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Get woke, go broke and learn to code. Such is the hard lesson over at Sports Illustrated after the announcement that all of their writers will soon become unemployed and the publication’s future remains “uncertain.”  Enter Business Insider.  nstead of writing about issues germane to commerce and ways to operate businesses more effectively and profitably, BI’s crack team of future coders have gone another direction.

Their latest pearl-clutching screed laments the dangers of teaching America’s young people that they have the God-given right to own a gun for lawful purposes, including self-defense.  Why, it’s almost as if BI interns took a press release from the “Brady” gun control org and decided to post it as headline news on their website.


From Business Insider:

The NRA wants your kid to love guns: programs promote 2nd Amendment absolutism to Kindergarteners on up

For the National Rifle Association, no American is too young to join in their absolutist defense of the Second Amendment — and that includes Kindergarteners.

As the NRA corruption trial began in Manhattan this month, the gun-rights lobby started accepting submissions from children grades K-12 for its 2024 “What the Second Amendment Means To You” youth essay contest.

The annual contest encourages children to engage in “scholarly research on the Second Amendment as well as reflect on how the Second Amendment and other Constitutional rights affect their daily lives,” as the gun lobby described it in a 2016 blog.

Leaving aside the oddness of asking the youngest of grade-schoolers how the Constitutional right to bear arms affects them personally, the contest raises alarms for gun-control advocates.

Gun violence remains the number one cause of death for children, according to the CDC. So there’s something almost macabre in enlisting children in the NRA mission to restrict gun control, said Kris Brown, president of the gun violence prevention group Brady.

“Eight kids a day are killed or injured by guns in the home,” said Brown, calling that grim statistic “uniquely American.”

“It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Second Amendment allows every American to lawfully possess a firearm,” she said.

The full-throated attack on educating America’s young people on the rights the Constitution protects from statists and tyrants should shock us all. But knowledge about running businesses successfully and profitably doesn’t seem deep among the writers there.

After all, on the homepage visitors are treated with articles on how the world’s richest man can’t possibly succeed without woke advertisers (“X is left with advertisers pushing dubious cryptocurrency and AI ‘undressing’ apps, users say after Musk’s outburst“) and how the ultrawealthy don’t like waiting for things in Davos (“Even the ultrawealthy had to wait in long lines at Davos — and they were reportedly annoyed about it”).  The closest they come to business is a pair of stories lamenting how people are opposed to more “universal basic income” (“Texas senator says the plan to give poor residents a $500 guaranteed basic income is unconstitutional” and “GOP lawmakers in Iowa seek to block guaranteed basic income programs, calling them ‘insane‘”)

Oh, and what else does the nation’s most-evil, longest-running civil rights organization do that BI and their friends at Brady find so objection?

The NRA offers other contests and scholarships for children.

The group sponsors cash prizes of up to $1,000 for first-through-12th graders who create artwork portraying “any North American game bird or animal that may be legally hunted or trapped.”

High schoolers can apply for an all-expense-paid summer Youth Education Summit in Washington, DC.

The gun lobby also offers free training programs through an online education course in several states; the New Mexico and Alabama program takes kids 10 and up. In Texas and Kentucky, it’s 9 and up.

Prizes for artwork and free gun safety training programs!  Oh no!  That all needs to stop.

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  1. Ah another elitist article written by a metro anti American leftist writer living in his delusional hate filled world. These idiots live in their own little world disconnected from anything real. AND they want to foster that reality on the rest of us. Your fake world is full of propaganda to deceive people to do what you want them to do. Getta life!!!!


    • Nope; no dice, N Tx. You can’t insist upon a condition before young people can exercise their Constitutional 2nd Amendment right.

      • “You can’t insist upon a condition before young people can exercise their Constitutional 2nd Amendment right.”

        What they damn sure *can* do is offer safe firearms handling training in the public (and private) school system, the same way driver’s ed and sex ed is currently taught.

        If the parents want to do it earlier, more power to them, the course will be easy to for them pass with flying colors.

        The Leftist Scum ™ will fight that tooth-and-nail. If they complain, ask them why they literally want dead children.

        Our job post ‘Bruen’ will be to normalize gun ownership and carry…

        • I gotta disagree with this:

          “…the same way driver’s ed and sex ed is currently taught.”

