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Appearing on Real Time With Bill Maher, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom told the host that armed citizens would have made the Paris attacks worse. Apparently, untrained armed citizens don’t do well under pressure. If my mime interpretation is correct, Newsom reckons these armed citizens would shoot the wrong people (d’oh!). “Hasn’t the worst thing already happened?” Maher presses Newsom. The Golden State pol changes the subject to vilify the NRA. And it can now be revealed . . .

that Newsom had an armed security detail when he was mayor of San Francisco. The exact amount of public money spent protecting the anti-gun rights crusader remains a point of contention; SFPD officials claimed at the time that publicizing the costs would have jeopardize Newsom’s security. These days, the taxpayers shell-out some $93k per annum protecting the CA Lt. Gov.

Which is fair enough. But it reveals Newsom to be yet another anti-gun rights politician who believes the Orwellian adage that some pigs are more equal than others. Or, if you prefer, my guns good, your guns bad.

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    • I listen to Adam every day. This is by far the most cringe-worthy appearance of anyone on the show. How Gavin could walk away feeling good about himself is beyond me.

      As a side note, the very first time the Rotten Tomatoes game was a listener-submitted idea was the Bill Murray game for Groundhog Day/Monuments Men and I was the guy that gave Matt the idea.

    • its a tale older then Aesop’s Fables. I refer to the emperors new cloths tale. People can see/don’t see what they choose, and everyone will smile and nod in unison of approval.

  1. Everyday I see stupid antis like this. Every time I have more than one rebuttals that I wanna scream into their faces. I feel so firm on my own political standpoint that I sometimes question, am I the one brainwashed?

    • I don’t think it can be call brainwashed if it’s from your own free thinking. These days, I don’t see anyone chanting for the constitution or for individual rights anywhere, just people who want to take more of them away.

      I prefer “Constituionalized” do describe me.

      • Like islam,political correctness is incompatible with the constitution and civilization,we can have one or the other but not both.

        • Point of clarification and proclimatimation of ignorance: is being Muslim different from the concept of Islam?

          I ask because I know some pretty devout Muslims who are pretty darn good folk. Granted they aren’t middle east Muslims but instead from Malaysia. Anywhere they are all for the constitution so… what gives?

          Maybe we should be talking about Liberty vs Oppression? Much easier to place in buckets when you draw the lines that way…

        • Fair enough Pistolero jesse.

          One simply has to look at the person the Muslims hold up as the person to be emulated. That they say is the perfect example of what it is to be a disciple of Allah (G-d). This person is Muhammad.

          This is a man that committed mass murder. The raided caravans, towns and homesteads committing rape, pillage and plunder. That would chop your head off if you refused to be subjugated, or to be converted. All documented and historical fact.

          By any definition he was a mass murdering religious psychopath.

          So if Muhammad was alive today, he would have been leading the massacre in Paris. The ISIS members are just following the example of what a “good” Muslim is supposed to be.

          The problem with Islam is that it makes as a holy mission to act in the most savage and bloody of manner in the spreading of a religious ideology.

          The other problem is that if anyone, but especially a Muslim, was to say that Muhammad was a blood soaked savage that is no longer acceptable in a modern civilized society, the “good” muslim is commanded to kill that person, with extreme prejudice.

          Unless there is a reformation of Islam and rejection of Muhammad methods of spreading Islam, there will always be those that follow the example of a devout Muslim as set by muhammad.

  2. So if the people in Paris had been armed, especially when the terrorists ran out of ammo at the cafe and shot them dead, how would that had made it worse? Seems like this clown is following the nazi playbook from ww2.

    • If the people in Paris had been armed, the whole “incident” is far more likely to not have amounted to much. Which would have made it harder for politicians to use it as an excuse to further encroach on people. Which is bad for more equals like Newsom.

      Remember, always and everywhere: That which is good for the People, is bad for the Government. And vice versa. 100.0000000000000…..%

  3. That is not the sad part. The sad part is that he is very likely to be our next governor when Brown’s term is up. He has proposed an initiative measure (much to the chagrin of Senate President Ghost Gun” De Leon who had lead the charge on the original senate bill that went nowhere) to ban California bullet buttons, and to require background checks, ID, face to face sales, and record keeping by FFLs for the sale of all ammo. I think his proposal would also require retroactive registration of all “assault weapons”, including home builds. The purpose is to outlaw “assault weapons” and internet sales of ammo and to make buying ammo as expensive and onerous as possible. He is a “true believer” in disarming civilians.

  4. No, Newsom’s security detail wouldn’t have “made it worse” because they would have done zip to engage the terrorists. Their sole job would have been to get the privileged pig to safety and leave everyone else to die on the street. That is the difference.

  5. Freedom of speech is good, let me exercise mine. He does not know what he says, he lacks common sense and will become a victim of his own making.

  6. Yeah sure, armed hens at a Tupperware party maybe. Watch what would happen if Amed Achnad showed up at a VFW with a bunch of armed drunk Amercians. Amed would get his ass handed to him. The LT Gov. doesn’t know what he ‘s talking about.

  7. And let’s talk about banning people on the terrorist watch list for just a moment. The fact is that you can end the watch list simply by visiting certain countries (and being a member of a certain demographic group) even if you have done nothing wrong. You can be denied a flight because your name sounds like someone is on the list, and most importantly of all, being on the list does not mean that you are a terrorist, and indeed, most people on it have never been charged much less convicted of a crime, and once on it, it is nearly impossible to get off. A federal court judge was appalled by the fact that the government will refuse to tell you if you are on the list, even if you’ve been prevented from boarding, and will block any attempt by you to get off, having no system to appeal the decision to put you there in the first place; there is a complete absence of due process, yet you can be barred from the exercise of a constitutional right. Senator Ted Kennedy was put on the list, was unable to find out why, and it took HIM a couple of years to get off.
    It is of no surprise to me that Diane Feinstein is leading the charge in the senate to enact such a ban.

