholic” girls in the past……. Crazy has no flavor, style, religion or ethnicity.

      • Nah, Goth chicks would stab you maybe…but going out in some sort of ritual sacrifice at the hands of some hot goth chicks ain’t too bad. I’ve had the opposite experience though; most goths and metalheads are pretty laid back, nice folks.

  19. It would help if there was more pics to persuade the fence sitters.

    More pics please. Need more convincing.

    For freedom!

  20. Does the Snap-On Tools calendar hurt the cause of tool rights?
    Does a calendar featuring hot chicks and fast cars hurt the cause of car rights?
    Does a calendar featuring hot chicks and broccoli hurt the cause of broccoli rights?

    Methinks ye are overthinking this. People with Y chromosomes like looking at hot chicks who happen to dig whatever they dig.

    Since Michele Fiore apparently stopped making calendars, I’ll buy a half-dozen or so of these for Christmas gifts.

    • “Does the Snap-On Tools calendar hurt the cause of tool rights?”

      I’d say men make up 95 percent of Snap-On customers.

      Meanwhile, we’re trying to appeal to women as much as men. If anything, women are preyed upon more than men…

  21. Pretty ladies, good. Guns, good. Pretty ladies with guns, double good.

    Nothins hotter than a powerful hot lady. Guns are a distillate of power. Only timid men find cowed women attractive.

  22. I don’t know what Hotshots is, other than what I just learned here. It isn’t representative of the entire firearms community, but apparently it is part of the truth about guns. I’m fine with that. After all, guns are, among other things, sexy. I admit it.

    When these things become an issue is when they seem to become an obsession. Act like you’ve been there before, people. Overall, I’m fine with this calendar; it’s not a big deal.

  23. There were guns in those photos? LMAO.

    Don’t think it hurts at all.

    Not everyone will like it.

    Nobody is forced to see it. Unlike some commercials on Televison.

    Ahhhh… to be 40 again. lol.

    • So every round I’ve looked up for the Black cartridges match the external dimensions as well as ballistics of their previous offerings. Is it purely marketing, or is there actually something different about those rounds?

  24. Meh… they’d find some other thing to belittle (at least in their minds and circle of likeminded friends)… meanwhile they’ll keep their opine and protests silent when it comes to the adult entertainment industry… or calendars that do the same with firemen, power tools, or anything else… as long as it doesn’t involve firearms. Well, okaysome will protest all that other stuff too (and some who honestly support the 2nd will too. But.. they will be ignored by those who don’t.)

  25. Look at me, look at me. I have boobs, I have a tight ass. Look at me. Lol, you cant touch, fat old man.

    • “Lol, you cant touch, fat old man.”

      News flash, Ken – There are *lots* of very attractive young women who enjoy the company of OFWGs.

      Well, the ones that can afford to buy her a Ferrari, that is. 😉

  26. After reading the comments, it apparently does hurt…

    It definitely doesn’t make women feel any better about the types of people who argue for the human right to keep and bear arms.

    As we know, most moms don’t like guns and they don’t want their boys to become sexist, gun wielding, aggressive men. In a lot of “modern” women’s minds, having a gun is just as bad as being a racist. Drooling over (so to speak) women and weapons is just normal/healthy behavior in most heterosexual males’ minds, but many women have the opposite thought (and that likely won’t change).

    Ultimately, people have to understand that most men and women don’t think the same way. There must be different approaches for each, otherwise you alienate one side. If you go too far to one side, you will reduce your reach.

    • You can kiss up to them however you think might help, but when someone is starting from a mentality that owning a gun is the moral equivalent of bigotry, they are not a neutral party, and I’m not the least bit interested in wasting my time trying to win them over.

      • *sigh* …Just another long-winded troll. Ignore it.

        Sorry, I don’t fit your mold. I guess I will just go back to the future.

    • “As we know, most moms don’t like guns”
      You got a mouse in your pocket? Because I don’t know who “we” is otherwise. I grew up with my mom, and my friends’ moms who owned guns and were comfortable shooting, and my kids’ mom certainly wants all my sons, and my daughter, to grow up shooting.
      Anytime you find yourself surrounded by weak women who are opposed to self reliance and self protection, it’s not the women’s fault. There’s a whole lot of strong women in the world, find some.

      • Do you live in middle America? Is your family White? Do “your” women actually own, shoot and carry a gun?