          Driver’s Ed is no longer taught, at least in most schools.

          And what is taught in sex ed is roughly the equivalent of “those people that teach the 4 laws of safe gun handling are bigots who don’t know what they’re talking about.”

          So no, I don’t want it taught “like those are taught.” I want it to be much, much better than that. Heck, I want *them* taught much better than that!

    • The US mil does NOT need useless draftees any more than in 1957.

      You also can’t make a useful grunt in 2yrs.

      • Soon enough they’ll be pumping them out in 90 days to be fodder all over the eastern hemisphere thanks to uniparty warmongering.

        They’ll probably all be wearing dresses and clown makeup in some wokey Charles Taylor type force.

    • Are you really proposing mandatory military service when the commander in chief is a corrupt wicked old senile globalist stooge? All they would do is use the young people to promote their depraved and destructive anti American agenda. Two years of mandatory woke agenda propaganda isn’t very helpful.

        • Tionico-
          NTexas sounds awful dacianist to me.
          ‘I gotz mah C-C-double U purrmit and youawl needs to git one too.”
          Permit =Numblers(yes numblers)
          Numbers= Registration.
          If someone continously promotes a topic I assume they believe what they propagandize.
          Normally I do not attack commenters, bah, NTex your doing a hell of a job with your caps lock n word game.
          So good nobody really gets what your saying.
          Everyone should own a firegunm.
          Everyone should be trained.
          Everyone should have a permission slip from a government to defend their lives, the lives of others, or their property.
          I Bow to You ,Oh King.
          WTF – Sorry, subgitation is not in my genetics, that’s why I Am An American.

      • I would not encourage anyone to enlist in our military.
        It has become a farce of what it once was.

    • Military service shouldn’t be mandatory (or manitory either) but the franchise to vote should only be given to those who have completed a term of service.

      No more bread and circus for the brainless woke masses. Not that a veteran is superior to non-veterans but at least they have shown by volunteering to put their lives on the line they have shown some moral skin in the game.

  3. “The NRA wants your kid to love guns: programs promote 2nd Amendment absolutism to Kindergarteners on up”

    God, I wish. This ignorant jack-hole isn’t even aware of the NRA’s demise.

    • I’m sorry about the NRA’s demise. Thank the good Lord that Wayne has finally been ousted. It’s been way too long! Now it’s time for the NRA to return to it’s roots. Teach children gun safety much like parents do day in and day out.

        • Yup. and its pretty stupid. The bsic premise is “if you see a gun run away from it” (and leve it right there for some other creep tp pick it up and do someting stupid with it.

          The ONLY real gun safety instruction worth a pinch of salt is to teach them HOW to safely handle a gun. Safe and clear it. Then take it to a responsible adult.

        • When you run the NRA, you can set up your own training program.

          I was responding to muck: “…it’s time for the NRA to return to it’s roots. Teach children gun safety …”

      • Sorry not sorry.

        This is the same NRA that was behind the National Firearms Act and has had their fuddy fad fingers in exery major gun-control legislation ever since.

        NRA = Negotiating Rights Away

        Good Riddance!

    • “The NRA wants your kid to love guns: programs promote 2nd Amendment absolutism to Kindergarteners on up”

      Broadcast television and Hollywood are doing the heavy lifting for us, every time a movie or show shows guns being used to right wrongs and save the girl (who expresses her appreciation by giving the boy a taste)… 😉

    • “Well THEY would know about indoctrination now wouldn’t they!?”

      It isn’t working for them, if you haven’t noticed. Controlling the schools for over 60 years has resulted in schools pumping out kids eager to own the guns they saw in movies and played in ‘Call of Duty’ and other games… 🙂

  4. As an unindicted coconspirator every year I teach about 300 youngsters age 7 to 17 how to safely and accurately shoot bb guns, pellet rifles, 22 rifles, and shotguns. I don’t say a word about the Second Amendment. I just send them home with safe skills and HUGE SMILES.

  5. For the author’s edification, to be able to protect one’s self is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. Firearms level the playing field against the bad guys.

  6. “Business Insider: Very Dangerous to ‘Indoctrinate’ Young Americans That They Can Lawfully Possess a Firearm”

    Go fuck yourselves you stupid bastards.

