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Holy Empire State Gang Bangers Banging Batman! WGRZ reports that Buffalo, New York’s police department has solved just 10 percent of the homicides in The City of Good Neighbors. And that the city is home to some 55 gangs and 700 gang members — not including members under 18.

Whatever the cause or cure for this gang-related death toll, it seems that “gun violence” is a gang problem. Who knew? Save anyone with half a brain.

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  1. Could it be that the good citizens of Buffalo are being buffaloed by the gangs in the city? Or that “Stop snitching” is the order of the day? Sure appears that way. You get the quality of life in your city by what you tolerate.

  2. Indulge me and follow along with me on this for a moment …

    Politicians and judges in gun-grabber jurisdictions tell us that “public safety” is their primary goal. They also go on to tell us that serfs common folk should not be armed for “public safety”. Finally, those politicians and judges tell us that banning firearms is okay since police provide public safety.

    So, gun-grabbing politicians and judges try to claim that we don’t really give up our safety when we give up our guns because the police make us safe — even if they are only able to capture criminals after the fact but nonetheless take them off the streets. Therefore, gun bans do not infringe on our right to life so those bans are okay.

    Well, if the police in Buffalo have only solved 10% of murder cases in the last three years, isn’t that concrete proof that police most certainly do NOT make us safe? After all, not only did the police fail to PREVENT those murders, they have also failed to remove those murderers from society AFTER THE FACT. Doesn’t this utterly negate “public safety” and “interest balancing” legal arguments?

    • If my previous description wasn’t clear, consider this scenario:

      Suppose that people somehow become enraged at the voting booth and cast their votes to truly harm the public. (I know that is little bit silly, just go with it.) Fortunately, government claims that they can monitor your online activity and divine how you would vote if you were not enraged. So government goes on to ban actual voting at the polls for “public safety” … and tells us that is okay since government enters your vote on your behalf based on their hyper-accurate algorithm which has been monitoring your online activity.

      Of course someone challenges this in the courts and the courts keep upholding the voting ban since government is entering your vote on your behalf and properly hearing your voice. Well, what happens when a whistle blower reveals that government is not actually able to divine how you would have voted, is not hearing your actual views, and is not improving public safety? The courts would be obligated to immediately eliminate the ban on voting at the poles since government was not actually able to improve public safety.

      So, we can now demonstrate that government is NOT making the public safer. Therefore, we can argue that we are LESS safe when we are forcibly disarmed AND police are unable to remove murderers from our midst. That means laws which ban the carriage of firearms makes us LESS safe, and should be unenforceable.

      • Aaand…
        You would be wrong.
        Instead, the whistle-blower would be indicted for making private, secret information public. And, accused of lying (I know two are self-contradicting, but this is government we are talking about here; expecting sense or consistency is beyond dumb).
        So your whole argument fails on its face.

  3. W/E. There are something like 35,000 Latin Kings in Chicago alone. Also, they have a 20-30% rate of charging so it’s not like they’re doing much better.

    • No they’re not…however something unusual is going on. Chiraq went 6 days without a homicide last week. Pick up gangscum,raid and track gunshots may be helping. Maybe Trump threatening does some good…

        • We need to ban rifling and sights on guns. The less accurate the shooters, the better!


      • Willing to go with cold ass weather coming back helping out some. I’ll put my doubts on it holding out, and will say that there will likely be a blood bath come the first warm days in march. Happens pretty much every year, there will be 20-30 shootings in a day. Kinda like spring cleaning I guess.

  4. Ask me how many crimes California’s revolutionary microstamping law has helped solve.
    Maybe Buffalo can copy California.
    Maybe I need a sarcasm font.

    • It may not have solved any but it sure as hell is going to create a lot of new ones should it ever actually go through.

