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Canada's done the heavy lifting on gun control. Apparently. (courtesy

by Andrew C.

I live in the frozen wasteland of Canada and get my news via the Morse code receiver in my igloo. Hearing furious beeping, I slid inside from the backyard curling rink to find myself facing the news that our gun control regime has given up the pretense of respecting civilian gun ownership and began moving guns from legal ownership status to prohibition. Before I explain any more, it’s important to understand the mess of our gun laws to some degree so here’s a quick primer. Be warned, none of it makes any sense . . .

In Canada, all private firearm ownership is illegal. You are granted the privilege to own guns by possession of a license. The licensing scheme has three major classes–Unrestricted, Restricted, and various flavours of Prohibited (all arbitrary and unfair, primarily based on what you owned when the government passed sweeping ineffective gun control legislation).

We have three major classifications of firearms that reflect the licensing. “Unrestricted” firearms may be used anywhere the law does not prohibit their use (like the bush, for hunting). “Restricted” firearms may only be used at designated ranges, and require onerous paperwork to posses and transport, all of which has no proven public safety benefit but does create a pretty decent employment program for paper-pushers (this includes all handguns and arbitrarily-chosen rifles, including all AR variants). “Prohibited” firearms are effectively disallowed from being used, with the arbitrary exception of some classes of firearms (these include the AK family and all kinds of other ‘scary’ stuff).

All this gun control gibberish is overseen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), popularized worldwide by Brendan Fraiser and, less positively, for killing restrained suspects in custody, sexually assaulting female employees, framing farmers for terrorism, and breaking-and-entering private residences to steal guns from the citizenry during a natural disaster. To read up on their history, please see this enlightening Wikipedia page.

The RCMP has repeatedly exhibited hostility towards civilian firearm ownership but has somehow remained in control of it in Canada. On February 26th, they began advancing a new phase of their goal of prohibiting firearms in Canada by re-classifying a line of guns (the Swiss Arms family) that were previously Unrestricted or Restricted, and made them Prohibited.

For those following along despite the convoluted web of senseless rules, police corruption and maple syrup, this is sort of analogous to the NY SAFE Act that turns previously-allowed property into instant contraband. The Swiss Arms rifles have been in circulation in Canada for ten years and have NEVER been used in the commission of a crime nationwide.

The government is not planning to pay out any of our brightly-coloured rainbow money to compensate owners during confiscation. There has been talk of reversing this stance, which would only mean wasting multiple millions of dollars of taxpayer money on the RCMP’s inability to classify previously-purchased firearms appropriately.

But wait, it gets better!

Not content to sit back on their wave of epic accomplishments in the name of public safety, late on Feb. 28th we Canucks are learning that a subset of CZ 858 rifles are now being moved to Prohibited status as well. The details are still coming out on this one, but one thing is clear: these rifles are common and popular, much more than the Swiss Arms family ever was. This means the RCMP is dropping their previous program of slowly confiscating obscure firearms to maintain a low profile.

This is effectively a frontal assault on the gun-owning public of Canada. In a distinctly un-Canadian fashion, they haven’t even said “sorry” while stating they were planning to steal our property.

I am writing this for two reasons:

1) Hoping any Canadian who reads your blog sees this. The time for action is now if you own any firearm. You WILL lose that privilege (in Canada our government has decided that they know better than to permit us the natural right of self-defense, and ownership of arms is a privileged) if Canadians do not fight back against this NOW. To learn more on what you can do, please visit the National Fireams Association and Canadian Shooting Sports Association‘s websites. Join both groups.

2) To let gun owners around the world know the statist agenda of civilian disarmament is being pushed forward everywhere. Those who are in worse condition than Canada will likely recognize what I am describing as having happened where they live; those better off, heed warning. Similar events will come to you if you let them. Stay vigilant!

Thanks and sorry,

~ Andy, from America’s (not-disarmed-without-a-fight) Hat

[NB: It doesn’t look like he’s been around here for a few months, but Canadian reader Marty penned a “view to America’s future” just a bit over a year ago. In it, he mentions his ownership of a now-Prohibited Swiss Arms CQB rifle. We wish Marty the best. -Ed.]

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  1. They grandfathered machine guns, but they can not grandfather these in too? Does Canada not have an ex post facto law on the books?

    • I suppose they could grandfather them but we don’t really care. We want sweeping changes to the laws. NOW. I have a sneaky feeling too that we might see just that.