    Die in a fire you chicken sucking bitch’s.

  7. Children pay attention, today’s lessons will protect you for the rest of your lives against some bearded cross dressing pervert trying to stick their junk in your little faces while mommy and daddy arn’t around. But before we can proceed to trigger time let’s first learn about The History of Gun Control from today’s guest speaker Attorney Tom Grieve…

    • You’re speaking to us Debbie right here right now on this thread. You give me crap for writing to my representatives yet you are speaking to us now. Do you actually think children are on this site reading your post much less understanding it? Speak to your representatives or continue to waste your time.

      • You can’t share the video? It’s not that hard… pretty sure Debbie isn’t trying to teach US anything… but rather sharing resources.

      • muckmouth…It is not in my nature to give anyone “crap” for contacting anyone in any congress. Unless you can present more than hot air to back up your crap then the crap is yours and yours alone. My reply to this article is spot on, your reply to me is childishly out of line.
        Futhermore…You wouldn’t need to use “us” if you had the balls to stand on your own.

        • “My reply to this article is spot on, your reply to me is childishly out of line.”

          Your puerile response to Mr. Muck is even more childish, if you haven’t noticed the obvious.

        • I enjoying watching the slow kids get into a crip fight on the short bus. It’s like watching Timmah and Jimmah dusting off on South Park.

  8. Well, given that many firearm owners first learned to properly handle a gun when young and given that many of those learned at least some of what they learned from an NRA program and given that 99.9% of gun owners never commit any violence with a firearm, I’d say that such “Indoctrination” appears to be the opposite of “Very Dangerous.”

    • whie the NRA were around back then, my Dad’s generation grew up with guns as a part of their lives. Kids brought their OWN rifles to school, leaned them up against the back wall of the schoolroom, at recess and lunch time the boys would go out and murder all the tin cans they’d found and brought as well. When they ran out of tin cans they’d find chunks of wood. The boys were pretty good shots. His little sister didn’t have her own rifle yet, she was only seven AND a “gurl” But she’d cadge one from another of the boys. Made them mad, too, because she could outshoot even the older boys even at seven years old. The year Dad was 14 the school district bought a school bus, and Dad was the driver. Instead of bringing their rifles on their horses, they just started bringing them on the bus. In the afternoons on the way back home, if they’d spy a rattlesnake or rabbit, they’d holler and Dad would stop the bus, and whoever spied him up got the first shot at the critter. If he missed there were backups. Ah, fresh meat for the stewpot back home.
      A number of those boys ended up in the Second German War fighting east and west. One of Dad’s brothers was a sniper and campaigned up the chain of Pacific Islands as they pushed the Japanese off the string of them. I have as a young man watched him shoot. No idea how difficult the shots he was taking were, but I’ve an idea now. Amazing man with a firearm. He was able to bring back the very rifle he had been issued, a 1903 Springfield Sniper with the cute little scope they had. Wached him place a round into about a one foot round chunk of rock at a measured distance of one point one miles… offhand position. He had also become quite the hand reloader, “cooking up” just what he wanted.
      Yeah, don’t ever let kids touch guns.. deyz DAYN jrus.

      I have worked with kids as young as six on the range.. they pay atention, lear =n quickly, want to have fun and do, and become excellent shots early because they never learned any of the bad habits out there. The ones that took me three weekends to unlearn after learning them all……

  9. Very dangerous to indoctrinate Americans in their civil rights. Voting, free speech, guns…..these people simply are afraid of civil rights.

    What else would you expect from a bunch of wealthy old white guys?

    • That last sentence has been used by me more than a few times explaining civil rights to those who look different than me to good effect. Air quotes around white also help explain that they really don’t care about us either.

  10. Well, there’s another magazine people won’t find in my waiting room going forward.

  11. It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Second Amendment allows every American to lawfully possess a firearm

    Is it dangerous for the younglings to be exposed to weird secks stuff? Why is that so important for the commies?

    So they’re finally firing the people at SI who suggested putting plus size and tranz models in a men’s magazine? Too little, too late… Actually those people will probably continue to fail upwards.