  8. He is a success because he married homosexual couples as San Francisco mayor when it looked like law breaking. Homosexuals will always vote for him. And like minded straights. That was laws worth breaking. That is more important than the hypocrisy of him having armed guards and the great unwashed don’t.

    In the mind of California voters and the people they elect, guns are not a civil right. Self defense is not a human right. But good satisfying homosexual sex in marriage is, and Marijuana intoxication.

    California is a lost cause. They don’t believe in liberty. I’m sure they will vote for “free stuff” from the bigot Bernie Sanders.

  9. California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is an absolute idiot. ANYONE who could have shot back at the Paris attackers would have slowed them down. And, that is regardless of any collateral damage.

  10. The lunacy of saying if a mass murderer was in the same room with him, his major concern would be the guys setting next to him returning fire has no bounds. He knows every CCW holder in CA is required to have 16 hours of combined law as well as range time to demonstrate proficiency in both before a CCW is issued.

    He’s either pandering to an audience or has nothing but contempt for CCW carrier in our state. Hope every gun owner makes it to the polls.

  11. I think he needs to shed the protection detail with an attitude like that. After all, the average officer’s hit rate isn’t that great and they may endanger innocent people.

    Yes, there is a real possibility innocent people may die if a person acts in a terrorist attack like Paris. On the other hand, there is an almost certainty that they will if evil people are left to their own to enact their will as they see fit.

    And last I checked, the people from law enforcement and military that were late to the game *WERE* good guys with guns.

    Also, the whole “terrorist watch list” thing goes back to the fact that it’s an opaque, arbitrary list without any sort of due process procedures to find out if you’re on it much less appeal the listing. It’s not like we can make a call to a buddy like he can and get off the list.

  12. So it was good that Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos were unarmed when they took down the terrorist on the French train?

  13. In this interview, for a second or two, Bill Maher was the voice of reason. Lt. Gov. Newsom was just a progressive politician the whole time, just pressing his agenda. When the conversation starts turning against you, change the subject before anyone notices that you are losing the argument.

    Occasionally, not very often, a rational thought passes through a liberal’s head. Then the liberal does everything he can to get it out of there, before it spreads through the rest of his delusional mind.

  14. Anyone remember when he had that hot Victoria Secret model wife and then she dumped him and ran off to NYC and joined Fox News? That’s gotta hurt.

    • Yep Gov-it’s Kimberly guilfoyle. I was going to mention that but you beat me to it. She’s talked about being the mayor’s wife too. Super hot MILF. And there’s a bunch of other Fox babes. Gavin is a putz…

  15. I wonder what Ruby Rippey-Tourk thinks?

    In case you missed it, Ruby Rippey-Tourk was then-Mayor Newsom’s appointments secretary, and the wife of Newsom’s campaign manager.

    That’s only interesting because Newsom was shtupping her.

    So I’m disinclined to take his opinion on anything. If he is morally weak enough that he would bang his friend’s wife, I’m uninterested in anything else he has to say.

    (You might think this is an ad hominem, but it’s actually a big thing in SF/CA politics.)

  16. “These days, the taxpayers shell-out some $93k per annum protecting the CA Lt. Gov.”

    That figure sounds suspiciously low. $93K is about one cop’s annual salary, not including health and retirement benefits. It also doesn’t include equipment, like vehicles, comm gear, etc. I’m pretty sure there is a robust police presence in the Capital, especially around the Governor and the Lt. Governor. And I’m confident the tax payers pay much more than $93 for Newsom’s protection.

  17. “And it can now be revealed that Newsom had an armed security detail when he was mayor of San Francisco.”

    Still does:

    California Highway Patrol Dignitary Protection Section

    Responsible for the protection of state constitutional officers including: the Governor, First Lady, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Controller, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Insurance Commissioner.

  18. 93K per annum wouldn’t buy much security. One cop at 50 – 60 K per year plus benefits would eat up most of that. I’m betting that the guys assigned to that detail make way more than that. Somebody’s lying about the numbers.

  19. I don’t think much of Bill Maher. Regardless, he asked an extremely pertinent question along the lines of “armed terrorists are trying to kill everyone in a closed setting … how can armed patrons make the situation or the outcome any worse in that setting?”

    Mr. Maher seemed to “get it”. And all the Lt. Governor could do was try to imply that we could prevent terrorists from acquiring firearms if the NRA would disappear.

    More and more people are starting to “get it”. As I quoted recently, “Facts are stubborn things.” Perhaps even the likes of Mr. Maher are starting to change course.

    • “More and more people are starting to “get it”. As I quoted recently, “Facts are stubborn things.” Perhaps even the likes of Mr. Maher are starting to change course.”


      Been saying for a while that propaganda always reveals itself as the lie it is. Sometimes it takes a while, but it happens eventually.

      Cognitive Dissonance can’t be beaten. It may take a while, but eventually, people realize what they are being told about things is not consistent with what they can see with their own two eyes.

      Meanwhile, the propagandists continue trying…all to serve their own purpose.

  20. My proposal has always been to deny politicians government funded armed protection after they leave office. If they feel they need to be protected, force them and their family to get CCW’s and learn to protect themselves. If they claim it is safe enough for commoners to walk around unarmed, let them prove it by walking the streets of their jurisdiction unarmed and without guards.

  21. Oddly, reports are surfacing of 3 illegally armed cafe patrons that did in fact send two horny jihadists to their 72 virgins, with minimal casualties. Unfortunately, these good samaritans turned out to be Colombian cartel goons, and are being returned to Colombia to face charges. Which I guess is politically correct for, “Thanks, now go home.”


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