      • It is not “ex poste facto.” Ex poste facto means making something illegal that was legal when you did it. Canadians will not be prosecuted for the ownership of banned firearms in the past, only for their possession now–which is why it is not an ex poste facto law.

    • Canada’s healthcare system isn’t as bad…or as good as people on both sides of the debate make it out to be. The quality of care is good, the equipment is good, and we spend less per GDP than the U.S. (Ford’s employee health plan cost in the U.S. is the same as Nova Scotia’s entire annual health budget). Think of it as a better-funded Medicare and Medicaid. But two things happened in the 1990s that are destroying our health plan. First, the Mulroney government massively increased immigration, dumping tens of thousands of elderly family reunification cases on Provincial health plans every year–an actuarial catastrophe. Then Provincial governments (e.g., those of Ralph Klein and Mike Harris) capped medical school enrollments at levels that created an artificial scarcity. And there is no government coverage of drugs, dental care, eye care, etc. (except for seniors and natives).

      • The Canadian healthcare system freeloads off ours. When someone needs immediate healthcare and is willing to spend the money they come here [Remember when the Premier of Newfoundland came to the US for a bypass?] This takes a burder off the Canadian system. When the US system is no longer available the Canadian system will quickly become as bad as the UK’s.

        Here is an example. Both the US and Canada had the same number of SARS cases. There were no fatalities here while 38 people died in Canada. You can argue that the Canadian system is better than ours if you are healthy but once you get sick it’s a disaster.. Healthcare is somethng you only need a couple of time in your life. In the US you get it while in Canada it’s a crap shoot.

        • That’s IF you can even get Canadian Health care… plus there are ‘tiers’ of health care, that aren’t really acknowledged… basically the common riff raff has to wait months or even years for anything other than life threatening emergencies… The care might be ‘good’, but it isn’t timely. Meanwhile the waste of resources on the more privileged, and more empty, rooms at the hospitals in Canada is ridiculous. Further, the Doctors here act like gods. They are not in it to care for the patients, and impose ridiculous rules, like fines for ‘late’ cancellation, and forcing vaccinations on people that contain aborted fetus material. Don’t even get me started on the draconian gun control laws.

      • This is merely anecdotal, but I have family members who live in Canada. When it came time for my Grandfather to renew his passport, he initially was going to let it lapse, thinking he wasn’t going to need it anytime soon. However, my uncle and grandmother made sure he updated. The reason? To make sure he had the ability to fly down to the U.S. in case he needed medical care he couldn’t get in the Canadian system, but was still willing to pay for. I have a feeling though he isn’t the only one.

    • Obamacare (or, really, any other proposals) is nothing like the Canadian health care.

      For one major difference, Canadian health care actually works. If you ignore the hysterical political pundits and look at raw numbers, all the evidence you need is there. For another, it’s not actually a federal program. Well, it is, but the provinces are ultimately in charge, and they only let the feds run it by universal agreement. Any Canadian province can unilaterally drop out of the program at any time, and replace it with its own, or none whatsoever, because the Canadian constitution places healthcare firmly in the realm of provincial powers.

      • Any Canadian province can unilaterally drop out of the program at any time, and replace it with its own, or none whatsoever

        Unfortunately, I suspect the federal gov’t would still be taking truckloads of money (in taxation) from the people who live in those areas.

  2. After perusing the comment thread on the announcement over on the National Firearms Association’s facebook, it looks that there are many canadian gun owners who are grudgingly willing to bend over for the RCMP just to avoid a tiff. While we Americans almost universally respond to threats of confiscation with shouts of “Let ’em fuckin try!” the Canadians are busy looking for a shovel and cosmoline.

  3. The dangers of relinquishing power from the legislative process and giving it to an agency like the ATF or RCMP

    • My thought exactly. Legislative authority should never be given to an executive agency–and particularly not a law enforcement executive agency. Then the agency, at its whim, to make illegal anything it chooses–and that is the antithesis of freedom. Cops are charged with enforcing law, not making it. The checks and balances of a democratic process are subverted by such power. Canadians, you now live in a de facto police state, unless and until your legislators and political leaders reign in the RCMP. It is scary to think that Big Brother is just across the border.

  4. This is the best written, user-submitted article I’ve read on this site, and there have been some gems. RF, you ought to consider making Andrew C. TTAG’s official Canadian correspondent. Seriously.