    • Dude, so I gather that you WEREN’T one of those readers looking forward to the eventual crossdresser/traneez S.I. Swimsuit edition?
      Good Riddance

  12. OMG!

    This is just like indoctrinating kids that they have the right to free speech, or that they have the right to petition their government for a redress of grievances, or that they have the right to practice their religion! It’s downright dangerous, right?

    Kids need to be protected from such subversive thoughts…

    Kids need to be taught that there aren’t any rights, there’re only privileges that the government grants to you…just as long as you do as you’re told.

    • And keep that s0cial credit score up.

      Otherwise you’ll find yourself taking slow trains or buses on long journeys.

      • Southern Cross,

        That is pretty much why, with exceptions like this one, I have stopped posting on TTAG.

        Still reading what you all write.

  13. Still citing the 2020 and 2021 numbers, so safe to assume that with the drastic post-pandemic decrease in violent crime in 2022, guns are no longer the #1 killer of children ages 1-19? Not that they’ll admit that any year soon.

    • A couple dozen was it. I was there and saw them. Most everyone was laughing at them or ashamed for them for their stupidity.

    • My girlfiend just said ,” So I guess we are all supposed to go out and get a pilot’s license.”

    • It’s very easy for american civilians who want to, who are motivated enough, to destroy F16 fighter planes.

      And for those that are monitoring this website. I suggest you look up what the taliban did in afghanistan. Because two american general officers were court marshalled because of their success at destroying american airplanes.

      Remember the taliban?? The guys with flip flops and rusty AK47s.

      • Name the generals. Never heard this one before

        There is an easier way to keep planes grounded, kill the aircrews, and maintainers. This is the plan the North Koreans will use if hostilities break out.

      • Chris, I am with I shot here. I researched it and there is NO MENTION anywhere I could find for any one let alone a general being courts-martialed for anything connected with Afghanistan.


          “On 30 September 2013, USMC Commandant James F. Amos announced that he had found Gurganus and USMC Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant to be accountable for failures of the base defenses during the raid. Sturdevant was in charge of USMC aviation assets in that region of Afghanistan. Both were directed to retire from the USMC immediately at their current ranks of Major General.”

          It wasn’t easy to find.

        • Both men retired honorably and with full benefits. According to NBC News, a senior U.S. defense official remarked that if Gurganus was not a general he would have faced a court martial, which would have prevented retirement with full benefits.

          No one faced court martial. Like I said before, nice try Kristy.

    • we won’t need our own. We’ll just take “theirs”, the ones WE have paid for already, thank you very much. And if we can’t figure out how to take them all, they are easy enough to disable. A decent thutty cal rifle and a decent scope can put one round into critical component and that plane won’t fly any more for a long time. Do that often enough they will soon run out of the replacements for the damaged bits.

      That does not even begin to consider how easy it is to interrupt the supply chain.
      F 16’s don’t fly very far or fast with no Jet A

  14. Nobody should be surprised. So far the strategy is working quite well with free speech. All the little fascist kids think it’s free expression is a bad thing.

    Or do they? Polls show trust in the US gov to be at around 40% so why does it seem like 80% of the population is wholly in the bag for big gov?

    Is perception reality?

  15. As far as a guaranteed income. This is coming sooner than people think because A.I. will soon be running all the businesses of the world as well as actually producing the merchandise rendering human worker troglodyte slaves obsolete which necessitates a guaranteed income. A guaranteed income has been quietly in the planning stages for at least a couple of decades by more than one industrialized country including Capitalvania where greed monger C.E.O’s residing in the city of Stratus, high above in the clouds, floating safe above the troglodyte worker slaves now work out the details.

    As far as the obscene, macob, recommendation that children promote their own deaths by brainwashing them into thinking that there should be zero gun control is right out of a horror movie starring Wayne LaPierre as a modern version of Frankenstein (Its alive, Its alive, Its alive!!!)

    1,640 children died in 2023 from guns, many were accidents in the home with them and of course we have the weekly mass school shootings as well. Only a nation gone completely mad and controlled by the sick paranoid racists of the Far Right (who are paid prostitutes of the NRA) allows such atrocity and horrors.

    In reality Carol Anderson’s book on the true history and reason for the Second Amendment should be required reading for all school age children which will once and for all kill the Far Right propaganda that 2A was about the individual’s right to own personal weapons. It was written to allow states to murder slaves.

