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California Gov. Gavin Newsom (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

California Gov. Gavin Newsom should button his lip instead of trying to blame a new permitless carry law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis for a Memorial Day shooting in Florida when the law is not yet in effect, especially when shootings continue in the Golden State, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Gavin Newsom’s moronic effort to chastise DeSantis for signing Florida’s permitless carry law shows a level of foolishness I didn’t think was possible,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Maybe Newsom was so busy railing against DeSantis he didn’t notice three weekend shootings in Oakland, a triple-shooting Saturday in Garden Grove or shooting incidents in Fresno that left one man dead and another man wounded. 

“For a man serving as chief executive of a state with horribly restrictive gun laws that haven’t curbed the violence, Gavin Newsom has nothing to brag about,” he continued. “California’s gun laws didn’t prevent two mass shootings in January of this year, or the Mojave shooting last month. The laws didn’t stop the Isla Vista murders in 2014, or San Bernardino in 2015. Ten people were killed in San Jose in May 2021. Maybe Newsom wasn’t in town in April 2022 when six people were murdered in a mass shooting in Sacramento. 

 “Look at any violent crime chart and California always exceeds Florida in the number of homicides,” Gottlieb added. “Newsom can bask in the warm glow of symbolism provided by Everytown for Gun Safety, which incredulously claims California gun policies save lives, even if the numbers disagree. Facts don’t matter to the gun ban crowd.”

Newsom was fact-checked on his assertion the Memorial Day shooting at Hollywood, Florida was because of laws DeSantis signed. Those laws haven’t yet taken effect, so they had nothing to do with Monday’s incident. 

“Maybe Newsom is pointing a finger at Florida and DeSantis in an effort to distract public attention from his failures in his own state,” Gottlieb said. “More people are leaving California and heading to Second Amendment-friendly states such as Florida and Texas. Maybe all of those people just want to live in a state that allows them the ability to defend themselves and fight back.”

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  1. Californians have created their own reality. The leadership of the state simply doesn’t believe in the truth. It seems that things need to get extremely bad on a state level to force a change.

    I assume that you can still get gunfighter insurance in the state of California. But no civilized society can survive without modern day insurance. I remember when Hurricane Andrew had caused the insurance companies to pull out of the state of Florida. It took State legislation that would limit liability payouts, that changed the minds of the insurance companies.

    I know California pretty much hates insurance companies. Now we will see if reality sets in with the voters and the State leadership. It’s not just about the forest fires. When you have thousands upon thousands of repeated Smash and grabs, involving cars and storefront windows, eventually insurance companies will leave.

    “State Farm stops accepting home insurance applications in California: ‘Difficult place to do business'”

    • Chris, you’re a bit off-target, but I doubt that anyone here wants to read my recounting of the history of property insurance in FL. I lived it, but I’ve been out of it for two years — tomorrow!

    • The United States thrived and grew for its first two centuries without the choking network of today’s insurance system.

      I clearly recall when California began to mandate auto insurance. What happened?…rates soared, and repair bills skyrocketed. I remember this well.

      Health insurance is in large part responsible for today’s high health costs. Every time I’ve offered to pay cash at the dentist or doctor for a visit or minor procedure, the “cash price” turned out to be half or less than the “book price” that’s submitted to insurance carriers. A wise compromise is a “catastrophic” policy that covers events costing more than, say, $5000, instead of every little thing. Pay for small things with cash, help keeps costs down, and carry insurance for heavy unexpected things such as a vehicular accident or cancer.

      Insurance – as a concept – is a good idea. But anything that’s declared mandatory by Gov no longer follows healthy market patterns, and becomes bloated. I carry CCW insurance, but thank God it’s not mandatory, and cannot legally be declared so.

      • I agree we did very well without requiring insurance. But I keep reading here on TTAG that you’re suppose to have insurance when the mob comes to burn you out.

        Instead of the property owner just shooting the attacking mob at will.

        I also remember when California required car insurance. And everyone’s rate went up too. But I still think “gun fighter” is a good idea.

      • “The United States thrived and grew for its first two centuries without the choking network of today’s insurance system.”

        Not entirely correct. There were private ‘firemen’ and ‘fire departments’ in the larger cities individuals and companies could subscribe to that would respond. That’s still in effect in rural communities today. That’s a loose form of ‘insurance’…

      • The high-level takeaway is this.

        Central planning never works. When the state mandates the consumption of a product, it distorts markets and this results in inefficiencies.

        People that live in hurricane prone areas should carry market-rate insurance for their risk (I am one of them). If you go without, you should face your losses by yourself. Risk is like any other cost. If you can’t afford it, you need to get rid of it.

        People that drive cars should carry market-rate insurance for their risk. If someone decides to forgo insurance, they should face their losses on their own.

        Stupid people should not be shielded from the consequences of their stupidity.

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    • I call him Gavin Noisome. The dictionary defines “noisome” as:
      Noisome, adjective:
      1. offensive or disgusting, as an odor.
      2. harmful or injurious to health; noxious.

      The only good thing I can say about my state is that it’s not as bad as Commiefornia.

      • Conservative Californians here know him as “Governor Hair Gel”.

        Or “Newsollini”. That makes its way into conversations, too.

  2. newsob assumed he found something to justify his Gun Control rot…try again newsob.

  3. “Newsom was fact-checked on his assertion the Memorial Day shooting at Hollywood, Florida was because of laws DeSantis signed.”

    He’s not exactly wrong; the three “suspects” were just celebrating the change in the law a month early. Dollars to doughnuts that the three (who were described as three “persons” on the local morning news while the accompanying photos made an accurate description obvious) were carrying permitless. And I’m sure that the youts obtained their handguns legally — yeah, right.

    • They were also carrying as either prohibited persons OR (at least one of them) was in possession of a stolen firearm…

    • MAN, the only problem is that the Florida Law hasn’t gone into effect yet. So how can the new law have caused the shooting?

  4. Newsom is following the biden play book. Check your brain out early and just let the bribes flow in.

    • He Hope’s to be the state Commissar when China asserts it’s claim on California from a recently discovered ancient map.

      Don’t touch the map. The ink is still wet after 1200 years.

  5. And the Newsman said
    his bow had
    made him bad friends
    Hooked on high speed adrenaline

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