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Rob Bianchin is the President of the Cabot Gun Company [warning: link autoplays video spiel with sound]. Cabot makes 1911s so expensive they bring to mind the old saying about Boston Brahmins: “The Lowells talk only to Cabots, and the Cabots talk only to God.” Yup, Cabot was mingling in some rarified air this weekend. According to their press release, “Five months after launching the newest brand of 1911 style pistols, Cabot Guns by Penn United Technologies was invited to exhibit at arguably the most exclusive gun show in the world: The Global Sporting and Conservation Alliance Showcase and Sporting Clays Event [in Joisey]. Cabot Guns displayed four models, the Jones 1911, the RangeMaster, the CGI Classic and the GI Classic.” Talk about rubbing elbows with the ballistic gentry . . .

Exhibitors at the showcase included: Anderson & Wheeler, Arrieta, AyA, B. Rizzini, Belvoir Castle-Her Grace The Duchess of Rutland, Beretta, Blaser, Blixt & Co, Bertuzzi, Boss & Company, Braeval, Christopher Smith,Griffin & Howe, Hemingway’s Guns-Silvio Calabi, Holland & Holland, James Purdey & Sons, Jules Bury, Kent Cartridge, Krieghoff International, Lebeau-Courally, Logsdail Classics, Leica Optics, Luciano Bosis, Mareuil, Perazzi, Remington Custom, Swarovski, Zeiss and Cabot Gun Company.

“Cabot Guns was extremely well received” said Rob Bianchin, President of Cabot Gun Company. “It was an honor to have our pistols exhibited along with the finest arms in the world. The [$4,350] GI Classic was the most popular of the four models. Collectors showed an appreciation for the Cabot Guns’ dedication to producing the Browning’s classic M1911 A1 from the original prints right down to stippling on the trigger which no other gun maker has reproduced.

Sorry old bean, but aren’t replicas a bit . . . arriviste? If so, Rob’s blissfully unaware (at least until now):

“It’s the only replica 100% made in the USA” stated Bianchin. “Yes, while it looks like the original the tolerances have been optimized to exceed National Match Grade standards” added Bianchin. “We’re getting one inch groupings at 25 yards”.

Well, that’s different. Cabot’s jefe also reveals that top military brass at another industry show referred to the Cabot Guns GI classic as the “Maserati of 1911’s.” Dude, I owned a Maserti. That is NOT a good comparison. Get that guy who prepped the Air Force General on LightSquared to say your gun is the Porsche Turbo of 911’s. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Not sure what that gets you. That kind of accuracy doesn’t do anything anyway, and you can get top-of-the-line for quite a bit less. I’ve got a Guncrafter No Name, Berryhill AFP, and formerly an Ed Brown. Two of those cost one of these Cabots, with far more extensive reputations. If I wanted to spend that much, Harrison, MARS, Rogers, Berryhill, Heirloom Precision, and few others would all be better choices. But hey, it’s your money!

  2. Ummm…. $4350 for a well made (if the publicity is to be beleived) 1911?

    And for my second question: are they smoking crack?

    A really good, very well-made 1911 by the industry leaders is half that. I really well-made tricked out Springfield is 1/4 of that. What the hell are they thinking?

  3. So how many “Only 1911A1 made in the USA” are we up to now? 4? 5? More?

    More importanly: Who cares?

    Maybe I’m naive but I cannot believe there’s enough market for a $4k 1911 to keep these guys, as well as Lippard and all the others, in business.

  4. I can’t wait until they start making some accessories: an “authentic” GI steel pot helmet for $300.00, or the ever popular authentic made-in-America folding trench shovel for $500.00.

  5. My semi-auto is a simple 9mm Ruger SR9C that costs me $420 this summer. If I ever have to defend myself against an aggressor with a $4,350 semi-auto pistol I might as well just shoot myself and get it over with.

    Just went to their website. Cabot sells a Jones model 1911 that is available for $4,950 and it even includes a display case. For those who buy the $4,350 GI Classic the case is not included and costs $349.

  6. I’m okay with this.

    While I would not personally spend ~$5k on a 1911, I do think a world in which such a thing exists is more interesting than one without it.


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