    The Second Amendment was written out of pure racist paranoia in regards to the Haitian slave revolt spreading to the U.S. and it was designed to panic the States into joining the Federal Government by allowing them to have their own slave murdering thug militias. 2A was born out of racism.

    Considering how disingenuous and power mad the Founders were (who even denied white men the right to vote) it is inconceivable that behind closed doors they wanted an armed populous and that is why 2A was deliberately written as vaguely as it was. 2a was designed to let the Courts control or ban weapons and that is what the courts have been doing since 2A was signed. And none of the anti-gun laws written prior to the Revolution were nullified, in fact the anti-gun laws immediately increased after 2A was signed and continue increase up to the present day.

    The History of 2A does not lie, only the racist paranoids of the Far Right lie between their teeth and are also too stupid to study the true history Capitalvania and its modern day enslavement of the worker drone troglodyte slaves.

    • Ain’t gonna happen commie.

      Conflict is coming and the Marxists are going to go the way of the dodo.

    • LOL no, mass liquidation of noncontributory members of society would happen long before any relevant universal basic income especially for the western piggy bank of the US. Might see a bit more than trials in Europe in the short term but it would collapse the moment an economic stress and/or medium size war hits.

    • Carol Anderson is an academic hack with about as much credibility as Nikole Hannah-Jones. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe anything these charlatans produce. Of course, from reading your ignorant and worthless screeds, I am not surprised you hold them in such high esteem. Simple minds are easily impressed.

    • DUNDERHEAD, give it a rest. A”guaranteed income”? You want a “guaranteed income” get a frickin’ job.

      Of those who died, 1,306 were teens and 276 were children. Deaths by suicide have made up the vast majority of gun violence deaths this year. For your edification, if someone is bound and determined to commit suicide, they have a multitude of methods. A gun is only one. The real problem with suicide is MENTAL HEALTH. This is an issue you Lefties REFUSE To deal with.

      If we want gun safety in this country we have to start educating our youths to the FOUR RULES of GUN SAFETY! But unfortunately you and your hoplophobe buddies are so terrified of firearms you can’t see the common sense of this.

      Carl Anderson, like you is a blithering fool. The Second Amendment was designed for the people’s right to self defense. I suggest that you read (you can read things other than Karl Marx and Carl Anderson?) the Federalist Papers and the AntiFederalist Papers. Give it a shot, your education would be greatly enhanced.

      Your assault on the Founding Fathers is a crock. You Leftistists just love re-writing history to fit yours decerped agenda.

      • Walter the Beverly Hillbilly ignores the fact that Stanford and Harvard studies prove that you are 34 more times likely to have a suicide if there is gun in the house and 4 times more likely to have a homicide. Most people are killed by people in their home not by thugs on the street or by break ins. This is something the paranoid Far Right, whose brains are so warped, can never fathom.

        And you Moron if you had any reading comprehension you would have understood that A.I. will render most jobs obsolete so a person will not have the opportunity to secure employment that no longer exists. Now Retardo what part of this do you still not understand?????? You really need to take a remedial reading class.

        • DUNDERHEAD, here you go with your funny stats cherry picked to fit yours own agenda. Now if your stats are correct, I, who own some 25 guns should have committed suicide years ago or killed someone, and yet I never have nor has anyone in my household. I’ve owned guns for years and never had a homicide in my home. According to your own stats, there are millions of people who own a number of guns, and none of them have had a homicide in their homes or places of business either.
          Speaking of morons, hoplophobia has got to be one of the major contributors of becoming a moron. AI making most jobs obsolete? JBOL! Is that another one of your “stats?” Are you sure you are not related to Forest Gump?
          Now DUNDERHEAD, what part of the above don’t you understand?

  16. BI clearly illustrates:
    1. They want to keep young Americans ignorant relative to the 2nd Amendment.
    2. Illustrate their disdain for the U S Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    They don’t believe in self defense rather control of the masses..

  17. We all know there are people that hate America. This is nothing new. Neither is the idea that they want to blame the NRA for things they have nothing to do with. America’s youth NEED to learn about guns and THAT is not about the NRA. It’s about being American. It’s about preparing young people for the real world. Which is something our schools used to do.

    Many of the problems we are dealing with right now stem from the refusal to teach kids about firearms.