      • Police your own brass, and ‘salt’ the scene with the brass of a ‘business competitor’…

    • In that there are no microstamped guns anywhere in the State (nor are there likely to be), the law could not possibly have solved any crimes to date. And given that the law only applies to semiautomatics and not revolvers, the only effect of the law is to reduce the number of semiautomatic handguns on the market available for legal purchase, but has had, and cannot have had, any effect on the total number of guns in private hands in the state. The foregoing is why the law has a specific trigger, the availability of the technology to produce microstamping handguns; and is also why Kamala Harris improperly certified that the preconditions for the law to take effect had been met.

  5. Chicago went 6 days without a “homicide?” What does that mean, exactly? Are they now using the same criteria for that as does the UK? Only those charged and convicted are counted. Or, they just lie? You think? In any case, I’m not buying it. But, in the long run, I don’t know that it makes much difference. The real problems remain, no matter how they spin it.

  6. I’m sure many anti-gunners don’t look past their ideologically blinded eyes and blame gun violence on the law abiding gun owners who don’t commit crime and comprise the overwhelming majority of lawful gun owners.
    If true facts are known, they will of course show that gang bangers and criminals who commit violent crime using guns as a general rule don’t come by their guns lawfully.
    Police reports detail that the guns recovered during criminal investigations are most often stolen or purchased illegally from other criminals, not the law abiding licensed gun dealers and honest citizens who make up the majority of the gun owning citizenry.
    If the police are going to solve gang crimes they must be motivated, trained, equipped and lead to do so. If they aren’t solving gang crimes, they are missing one or more of those tools. Buffalo is an ultra-liberal city in an ultra-liberal state and one can safely assume in large part there are many impediments of numerous kinds that interfere with effective policing, most emanating from the liberal political environment, rules, laws and leadership created by the city and states liberal elected officials.

  7. Just based on the title of the article, it sounds like a pro athlete’s stats, that has no business in whatever “sport” they are employed. Time to rebuild that or those departments “professionals”.

    • Solved “stats” for homicide equate to “cleared by arrest or death”, what would be very helpful is convictions that correlate to the murders. But I’m sure that would be equally disappointing numbers.

  8. I thought it was close to 100% based on the CSI TV shows I used to watch. Have I been lied to all these years? Next thing you’ll tell me is that the porcelain G7 handgun I’ve been looking for since the late 80s doesn’t exist either.

  9. “the city’s population was 50.4% White (45.8% non-Hispanic White alone), 38.6% Black, 10.5% of the total population was Hispanic or Latino of any race.”
    Just sayin’

  10. Don’t the BSPD know the standard tactics?
    1.) round up the “usual suspects” or
    2.) when you arrest one guy, charge him with everything.

  11. “Who knew? Save anyone with half a brain.”

    Well, I know one person with half a brain who don’t know sheeyit.

  12. If the Buffalo PD was a business and you were hired/paid/fired based on the “performance” of your job, me thinks all the homicide detectives would be part of the fired group.

    • That’s because they aren’t performance driven. They are allowed to extort law taxes (with and without evidence) from the general public which they then use to keep afloat.

      Quite the racket they have going on.

  13. I don’t think the cops care about gang on gang murders. Unless there are collateral casualties they just give it cursory scrutiny and move on.

    • They probably know how the investigation will go.

      “Okay, who saw this go down?”

      (no one answers until one scrawny teenager pipes up)

      “Yo! I saw it all!”

      “Okay, what did you see?”

      “@#$% you and @#$% twelve! I ain’t no snitch!”

  14. My city is a shithole. Gang members are mostly just killing each other. In the east and west side. Honestly I don’t care if they murder each other. It’s mostly crime amongst each other. Very seldomly does it venture out past the “gangs” street corners.

  15. Mr. M is 100% right
    When all of our eye surgeons went to Chicago for the retina meeting I warned them about all the murders I read about there on TTAG
    They laughed at me and said it is safe to play catch with your son at midnight in the street in front of the hotel
    They went out to restaurants and nightclubs with their families and had a great time!
    As long as you don’t go into a bad neighborhood to buy drugs you’re perfectly safe there
    I was amazed to learn that after reading all about Chicago on this site

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