    With that out of the way, I am from the state of Connecticut, where Governor Malloy and the rest of the gun-grabbers decided certain previously legal firearms and magazines are now verboten and need to be registered with the state. Those who do not comply risk felony charges…. Nothing is stopping the state of CT from one day confiscating all the registered “assault weapons” or classifying certain firearms on the registered list as “too evil to possess for citizens” just like your government is doing in Canada. However, our governments will have a hard time confiscating the firearms that aren’t registered. Just saying.

    • Heinlein taught me you don’t have any rights you aren’t willing to use effective force to preserve. CT is trying to figure out how far the citizenry is willing to take this.

      Force can be free speech, or voting, or other means – but it has to be effective.

      Canada is in this position because they roll over for their government, in the British tradition. It’s hard to have sympathy for people who are having to lie in the bed that they made. If it’s such an affront – organize and do something effective about it.

      The Canadian PM goes to the US for hear surgery
      Canadians have no right to free speech due to “hate speech laws”
      And you have no right to armed self defense

      Seems like a natural trend to me.

      • Believe you me we are fighting this like the devil. To be honest, I think our reaction shocked a lot of people on parliament hill. Canadian gun owners are fed up, now we’re fighting back.

        • Best wishes, then. Once the tiger gets out of the cage, it’s hard to get it back in.

          I hope you realize, it’s about more than firearms. You live under a government that believes you have no rights other than the rights they grant you. From an American perspective, that’s backwards.

          You derive your rights from God (and from your willingness to fight for them), the government doesn’t “grant” anything.

        • I think that the paucity of registrations in Connecticut might be an indicator that some actions are not appreciated on either side of the border.

  5. An entire line of Sigs (being all black and evil) have also been deemed to dangerous for the common folk to own.
    God bless the Canucks, too smart for their own good, and too stupid to realize the difference.

    • They’re not actually all black, they come in quite an array of colours, with creative names such as:

      Black Special
      Classic Green
      Blue Star
      Red Devil

    • I agree with your point that Wikipedia is NOT a source. But it is a good starting point. Read the articles/sites in the references section. If they’re valid and reputable (not all of them are) then cite those.

      It’s what I do whenever I see “according to Wikipedia”, and on rare occasion that I cite Wikipedia it’s what I hope other people are doing.

  6. I’ll gladly hold any Canadian rifles that need to be gone. Notice how I say HOLD instead of take. I’ll give em back once they can be safely and legally owned again

    • I’ll do you one better neighbors: GET THE &$@#! OUT OF CANADA. Come to North Dakota. It’s no paradise but the economy is good, the acclimation would be limited, and the gun laws are few. Come to think of it, ND kind of is paradise. Come here, bring your guns ‘n rye, leave your “bacon” (it’s just shitty ham!)

    • I’d hold them for the Canadians, and give them back when they are finished searching their houses. Who gives a fuck if they are legal or not?

  7. I enjoyed the article from our 51st stater in the great white north :). It honestly blows my mind that when you get into parts of Canadia like Alberta that are very rural, that firearms arent a normal part of life around there, some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen though.

    • I am from Alberta, and firearms are very much a part of life here. Not so much in other parts of Canada, but here in Alberta firearms are very much a part of life.

  8. I’m just down the road a sneeze in Maine. Haul your supply down into Aroostook County and they’ll never be found.

      • There are better odds the Canadian stuff that sneaks over the border and gets held here won’t end up at a crime scene than the stuff Eric and the boys sent to Mexico.

    • Usually I agree with most of what you say Tom. But it’s the grace of millions of us little folk fighting like hell for our rights.

  9. The Sig 55X series of weapons is the holy grail for me when it comes to rifles, if I lived in Canada I would own a stack of them and would NOT be giving them up.

    • The civil disobedience that is. Not the registration, although it appears they’ve already got that.

      • Our civil disobedience defeated the Long Gun Registration (registration of Non- restricted Firearms). I sincerely hope we can beat this new attack.

  10. Sorry about that Canada, now let me see …I ‘ ve loaded up my first 100 round thompson drum I need to load the other two and the 25 round mag for my1911 is ready for the range.Let see where did I put that supressor? Oh ya the safe.Ya know owning 50 guns is fun but can be burdensome.The next 50 will be fun though!Now what were you saying about registration/confiscation? Doesn’t happen where people are free to exercise their rights ! But….when you elect complete liberal ignorants, don’ t complain!