    • DUNDERHEAD, who cares what MSN says about anything? Only Leftists hoplophobes like you.

      • And only Far Right Morons like you do not watch accredited news programs but only watch Foxy News which has yet to even win one news award.

        You get a gold star for being a poster boy of the Moronic, uneducated Far Right.

        • DUNDERHEAD, “accredited news programs” JBOL! Who accredited them? Leftists?

          When God passed out brains you thought he said trains and took the Express out of town. The conductor is still looking for you as you didn’t even pay for the ticket.

    • It is to Liberal/Progressive democrats, because it goes against their ideology of indoctrination of children. To only believe their version of the history.

    • He really didn’t have a choice.

      Current polling is showing Trump with a decided advantage to win the election…

      • “Current polling is showing Trump with a decided advantage to win the election…”

        Any one else pondering the fact that if Trump is sidelined, the Republicrats have no number 2 with much likelihood of being elected? DeSantis and Haley spent a combined $400mil running against Trump, not the Dims.

        • At this point, Chris Christie could beat the Puppet in a fair election. No one believes things are great except Miner, and he has to lie to himself about it.

        • The D-team is going to swap out Biden at the last possible moment Count on it. They know he isn’t a viable option. The only question is who it will be. My guess would be a largely unknown (and not hated) candidate nationally with a good base in one of the big blue states. Someone with no skeletons in the closet easy enough to find in the few weeks the opposition has to work up a case against him or het.

          Then again, it could be Newsome. It would be funny if they tried to wheel out killery one last time.

        • The question is of whose money. But yes does seem like a bleeding the opponent kind of issue.

        • NT, I would love to see them explain ditching the first black/Indian/female VP in history. I’ll stock up on popcorn.

      • not a sure thing…but it is trending that way…people coming around to the idea Trump is the lesser of the two evils…they gave Biden a shot and he blew it..

      • Where he’ll have two more years as Governor, then he can retire and tend to his young wife and family.

        Besides, the Repubs have a wealth of candidates from which to choose in 2028: maybe Trump again, or Vivek, or Christie, or Haley, or Hutchinson (who?) …

        • Florida needs a better leader than that feckless zero-leadership Fudd. As a Floridian I would prefer somone who isn’t such a weak tea RINO.

        • Oh, I don’t think that they’re better choices. Quite the contrary, actually. I’d rather that Gov. DeSantis get out of the rat race and enjoy himself. His wife has already had a bout of breast cancer, and his three children are young and need a good at-home father.

          All of the same lame criticisms that were brought up against the Gov will be re-played if he would run in ’28 — there are too many people who will hold a grudge. There’s too much time between the end of his term and the start of the ’28 campaign season, and he won’t have any chance in the meantime to “practice campaigning” which was said to be his Achilles heel. The Repubs won’t support him, and they don’t deserve him.

        • @ Nikita Tesla
          Every state needs a better leader. Some more than others. But they are all in need of replacement.

      • Handled the Covid nonsense well enough to get the right kind of hate. Wondering if he completed with votes with Nicky to keep her ilk out of the running while wasting globalist money. Either way wish him well.

  18. I think I was indoctrinated around 5-6 years old by my Dad, Grandfather and my older cousin, Edgar. Squirrel hunt on Grandpa’s farm in Mississippi. First time I discharged a firearm. I never looked back.

  19. They aren’t wrong. It’s very dangerous TO THEM for my kids and grandkids to be armed and not allow them control.

    • Nicely put, Matt.

      Ine little tidbit I came across in my studies of the Founding Era…. you will all remember Paul Revere, right? When he was sixteen he learned of a sticky problem.. seems a son of Liberty, who was a wanted man for his “activities” had been holed up in a smallish community deep in the woods north of Boston. It also came out, through the “grapevine” that the Brits were wise to his whereabouts and were planning to go and “collect” him to send him off to London, as those Brits were wint to do, in which case he was a dead man as no counsel nor fair trial would ever b affordd such a man charged with whatever they would dream up. The issue was HOW to get word to this man so he could shuffle off to elsewhere and be “he’s not here” when the patrol went out to pick him up. But there did not seem to be anyone available that the Brits would not suspect as he travelled out to warn him. So Revere volnteered. He knew the area, was trustd by the “resistance”, had plausible reason tobe out and about (his Father’s silver business needed deliveries, etc) so he set out on his horse, armed with a pistol on his belt. At sixteen. The Patriot was duly warned and easily shifted off to somewhere else,avoiding his free ride in a sailboat to London and its Tower.
      That was Paul Revere’s first open act of treason. He and one other patriot (William Dawes) are the two Patriots who rode out of Boston to sound the alarm against General Tom Gage’s infamous Powder Raid on Lexington and Concord. Paul was forty at that time. SO he’d been active in the Resistance for twenty four years. The Brits very nearly got him that night, too.

