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Oh this is good. The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has created a “Mean Tweets” video that not only puts a face (and style) to some of the anti-gunners’ heavy hitters but also shows them to be superficial, arrogant and condescending – while trying to be friendly, playful and sympathetic. Epic fail much? Although I’m sure they consider it a PR score. What’s really interesting: they’re firing blanks. I was bracing for some truly horrific GFY tweets. The CSGV video highlights some stupid stuff, but most of them got me shouting at the screen “Well? What about it?” My fave (1:30): “So @CSGV, U never answered. (If) U suffered rectal trauma from an unfortunate dildo accident, would U try to ban dildos? If not, why not?” Who amongst us is going to do a video about all their followers’ SWATting and penis joke tweets?

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  1. That’s the worst they could come up with? Maybe the NRA or SAF should make an identical video with liberal tweets directed at them. They tend to be really violent and offensive.

    • I’ve seen a few such compilation videos on youtube. All we need do is make them mainstream, maybe with some links in the video so you can see the actual tweets, facebook posts, etc.

      • Concur…TTAG, please make a video using random MDA/CSGV supporter tweets to show the Mad Cow mindset, then have the last minute or so be MDA/CSGV officials and their ridiculous/stupid tweets.

        Then ask – Who’s more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows them?

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the publicity MDA members are getting, and an attempt to deflect attention from their violent comments. Of course this will probably go mainstream…

  3. Remember when anti gunners make SWAT/death threats on someone OCing. The day that happens to someone, they are all getting reported to the FBI.

  4. And of course, OF COURSE, comments are disabled. God Forbid somebody have a differing opinion. I guess they want the 1st Amendment just like they want the 2nd: they respect it, so long as only they get to have it and nobody else.

    • And the “Like”/”Dislike” thumbs’ tally is hidden, too. The anti-gunners just can’t abide dissenting views or discourse. How lacking in confidence must they be? Apparently, very.

  5. How can it be that they managed to bore me with a troll compilation video? They have snatched comedic defeat from the jaws of victory and in doing so made themselves out to be the biggest joke of all. There was so much potential there but just like the rest of their “movement” they end up saying nothing of substance and simply stand there looking dumbstruck.

    • Bullseye. I was appeared for precipitate blood pressure rise, and all I got was a vague sense of guilt for having wasted a minute and a half. It didn’t even rise to the level of boredom.

  6. everything in America boils down to Twitter Warfare. I believe it’s best to Tweet some innocuous negative comments and let them twist them into obvious propaganda. The viewing public is made up of 3 demographics pro-self-defense, anti-self-defense and bored, disinterested viewers who will decide based on who is the bigger A-hole.
    hand the antis a shovel and stand back while they dig a deep, deep hole at Bloomberg’s expense

    • If that’s all it takes, I’ve got three shovels they can have for the job. They can keep ’em, too.

  7. Maybe I should let them know that we’re running a special on Steam Shovels right now.

  8. @csgv
    Go find something unpleasent and do it.

    Have a mediocer day.

    You dissapoint Mr. Rogers

    yo mamma is slightly overweight

  9. That second was the Best!

    “CSGV is either a parody account or an idiot. I’m thinking the latter”.

    CSGV Idiot of a Parody: “I’m thinking both”.

    Yup, those are real mean – so mean of course that they laugh about it….

  10. I like @CSVG’s batman comic, I also like how they really only have cartoons and dick jokes to push an agenda.

    How is that mean? Sounds honest to me. It is CSVG’s dick jokes that are nothing but mere ad hominems.

    Also these statements were taken out of context. Where is CSVG’s vitriolic retorts during the conversations above? The ones that incite hate and death?

  11. I really don’t see what the issue here is. Are we actually supposed to be supporting junior high level rhetoric and tweets as representative of an intelligent, pro-2A position?

    I am very much a 2A supporter, but I have to facepalm when I see the BS and vitriol people throw out there against folks who feel differently.

    Anybody who is making their point based on rectal trauma from a dildo doesn’t deserve the respect of a proper reply. A more intelligent person could easily come up with a more respectable analogy. THEN I’d want to know what their response is. I think laughing off the dildo dipshit is perfectly appropriate.

  12. Dr. King “The question of what killed Kennedy is more important than who killed him (and why?).” That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard quoted from Dr. King. Makes absolutely NO sense at all. Let’s focus on the weapon rather than who and why? Sorry, but this line of logic totally escapes my way of thinking. If someone had killed Kennedy with poison or a sword would mean that we should focus on those items instead of the person behind the act and why they did it? The quote about people that carry guns being paranoid is also very weird. The only people that would think that way are people who already have that mindset. I carry but I am not paranoid. Just prepared in case I need to defend myself.

  13. “everything in America boils down to Twitter Warfare.” I must be really out of touch because I don’t follow Twitter at all. Seems like a total waste of time to me.

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