  11. I feel bad for Canadians. Canada used to be a great country. Now the boys in red tunics and jodhpurs are wearing SWAT gear and swaggering around like the Canadian version of the Gestapo.

    The US federal government has no national police force because national police force marks the end of freedom, and the end of hope. Most frightening is that the gang of five — Canada, UK, Australia, US and New Zealand — are partners with the NSA in spying on its own citizens.

    • Hi Ralph, US National Police Force. If there is a window in your room, please use it. FBI, DHS, ATF, Secret Service; to name just four of the many US national policing forces.
      The ‘Gang of Five’, as you refer to them; in the business we call it “Five Eyes”. This alliance was set up in about 1940 to protect out western way of life from the numerous threats that attack us daily, since before WW2. I will excuse your ignorance, because if you understood that China currently has 10 times the combined Sig Int effort targeting all our electronic communications, you may be a tad grateful for these hard workers.
      What you and I are both concerned about is how our politicians and corporate elite (the US Federal Reserve, media and the military – industrial complex) choose to steal our wealth and liberty. Kind regards, Greg

      • This is why local police are kitted up like the military. Coincidence ? I think not! What WE need is less meddling by these “liberals”. Because the only thing they are liberal with is the Government overreach !!!!

    • Ralph,

      Please define “national police force”.

      I will argue that we already have “national police force”. Look at all the three letter federal agencies (FBI, DHS, ATF, etc.) that appear at every high-profile event … most recently Sandy Hook and Boston for example. And last summer I even saw three letter federal agencies on armed patrol at a state park for no obvious reason. (They were on bicycles no less!)

      Make no mistake: Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and even the Transportation Safety Agency can justify being on patrol anywhere in the United States.

  12. Was talking to a dude on Counter Strike about this very subject. He said that even parliament was shocked by this. I told him that if push comes to shove, and shove comes to a boot through his door, his rifle’s better buried in the back yard than confiscated by the government.

  13. Hello to my Canuks and Yanks gun-owing mates, my good brothers & sisters.
    As an Australian I have been through two devastating gun grabs.
    Firstly, ALL self loading rifles and shotgun & P/A shotgun were seized as a result of the Port Arthur shooting in 28-29 April 1996, read the Wiki entry. The investigation of this shooting; by comparison makes the JFK assassination investigation look fair, open and very detailed. Legal and Responsible gun owners were vilified by the Prime Minister and the media as murders.
    Secondly, a foreign student had illegally purchased handguns from a corrupt gun shop owner and used to shoot fellow students at Monash Uni on 21 Oct 2002, see Wiki entry. As a result handgun licensing was made even more stringent, with a maximum calibre of 9mm, 10 rnd magazine, 100mm of barrel rifling (4” revolver barrel / 120mm pistol barrel) and a minimum club-controlled 12 competitions every year that are fully documented and reported to state police commissioner. Finger printing for all handgun owners and the no-notice / no warrant ability to search your home (that is how it is in the ‘police state’ of Victoria. (Technically police are required to telephone to make a convenient appointment time; my experience was the LEO rang from his cell phone in his squad car in front of my home. That was certainly ‘convenient to him at least.)
    Both shooters had mental illness and purchased guns from corrupt sellers. But it was the law-abiding citizen of good character who were portrayed as criminals and murders by the politicians and media.
    The Australian constitution makes the government pay the full and fair commercial price for items they take from citizens.
    There are a few stupid shooters who make You Tube videos for their own ego and ruin gun ownership for shooters all over the world. The NSA / DHS / ATF are getting all the detail together, thank Edward Snowdon for the warning, in preparation for your version gun grabbing ‘Night of the Long Knives’, see Wiki entry.
    The unspoken, but very well known to the writers of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, was the ‘responsibility’ of gun ownership. If the 60+ million American gun owners joined the NRA and other national gun owner associations, you all would be a very strong force. By responsibility, I mean regular cleaning and weekly training to a very proficient level to be ready, proper firearm security, teaching children to be confident and proficient with firearms – not scared of them. You have a civic duty to stop people who are not fully capable / sane to access firearms. Some will comment that is ‘an invasion of privacy’; you can tell me this again when you have been disarmed because of the actions of a crazy bastard gunman. You will then feel, as I feel now, that sick and defenceless feeling in the pit of your stomach; as you try to defend and care for your family and friends whilst unarmed.
    By the way CCP continuation firearms is the most complex form of firearms training (out of SF CQB / LE SWAT / Undercover officer training / IPSC – 3 Gun sports training). If you do not understand the legal, situational awareness, complex scenario training, medical support, fire support and back-up response elements: then don’t ‘carry’.
    Finally, Words. ‘Firearms’ are owned by civilians of good repute. ‘Weapons’ are issued to military / LE personnel to kill evil doers. The gun grabbers understand the different use of these words. ‘Tactical’ and ‘cool’ when refereeing to shooters are dickheads! My SF and Special Duties operators were well equipped, highly trained and very proficient as they went out to deal with evil on a daily basis. People who buy tactical gear for their sad civilian life, do so only to help the DHS / ATF / LE snipers in their target identification. This is how security services do their profiling.
    Good luck. I hope you never know sickening feeling of being disarmed – it is awful!