    • Americans are supposed to be dangerous. Generally it’s what keeps things safe and pleasant.

  20. BI is a joke – owned by a German multinational, known for its affection for “fake news”, they give advertisers “limited” (limited – yah right) editorial control over content, and absolutely thrive on clickbait links stuffed into other more popular sites. Absolute trash.

  21. Bad to teach children firearm safety? But they would say it is ok to teach children to permanently mutilate their bodies in kindergarten.

    They are pushing hard against free Americans.

  22. “It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Second Amendment allows every American to lawfully possess a firearm,”
    “It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Fourth Amendment allows every American to have their persons, places and effects secure from unlawful searches.”
    “It’s very dangerous for younger Americans to be indoctrinated with the viewpoint that the Fifth Amendment allows every American to not incriminate themselves.”

    Just continuing the facist narrative.

  23. This was the primary reason why they went after the Boy Scouts. The people who hate Military industrial complex. They Complained about the Scouts teaching boys about guns. That was back in the early 20th century.

    It’s never been about the Boeing company or Halliburton. Those companies will always be with us. The goal has always been to destroy the firearm’s business.

    • they thought it was more important that the young men in the Boy Scouts would learn about sexual perversion and consider that “normal”.

      • According to the libs, the greatest sin you can commit is trying to turn a gay person straight. Note that their mission is to turn as many people as possible away from being straight.

    • I determined my first gun should be a 9mm pistol. At the same time, I picked up a .22 rifle because I remembered how much fun it was in the scouts.

  24. Letter sent to two of the urinalysis at BI…
    (Not that it will do any good, and will probably put my email on a list somewhere.)

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Subject: Guns are the leading cause of death among US children.

    Only if you include 18 to 20 year olds as ‘children,’ and most of the deaths are from gangbangers either killing each other or spraying bullets around indiscriminately and hitting innocents.

    The only way that gun controllers can make that number ‘work’ is by including the aforementioned group.

    Your ‘journalists’ at BI don’t care though, as they can hide behind the statistic and say ‘we are using government information to bolster our articles,’ and the uninformed general public comes away with the impression that you want to generate.

    In other words, you can tell an ‘untruth’ and get away with it, which is the point of propaganda anyway.

    • some of those “children” are a pretty lethal bunch…with little regard for anyone but themselves

    • actually they’ve re-worked that gun…making it useless as a piece of evidence….his real crime was not properly supervising the whole operation which was very sloppily run…..

  25. No matter how much good stuff leftist authors say about the NRA I still will never forgive the NRA for all their support of gun control over the last century plus.

  26. @Nikita Tesla
    “The D-team is going to swap out Biden at the last possible moment Count on it.”

    Perhaps the plan is to keep Biden alive long enough to win (the Dims know how to win elections), and reach inauguration, be President for one day, then step down, resulting in the first female President.

      • “she’s actually a liability…still can’t fathom why they picked her….”

        First diversity pick for VP is some sort of street cred?

  27. How can we waste time teaching gun safety and knowledge when it would take away important stuff. Like gender studies and White Supremacy!

  28. They should learn how to handle firearms in a safe manner and understand a weapon is for hunting, self defense or the defense of others and Not a Toy! My grandpa taught me these lessons at an early age!

  29. Leaving aside the oddness of asking the youngest of grade-schoolers how the Constitutional right to bear arms affects them personally
    Because you’re too stupid to understand the Constitution doesn’t mean they are. It just means you’re less intelligent and well-educated than a home-schooled 3rd-grader.

  30. Oh my gawd! It’s just like indoctrinating young people that they can buy cars and drive them.
    More foolish nonsense spread by an out of touch, woke, hack writer.

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