        From what I have seen: America is slightly more Democratic party leaning, if not straight Democrats and that appears to be increasing. Women lean towards Democrat. Unmarried women are heavily Democrat and it appears the amount of single mothers are on the rise. Seems like many, or most, single mothers would live in urban areas and use government programs. Urban areas will have less gun ownership, a lot of government programs, more anti gun people, more ethnic diversity and more single parents.

        In other words, it is possible that majority of women will not be in favor of guns even if they have kids, especially the younger women and future generations. They might put up with their male partner having a gun in the house for self protection as long as the kids don’t ever have contact with it.

        Women have a strong influence on the entire family. They can raise their kids to think and behave differently than their husbands want them to be and they can force their husbands to get rid of their guns. If they divorce, the woman is more likely to become Democrat, get on government assistance and raise an anti gun family.

        So, objectifying women in a calendar for men who like guns doesn’t really help turn the boat away from the iceberg. Seems more like shooting yourself in the foot.

        The sexy pin-up, barely clothed, white women with a gun is essentially antiquated in rising America. Which is one reason why the NRA will lose the war.

        • To your first questions: Texas, lily white, shooting, hunting, and carrying.
          I don’t doubt your own observations, after all they are your observations, but they do not track with national polls, elections, and surveys. Women do not tend to be Democrat. This was put solidly to rest when Donald Trump received 53% of the female vote in this country.
          If we look at information provided by the NSSF, the number of women supporting firearms use is not diminishing, but rapidly growing. Every retailer knows that women, and specifically younger women, are the fastest growing segment of firearms owners.
          Again, it sounds like you are surrounding yourself with weak people, specifically weak women. If that’s the case, it’s not those women’s fault, it’s yours.

  27. It beats the dis-Loyal Opposition’s alternatives:

    “Progressive Pantsuits! You’ve never seen rayon like THIS before…”

    “Pinup Girls of the Social Justice War” (this one is confusing, because all 12 months how pictures of snowflakes”

  28. Ms. Austin, I would be much obliged if you can give us a heads-up when the 2018 calendars are available.


    • I’m kinda the same way, but a little different, I really don’t like to see females in torn clothing, with pockets sticking out, and string bathing suits stuck up their ass, etc. I’d much rather see a chick shooting trap with a a short skirt blowing in the wind. But, as you say, “That’s just me”.

  29. I’d have no problem with the calendar. Female shooters might prefer a different portrayal, but that does not sell calendars.

  30. Never seen cleavage shirts or sandals allowed on any range I’ve been to (makes sense, brass bouncing off the wall and onto the humerus just briefly is bad enough, it falling into cleavage is asking for disaster). None of these girls seem to have ear protection and few have eye protection. That’s pretty bad.

    At least they have trigger and muzzle discipline I guess.

  31. I see two sets:

    (1) People who are sexually attracted to women
    (2) People who are firearms enthusiasts

    At the intersection of sets (1) and (2), you will find people who will be interested in looking at attractive women with guns.

    Most (but, not all) at that intersection will be men who are willing to pay for a calendar featuring photos of such.

    None of these points will change in our lifetimes, nor in the lifetimes of our children, no matter how much hand-wringing is done in the popular press.

    That is all.

  32. TTAG wants to be family friendly? Could’ve fooled me with the downright nasty click bait here.

  33. I’ll take questions for which the answer is No for $500 Alex.

    “…Does Hot Shots Calendar Hurt the Pro-Gun Side?”

  34. Sexy women is all good by me and I happen to like guns. But….if you want to convert people to favor second amendment rights here are a few suggestions I can make as a hard core left wing gun owner. 1. Stop insulting people for being on the left. I grew up with guns and so did my friends and the majority of us are lefties. We support the 2nd. 2. Stop politicizing guns so much. What I mean is stop combining god, Christianity, guns and conservative thinking. Its a bore and you’re turning people off.

    • Gun rights may not be welded to conservative thinking, but they are definitely antithetical to liberal thinking. If you don’t understand that, then you haven’t been paying attention to what what our legislatures and courts around the country have been doing for the last 30 years.

      And the only way to prevent a liberal from getting elected is to vote for a conservative.

  35. Well I have no idea how it affects the pro gun side.
    What I do know is that when I see pictures of you like that, all I can think about is how fun it would be to fuck you. But that’s what you want.

  36. Cheesecake has been an integral part of advertising and eyeball-catching since Heck was a pup. These calendars remind us more than just 2A is worth defending. I like ’em.

  37. I look at it like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. I do not think it hurts the “family-friendly” gun community, for one simple reason: If you’re not into looking at this kind of stuff, you’ll still love firearms. Personally, I’m certainly not opposed to viewing, as long as the models do this of their own free will and are not treated badly (underpaid, disrespected, etc.).