  14. You Canadians who own firearms need to organize into groups like the NRA and other gun organizations in the U.S.First, you need to get rid of those crooked criminals running your country(don’t feel too bad,they are not much different here except they are afraid of the gun lobby and loosing their election) and elect pro-gun legislatures.Second,adopt a constitution like the U.S. constitution.Third and most important get rid of that Royal CUNNY Mounted Gestapo force and revoke all authority they have over gun control and give the people the right to own and defend themselves with firearms.It’s not going to happen overnight but you guys have to get off your asses and be proactive.In the words of Benjamin Franklin”Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

  15. The solution it to take the fight to them in the form of IED’s and long range shots. I would recommend you not stop fighting until you lay claim to a large section of land (at least 1/3 of Canada) and establish your own rules and constitution. With each attack have a clear message for demands for freedom of your people.

    …and to those aghast Americans reading the above – open a book and start reading – George Washington was a terrorist, a traitor, and an “insurgent” and the declaration of independence was the terrorist’s message.

    • F.Y.I.

      I don’t see the “long range shot” approach being an effective tactic. Assuming long range means 800+ yards, here is why:
      (1) If your range estimate is off by 50 yards, you will miss your target due to improper hold over. That means you would need a really expensive ($1500+ or more?) laser range finder.
      (2) A five m.p.h. cross wind will cause you to miss your target at 800+ yards.
      (3) Bullet velocity of popular rifle calibers such as .270, .308, and .30-06 are quickly dropping to the 1500 fps range and rapidly losing effectiveness. (Keep in mind that a hollow-point or similar expanding bullet may not even expand at such low velocities.)
      (4) If you are in an urban or suburban environment, local police can easily be on your position within two minutes of your shot. How are you going to disappear with a large rifle and expensive laser range finder in less than two minutes after your shot?

      Unless you can shoot a rifle with a suppressor from inside of a building, I don’t see how “long range shots” are going to be effective, and even then I am thinking about 600 yards would be the maximum practical range before holdover, wind drift, and diminishing terminal ballistics become insurmountable.

      • I simply mean… It’s an effective tactic against specific high profile targets. Targets worth dumping your rifle and rangefinder into a large bath of sodium hydroxide prior to leaving the area and intermingling in the crowd.

        Good Luck Canada.

      • have more than 1 shooter at more than 1 position? nothing like multiple inbounds from multiple directions to confuse the confusable.

  16. To the folk of the great and grand lands of the north: YOU ELECTED TWITS TO OFFICE JUST LIKE THE NUMBNUTS DOWN HERE. START THE PROCESS OF CHANGING THAT, PRONTO ! Maybe you will be able to salvage some of your God given rights.

    Elect Mark Steyn to parliament !!

  17. I see one common fault on both sides of the U.S. and Canada border: good people are quite literally too nice. Why are we nice to politicians and their supporters who seek to disarm us? There are two results of disarmament. First, it enables violent criminals to harm us. Second, it means police will harm us if we fail to comply.

    Thus the primary consequences of disarmament is harm to good people, either at the hands of violent criminals or police. Tell me again, why are we nice to politicians and their supporters who push this?

    Why are the actions of politicians any different than a local mafia boss who suddenly declared that no one could have guns … and that he was sending his goons out to enforce his new edict?

  18. And so we have another country proving that REGISTRATION ALWAYS RESULTS IN CONFISCATION, just in case anyone in the US wonders why Feckless Obama and his lackeys want “universal background checks” on all guns sold in the US.

