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Description [via] “A tragicomedy (with karoake and possibly a muppet) about America’s increasingly armed and dangerous toddlers, and a gun lobby that doesn’t know what to do about them. Our protagonist is a young guy with a macabre nickname, a heart of gold — and a secret from his past. When Wayne LaPoo, the powerful head of the National Machine Gun Association (NMGA), enlists our heroes help on an audacious plan to get guns into the hands of every toddler in America, will our young straight shooter become a pawn in the gun lobby’s game — or learn to choose love over fear?” False dichotomy much? Oh yeah they do. Frack Theatre that. [h/t NYAG]

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    • Yup. If it makes you feel any better, neither will anyone else.

      People that read TTAG might see it. Anyone else…. not so much.

    • Not only am I not going to waste my time, I’m not going to add to their views totals.

    • This is the level of the Anti’s discourse? LOL. It reads like nine-year-olds playing ‘Mad Libs’ ..

      I’m not sure how “useful” they are, .. but they’ve sure got -Idiot- nailed down.

    • Watching obvious propaganda is hilarious though. If you ever wanna good laugh, pull up some North Korean propaganda. It’s like rubber suit Godzilla movies and Sharknado sequels, so bad it’s hilarious…

  1. Can I join The National Machine Gun Association? Is the membership cheaper than the tax stamp. If so, I’m in!

    • The dues are cheap, but you have to gun down somebodies grandmother before they will accept you

      • Whose gramma? I’ve met a few who can shoot you dead at 300 yards with iron sights.

    • I’m surprised the NRA lawyers didn’t have Michael “White Whale” Moore for lunch after the garbage he put in Bowling for Columbine.

    • Not yet.
      I left my 2 cents worth as seaswirl79
      I couldn’t finish it though. Too damn stupid.

  2. I’m actually fine with this cartoon agitprop aimed at the LIVs and SJW PTA mommies.

    In the meantime, independent thinking adults are turning away from ‘news media’, with trust among the critical Millenial segment at the lowest ever, and Pew Research confirming the same, nationwide, with gun rights numbers in the majority and trending higher, and ever more diverse buyers continue to shred sales records, including women, gays, and the tech smart libertarian men in Silicon Valley and everywhere else, especially those disgusted with the progressive SJWs in GamerGate.

    Go Bloomturd! Go Soros! Go Gates, Balmer, Hanaer, and the Steyer twins. Burn rate, baby, burn!

  3. I learned to shoot when I was six. My brothers learned at 5, and so did my cousin. My sister learned at age 6 too. None of us has ever been arrested, been involved in any sort of gun violence, been involved in any sort of other violence other than youthful school fights (which in almost every single occasion wound up with us being friends with the kid we fought with a week or so after the fight) and we’re all in our late 30s and early 40s now. We shot every weekend growing up, AND we all grew up in New Jersey!

    So what did we do wrong?

  4. Didn’t watch it, but it is official: what little respect I had for these people is gone.

  5. Did anyone else notice? Our playwright ends? All his sentences? With a Question Mark? Is he uncertain about his reality?

  6. Smells like desperation, I’m not raising their view count. From the thumbnail looks like NRA could clean these clowns out for copyright infringement though.

    • On the other hand, prog rags love them some “The NRA hates this video SO MUCH they’re trying to censor it!!!1!” headlines. Not even sure if there’s any text after the headlines, and that Vegan McPrius just reads the headline and gets fuzzy inside. Happened with that fake gun store with fake actors and fake guns in NY video I recall.

  7. Choose love over fear…
    Anyone else reminded of Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko…?

  8. Wayne LaPoo? LaPoo?!

    Harumph! What scandal! Millicent, fetch my monocle, would you kindly? The shock of this all has caused the blighted thing to pop right off my eye!

    Whoop, and there goes my top hat!

  9. Oooh ooh I can make something up that is insulting and meaningless as well.

    Shannon Witch leader of moms who desperatly need some action wants to ban guns as a part of her scheme to increase the amount of “action” gotten. She beleives in the “you ain’t seen nothing yet” train of thought that any love is good love, even if it is rape. And by restricting arms from people who could defend themselves she is hoping to encourage that.

  10. There are few anti-gun arguments weaker and more obviously demagogic than the one that we should all lose our human rights and the ability to defend ourselves from violence because five kids a year die in a firearm-related accident in a country of 321 million. Hell no. These death are so rare, it’s almost a literal “if it saves just one life” situation, of course ignoring the cost of the millions of deaths imposing their vision of strict gun control will directly lead to.

  11. They have to make up childish names and metaphors in order to turn the NRA and LaPierre into villains.

    Meanwhile, antigunners are villains in real life. I’d make up some name for Shannon Watts or Everytown to make fun of them and demonize them, but…they’re fascists trying to destroy basic human rights. How can you insult them any further?

    I’ll give them credit for learning form their idol’s Hitler Youth program and targeting the young.

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