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Governor Newsom and the State of California continue to demonize and punish gun owners and enthusiasts for the acts committed by criminals that the state refuses to hold accountable. A significant tax that will balloon the cost of firearms ownership and use goes into effect today. Assembly Bill 28 mandates an 11% excise tax on firearms and ammunition. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what this means for Californians and why more of them should get out of the state and avoid its steady collapse.

How Does the New California Tax Work?

Assembly Bill 28, officially misnamed as the Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Act because it does none of those things, imposes an 11% tax on the gross receipts from retail sales of firearms, firearm precursor parts and ammunition. This tax is in addition to the existing 10% to 11% federal excise tax that sellers already pay, which funds wildlife conservation efforts. That federal tax, also known as the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act, has been in effect since 1937, and has been heralded for funding wildlife conservation success in all 50 states. This new tax however comes off as onerous and it is doubtful funds will be used for much more than a continual social attack on gun owners.

The bill, authored by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel (D-Woodland Hills), managed to pass after previous attempts to introduce similar legislation had failed. Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law in September 2023, marking another significant attack on the state’s legally gun-owning citizens.

Where Does the Money Go?

The revenue generated from this new tax will be directed to the Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Fund. According to AB 28, these funds must be used for a variety of gun violence prevention, education, research, response and investigation programs, all of which despite being categorized is ambiguously defined.

Specifically, the funds will be allocated to the Board of State and Community Corrections to support California Violence Intervention and Prevention grants and programs. Additionally, some of the money may go to the California Department of Education to enhance school safety measures, including security improvements and educational programs. Other potential beneficiaries include firearm relinquishment grants, victims of gun violence grants, and informational gun safety initiatives aka anti-gun propaganda.

Additional New Law Affecting Cali Gun Owners

The new tax isn’t the only law going into effect today in California that nibbles away at gun rights. Starting today, another California law requires credit card networks like Visa and Mastercard to provide banks with special retail codes that can be assigned to gun stores to track their sales. This measure is part of a broader effort to enhance monitoring and regulation of firearm transactions in the state. Critics wisely argue the law creates a de facto gun registry, and indeed, more liberty-minded states such as Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa and Wyoming have passed laws outlawing such practices by banking institutions in their states.

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    • Can’t happen and the gun-grabbers know it. That why states make and regulate their own firearms laws,not the federal government. The liberals are even trying to bribe states into getting ERPO’s. There will never be a mandatory federal ERPO law , and they damn sure know it. States rights trump anything the feds can do!

  1. If you Republik of Kalifornistan gun owners would just step up to the plate and buy about 450 Billion dollars worth of goods, you could single-handedly wipe out the projected budget shortfall.
    Do it for The Noose-some

  2. Not just new taxes from Gov. Hairdo,,, this is on Associated Pravda (aka A.P.):
    We know at the federal level the 3 letters have been tracking purchases at stores such as Bass Pro/Cabela’s. We know they have been listening to church sermons and whether someone might shop at a ‘wink’ traditional book store for God forbid a Bible. But alas it for our own good,,, and protect us from firearm violence, firearm behavior.

    • … so they’ve targeted God and guns so far – if they go after family, they’ll know what Obama the Enlightened One knew was wrong about our side way back in 2008.

      • They’ve been going after family for at least 70 years now with welfare, indoctrinating groomer schools, a leftist media feeding kids a never ending diet of degeneracy, child-targeting celebs training the kids to chase the Gucci shit and hate their parents for not buying it all for them.

        The war on family is generations old and the family is losing bigtime.

  3. Step 1: Prohibit God from the classroom and public square in the name of “freedom”.

    Step 2: Promote ideologies celebrating perversions, attacking families, and the distribution of wealth from the producers to the consumers by force of law.

    Step 3: Watch as subsequent generations grow up in the new paradigm without the knowledge of the liberties their fathers before them knew, and marvel as they become complacent in exchange of bread and circuses, and increasingly unruly due to the removal of God and an associated moral compass.

    Step 4: As the societal fabric unravels and crime increases, strengthen the Police State and transfer the expectation of protection from the People to the State. Stonewall all attempts by the People to litigously regain that power.

    Step 5: Apply onerous taxes on the People and declare they must undergo invasive reviews of their character and history before they are permitted to exercise their Right.

    Government then becomes the new entity that has “erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance”, effectively becoming the very threat to the People their fathers fought to free themselves from.

  4. Ordinary people pay taxes while the rich are asked to “pay their fair share”!
    Do the politicians pay their “fair share”?
    How did the politicians get into the “fair share” bracket on a politicians salary?

    Isn’t paying taxes your “fair share”?

  5. Vacate the state, leave every dem shithole state to flush themselves of the scum sucking worthless garbage trash politicians that wallow in their sanctimonious righteousness for their veil of democracy! AKA 51% rule!

  6. It’s a shame that the stupid cretins of Commieforication keep electing trash liberals. But you get what you vote for folks! I wouldn’t live any where near the west coast trash of Commiefornia,Oregas,or Waste State Washyi

  7. Sadly, my state has, with little exception, some of the most ignorant voters in America. They dont know much of anything and care about nothing.

    We’re an easy mark for someone like Newsome and his cabal.


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