  19. As someone who immigrated (legally!!!) to the US a few years ago from Canuckistan… as someone who SAW the writing on the wall… afford me my .02 cents opine, if y’all will…
    Not sure what this “amazonian woman hoisting a Mountie” thing is all about, but follows the usual strange humor of TTAG (which of course makes it entertaining).
    Pay special attention to this sentence, which seems to be lost to a large group of half-wits on CGN, who think they have some sort of “rights”:
    “In Canada, all private firearm ownership is illegal. You are granted the privilege to own guns by possession of a license.”
    This is actually a pretty brilliant post and I think the author can see the writing on the wall, despite his valiant attempts to rally the troops to ward off the inevitable. He has no love for the RCMP (as any thinking man) and sees them as what they are and speaks out loud. Hence, targeted by the goons. But who can be silent when injustice abounds, perpetrated by charlatans who’s motto is “Maintain the Right”? The present day RCMP are an abomination and a disgrace.

  20. Nonsense

    There has been no significant change in Firearm ownership or classification laws in over 40 years.

    The Canadian Firearms Registry fiasco dealt solely with the REGISTRATION of long guns. Registration of pistols, other restricted arms and prohibited firearms was already in place. The Registry did not have any bearing on the fundamental laws of firearm classification, ownership or storage.

    Pistol registration has been in place since 1934, for goodness sake.

    The whole thing boils down to this, and could have been written in two sentences. But then all the rhetoric, rumor mongering and scare tactics would have been irrelevant,

    Two types of firearms have been reclassified as prohibited.

    Should they have been? Not for me to say.. There are certainly people pissed off by having to turn them over and I understand that.

    Some great conspiracy to slowly relieve Canadians of their firearms?

    Gimme a break.

    The statement that
    In Canada, all private firearm ownership is illegal
    is nothing short of absurd.

  21. This is my first time on this blog and I am getting really upset by some of the stupid things said here. First of all, the Canadian medical system is far better than the US. Out of 48 countries the US is rated #46. (info from the Doctors show March 6, 2014). That is nothing to be proud of. Nobody in Canada is refused medical attention. Nobody in Canada looses their house or anything else due to hospital fees. Canada has some of the best hospitals in North America. And it does not cost us several hundred dollars a month for a medical plan. Our education system is far superior to that of the US. (possibly accounting for some of the comments) again the US is so low on the world comparison for the main subjects. Canada rating in the top 5, the US down around 45. As far as guns, every house hold I know has at least one gun, most more. We allow guns to be controlled, but hay, the US has the highest by a huge huge amount, murders by guns per year, compared to all other countries. wow that is something to be proud of. as for our police, I will take our mounties any day of the year over corrupt sheriffs that are voted in. Escape to the USA, never, but thanks for the offer. We have travelled quite abit tin the US and find for the most part people are very unaware of situations in other countries (medical, education etc) and seem to be brainwashed in to believing the US is the best country. I am glad you are happy with things there, but don’t go thinking that things are so bad in Canada. we have more freedoms than you do.

  22. Canadians are too damn nice and respectable for their own good. There are not enough of them willing to kill those who would confiscate their guns, which at the end of the day is the only thing that prevents the confiscators from doing it. Look at what’s going on in Connecticut these days.

    Strangely, the fewer people willing to kill, the more likely the war will ensue. Predators are encouraged by passivity.

    However, the good news is that this is all down to the individual. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the country does, or the rest of the world does. The only important question is whether YOU will submit to tyranny. The answer is in the hands of each individual Canadian. Choose wisely.

  23. You’re only a couple steps ahead of the US towards socialism, I am truly sorry that the RCMP has become such a corrupt office. Like many of their counterparts they have lowered the once high standards for people who are supposed too protect the populace. They are now simply shills for a political agenda upon which all of us will become wards of the state. I suspect we are looking at the last couple of generations of “semi-free” people on the planet. I would hope you can turn this around but unless you can fix your political system you (like us) are doomed.

  24. OK here is my half of a cent
    This Is the first time I have ever tried to post something online butt I can’t see how a government is going to come in and take my guns.
    United States Constitution has given us the right to bear arms that’s not just own guns butt to carry guns.
    The way I see it if you take guns out of the population then only criminals are going to be carrying the guns.
    I agree the Health Care system in the United States is messed up but I don’t think a government-run healthcare is going to be any better.
    For example look at the VA here in the United States.
    Also I agree that we need to work on the education department in the United States.
    If you go through school all way through college you may end up owing $ 120000 that you won’t be able to pay back for 20 years.


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