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From Brownells . . .

In response to the standard-capacity magazine ban passed in Washington state, Brownells will donate $2.00 to the Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) for every aluminum Brownells AR-15 magazine sold. SAF is currently planning to file a lawsuit against the state of Washington on behalf of gun owners in the state.

The Brownells Mag Dump donation event lasts through June 24 and has two main goals.

The first is to help Washington state gun owners procure reliable, proven, standard-capacity magazines for their AR-15 style firearms – before the ban goes into effect – to help guarantee their ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and freedoms.

The second is to supply cash to the Second Amendment Foundation that will be earmarked to help fund a lawsuit to be filed against the ban on all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

“Brownells provides the products Americans need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and freedoms,” said Brownells Chairman of the Board Pete Brownell. “We’re proud to partner with groups like the Second Amendment Foundation to help fight for those rights and freedoms.”

The Brownells magazines eligible for the $2 donation include the following:

Grey Magazines

  • #078-000-454 grey aluminum magazine                       $14.99 retail
  • #078-000-595  10-pak grey aluminum magazine       $149.99 retail
  • #430-100-777  20-pak grey aluminum magazine       $243.08 retail
  • #078-000-596  100-pak grey aluminum magazine     $1,399.99 retail

Tan Magazines

  • #078-000-455W tan aluminum magazine                     $16.99 retail
  • #078-000-597 10-pak tan aluminum magazine           $159.99 retail
  • #430-100-778 20-pak tan aluminum magazine           $269.54 retail
  • #078-000-598 100-pak tan aluminum magazine        #1,399.99 retail

To learn more, visit the Mag Dump for Washington page.

About SAF

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.

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      • you still can just send to an address out of state as a gift and then expect a ‘gift’ in the mail a week or so later!

        • Are you kidding? Any of my relatives would insist that it was his belated birthday gift, and I’d never see the magazines!!

    • I have 3 Brownells gray 20s and one fully loaded swelled and would not drop free. Removed one round and it helped so these are 19 rounders or less stored. USGI 20 Mags with the metal follower are the best. Nonetheless purchase a few from Brownells for a good cause.

      Of course sitting around waiting on a court to decide between a right and nasty nice Gun Control is a tossup. That is as long as do-it-for-me Gun Owners and their attorneys continue failing to define Gun Control for the courts by its confirmed history of racism and genocide. Nothing in America ever needed to be on the hot seat in a court more than Gun Control and its baggage.

  1. Or… you can go to the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and donate $25.00 or another amount.

    Or, and people don’t realize this – When you use Bing as your search engine (while signed in with your Give with Bing account), you collect points that translate to actual $$ that Microsot (Bing) will donate to the cause of your choice including the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). When you’re signed in, you’ll earn points that turn into cash for your cause.

    So if you search a lot and want to donate > > and let that search time help the cause some.

    • Thanks Booger, exactly what I was thinking. I like Brownell’s. Done business with them for decades. What they’re doing is a good thing. Join 2AF also. I did when NRA/WLP became known. GOA too. NRA gets squat from me. Except a reply to there email contribution requests, “Fire WPL first.”

    • @.40 cal

      For anyone who uses Amazon, look into AmazonSmiles. 1% of your sales go to a charity you designate from a list of hundreds. When I have to purchase from Amazon, I make sure that I use AmazonSmiles knowing that a tiny percentage of my expenditure goes to support SAF. It gives me a warm glow to think of Bezos and Co. cutting a check to SAF every quarter or however often they pay the designated charities.

      I agree wholeheartedly with Gadsden. Been doing business with Brownell’s for years. Been an NRA member since I was a youth and my Dad gifted me a lifetime membership. Until the Robber Baron and his cronies are dethroned and run out of town the National Rifle Association will not receive a penny more from me. It’s a shame that one corrupt, greedy, vain, swamp dweller can drag down a venerable institution that has done so much good for so many years with it’s safety training programs.

  2. For god’ssakethe BROWNELLS move has absolutely NOTHING to do with the second amendment or citizens rights. It’s A MARKETING PLOY stupid! Just like just about everything to do with sensible gun control measures. And just like the AUTOMOBILE selling UNSAFE automobiles where form and fashion took precedence over function and safety. Until that is the auto industry was forced by legislation to accept responsibility for it’s product They said it could not be enforced. But it was within months and the same thing happened with the introduction of SAFETY BELTS. Until FORD made then standard.

    • “For god’ssakethe BROWNELLS move has absolutely NOTHING to do with the second amendment or citizens rights. It’s A MARKETING PLOY stupid!”

      it’s both.

    • That right sir albert of nuttingham…Brownells and other sellers having to inform the citizens of WA that they, “Cannot Ship To Washington State” shouldn’t be problem that is if it were all about money like your slanderous idiocy contends. BTW…Next time Cap the G you blasphemous atheist moron.

    • Whatever, wannabe Longshanks. Pete Brownell was a long term board member of the NRA, honorably leaving in a public protest of the nefarious activities of LaPierre & cronies, when it was clear the ouster had failed.

      Pete is still active in the fight for our rights, which fefe’s like yourself simply cannot stand. But go ahead and act like you’ve pulled up your big girl panties, when in reality, you continuously soil them. Get schooled piss ant, & gfy.

      Continue on with your false equivalency, but the fact is arms manufacturers are subject to liability if found defective resultant in injury to the operator. Being injured by employment of the business end of a deadly weapon is proper function, get that through your thick skull ‘tard cart…

    • Well, for God’s sake, Albert Hall! We all know that it’s a marketing ploy! ‘Murica runs on marketing! And, so does you Limey Isles, you idiot! Look around you right now, at all the propaganda on television, on the intertubez, on the papers! “Evil Russian Putin eats innocent babies and vestal virgins three meals per day!”

      Get a clue, numbnuts. If people are going to purchase an item, it’s alright for them to choose to support a cause at the same time.

      Hey, it’s even alright to be white, despite all the news media telling us otherwise!

      In other news, it is rumored that the sky is blue . . .

    • Albert Hall,

      So any company/organization that advocates for donations to a cause by the marketing methods available to them “has absolutely NOTHING to do with” the cause or the people who support the cause or the rights of the people who would benefit from the cause?

      “And just like the AUTOMOBILE selling UNSAFE automobiles where form and fashion took precedence over function and safety.”

      Just like? Really? When was the last time “UNSAFE automobiles where form and fashion took precedence over function and safety” were sold with the intent of advocating for donations to a cause related to the second amendment?

      I wonder, what color is the sky on your planet?

  3. So, is it better to have mags with a build date stamped on them as pictured, or for manufacturer to not date them ? I myself think it’s better to let the enforcement agencies do their own legwork.

  4. My prediction is, the measure will be struck down by the 9th circuit, whereupon an en banc review by the entire court will uphold the ban.

  5. One can get a far better deal elsewhere on the internet, then on your own donate the $2 each and still be ahead.

  6. Sadly I live in a state that was taken over by Democrats and I can’t buy any magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. If I could I would definitely participate in this.

  7. Washington State traded the Second amendment for drug legalization back in I think 2012 or 2016.
    Drug legalization brings you people who urinate and defecate in public. Because that is acceptable behavior to the drug legalization crowd. Because in the past they had previously said that people should not be arrested for urinating in public.

    Paul Allen a co-founder in Microsoft and also a big advocate for marijuana legalization. He was also a big advocate for gun control. Because of his efforts, really big $$$, you got legalized weed in Washington State. And gun control. All at the same time.

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