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Are there holes in your window screens? Could you stand to bathe a little more often than you really have been? Well if flies are what’s bugging you, Lorenzo has your solution – a volley of buckshot (proportionately speaking) fired at the little buggers from your Bug-A-Salt pump-action gun. It’s also a fun way to season your fries, but we wouldn’t recommend pulling one out at a restaurant.


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  1. Thanks for the h/t, Dan.

    I really enjoyed this little video and the gadget. After digging through thousands and thousands of pages of stories about the recent tragedy, to find this lighthearted little gem made my day. And it’s a brilliant little toy.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Quick, lemme call PETA and report all the murders of innocent flies in this video. I’m sure they’ll get the Fly Equal Rights Coalition all over this.

  3. Gotta get me one!

    Urban wing-shooting for pennies. Ammo available everywhere. No hunting license needed. What more can you ask?

  4. I wonder if it’s illegal in New Jersey. The projectiles are less than 3/8″ in diameter and can technically cause eye injury.

  5. Oooooh… maybe I buy one and pass it off to my wife as an early b-day present to my kid. Haha!

  6. Table salt, eh? Could this be the .9MM about which we’ve heard so much?

    I like it, though, it brings a whole new meaning to wingshooting.

  7. Great idea……………BUT…………. you went to China to have it made.
    Too bad!

  8. Cool concept, kids, but buy one, first. I purchased two– one for me and one to gift. The rifle does not hit hard enough to kill a typical housefly. It will knock them down, momentarily, but they get back up unharmed. I’ve shot flies at point blank (3″–4″) range. It simply doesn’t hit hard enough. Do not plan on killing bees or larger insects, obviously…. I haven’t given the second rifle away. It’s a funny conversation piece but it simply doesn’t work. It turned out to be a big disappointment. I’m a guy who’ll buy some crazy, eccentric gizmo like this, but after waiting a month for delivery it was a big, expensive flop. Save your money, folks.

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