    From a gun-enthusiast viewpoint, the Hot Shots calendar does not affect my love for firearms, but I’m a 54 year old dude and there isn’t much in this world I haven’t seen (or done LOL). I can see where some female enthusiasts might turn up their noses, but really if they’re into firearms for the right reasons, it won’t turn them off. Just my two-cents. Steve, the Colorado Blue Gunner.

  38. Nope! You see more at the local public pool and beaches. If you don’t like the calendar don’t get it simple enough.

  39. Unfortunately, I wonder how much truth is in this article or if this is just another sales stunt. It seems everything I have seen written by this author simply promotes her or her product sponsors. Follow the money.

  40. I feel that the calendars and photo’s are done in good taste,and are for a great cause. If some people don’t like them,don’t buy them.
    But DONT TRY TO IMPOSE YOUR MORAL VALUES ON ME!! It’s my choice to buy,not yours!!

  41. Different folks get turned on by different things. Broads with with the crotch of what ever their wearing, stuck up their ass doesn’t do it for me, (last photo). I wonder how that smells after they take it off.

  42. It is her body and she can do with it as she wishes. Anyone saying anything about it is being Sexist and you should tell them so.
    I just hope each of the girls involve actually know how to use these guns to protect themselves of need arises.
    Ladies you Rock. Show it off and be proud. To many Men & Women want to complain because we can’t get the control to stay as fit and beautiful as you.

    • Speaking on the topic of women who use their bodies to sell things isn’t sexist.
      Saying that women can only use their bodies to sell things is sexist.

  43. I’m “bemused” too. You say the leftist/liberal folks deride this kind of calendar for its supposedly sleazy sexist appearance. Aren’t those the same folks who were wearing , and handing out, life-like dildos on the UT Austin Campus last year during their “Cocks not Glocks” day? And they think sexy girls with guns are sleazy??!!!

  44. Rape fantasy.? Maybe soros has such fantasies?
    That sad, women and girls armed with a 38, 9mm or an AR are not likely to be raped.
    I’ve always been in favor of mutual passion and wide awake, mentally alert attractive women.
    Ask Mike Dillon about the proper admiration of fine guns, airplanes and women. Of course Mike is gone on to a better place, but …

    String bikinis and hot brass can be dangerous. I’ve always been partial to fitted jeans, a white shirt tied at the midriff and bright eyes. Nice to see trigger fingers NOT near the trigger.

  45. There are some in advertising who say, “Sex Sells”. Certainly not wrong in that regard. Insofar as the topic at hand, THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS’, as long as firearms are handled correctly, the party’s who are seen shooting the firearms are doing so in an appropriate safe manner, and the firearms topic and shooting industry are presented in a POSITIVE MANNER- then WHY NOT. Pretty girl who knows what’s she is selling,, is hard sales ‘person’ to sell against; plus IF you polled the folks who were going to watch someone shoot firearms,, expect you would find that 999.99% OR MORE would prefer to look at these ‘Hot Shot’ ladies than see an oldtimer such as myself,, doesn’t matter HOW extensive the oldtimer’s knowledge base. Hot Shots are also trying to do good; so the MORE POWER TO THEM.

    Mike Dillon, who owned Dillon Precision, ran one of the best PRO Gun companies the firearms industry has ever seen. Dillon gave customers a true NO BS warranty; replacing or fixing their product- even if YOU broke it. Reason mentioned; Mike Dillon’s ANNUAL Calendar didn’t use old farts or famous shooters on their calendars- they used MODELS, very very attractive models holding interesting firearms and related products. WHY NOT? Sold product and each year, Dillon sold a serious number of their Calendars. Those offended had the American God Given RIGHT to go elsewhere; no one forced them to look at the ‘pictures’.

    Folks slamming the Hot Shots, are most likely anti-firearms folk where NO amount of logic, or facts or anything outside their beliefs will change facts ‘They know more than the little people who aren’t qualified to run their lives and needing the Liberal’s ‘help’. Pay no attention, minds closed and no one’s home.

  46. why is she standing on that side of the table with the muzzle pointing at her…uh…you know…

  47. Tattoos have been a part of man kind since the beginning of time. Appreciate beauty for what it is and be done with it. If you can’t handle art,than don’t look at it.
    It’s like guns…..If you don’t like them,don’t buy one!!!
    Grow up and stop being a child, stop trying to interject your morals on other humans!!

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