1. This stuff happens here too. About 10 years ago the state of California retroactively deemed SKS “sporter” rifles assault weapons and made a legal purchase a felony. You had to turn them in. You could no longer register the weapon as an assault weapon either.

  2. Wow! A Canadian conservative on national television? I didn’t know there was even one of them, and honestly I wasn’t sure they had the minerals to criticize their benevolent government.

  3. I think all Canadians should all be disarmed just for sticking us with that swill they call “Canadian Whiskey.” And their beer is no better.

  4. Very sad state of affairs. It’s terrible to see it happening in Canada, and it will be even worse when it happens in the USA. All I can say is vote carefully in your local, state and federal elections, and make your opposition to gun control laws KNOWN to all your politicians. Write letters, send e-mails, volunteer your time if possible to help the “good guys” get elected.


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