Brownells MCX-Spear giveaway
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From Brownells . . .

Brownells customers will get a rare chance to win a SIG MCX-Spear chambered in .277 Fury, along with a training class hosted at the SIG SAUER Academy, airfare to the class and lodging, and an SLX suppressor – a prize package valued at $9,999.

The contest starts Monday, May 9, and contestants can sign up through May 15 at the Brownells SIG MCX-Spear & Training Sweepstakes page.

The MCX-Spear is the civilian version of the SIG rifle recently chosen by the US Army as the new Next Generation Squad Weapons System to replace the M4 Carbine.

“Right now, civilian variants of the MCX-Spear are very limited in number and almost impossible to find,” said Brownells VP of Marketing Ryan Repp. “This giveaway is a great chance for somebody to win one, and we’re very happy we can partner with a great company like SIG SAUER to offer this fantastic prize.”

The MCX-Spear is an SBR with a 13-inch barrel and comes with an SLX suppressor –optimized for both the Spear rifle and its special ammunition. Both the rifle and suppressor are subject to Federal paperwork and rules under the ATF, and Brownells will cover the $400 for the two required tax stamps.

The .277 Fury cartridge is the same length as the .308 Winchester and has a unique hybrid three-piece cartridge case allowing for increased pressures that drive bullets at high velocities.

To learn more, visit the Brownells SIG MCX-Spear & Training Sweepstakes page.

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  1. Oh , it’s a spear gunm. That’s neat, do they make one that looks like a knife?

  2. The first two comments were funny. But, seriously. I think Brownell’s offer is a good thing. I have reservations about another new caliber, but the weapons platform is something I’d like to learn more about.

  3. What happens if you win, but BATFE refuses to approve you ?
    Can you get a long barreled one instead ?

    • Or worse do a NY compliant version. I am figuring bolt action if I mess with this caliber unless we have some unexpected changes in state law.

    • Exactly why I do not enter gun give-aways. Biggest mistake I ever made and am still flooded with spam emails. I think they do this just to sell email addresses….

      • This is why you have 2 spam email accounts, and rarely, if ever give out your real addy.

        One for business transactions, because selling the dossier they built up on you is big business. See Googles earning statements in an instance for details, which is where the majority of their economic windfall comes from. Or put more simply, by violating your right to privacy, to be more succinct.

        And another for shady websites, preferably using a temp email service.

        • Not at all. Most people have no time for delving into the depths of what it takes to stay anonymous and/or compartmentalize online personas from the real identity in the modern day. Spreading the word in digestible bite sized portions is key.

          Likewise, the majority have no idea just how pervasive that spying is. You really want to know? Get yourself a anti-canvas fingerprinting security plugin. It has two purposes, detecting the otherwise invisible HTML5 added command “GetClientRects” by which the fingerprinting is done.

          Prepare to be amazed, even TTAG is engaged in, and just about every website inclusive of commerce & news are also. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is AI analytics, standard analytics, tracking pixels, referral links, CSS Exfil, Etag tracking, tracking cookies (ancient, not so much used anymore), and more as well.

          That above are all powered by Googles HTML5 web engine, which nearly everything in the world has run on for years now, and is a straight intentionally Orwellian design taken right out of the horror novel by the same.

          On another note, don’t automatically assume someone trying to spread the word to help is attempting to denigrate you.

          Education is a good thing, and being able to effectively evade will make it harder for those coming to steal away your Rights. And most importantly, take the fight back to them from a direction they least expect. None of which can happen if you are a known quantity they are currently watching like a hawk. Nothing quite like giving your enemies a roadmap to your front door, or to wherever your precise geolocation may happen to be at the moment.

          You need not be in intel, counterintel, a hacker, or a unit operating deep behind the lines, though it behooves you to start thinking like one given the current situational predicament.

        • Having to write that a 2nd time due to Cloudflare blocking the 1st I forgot to include the second reason. Canvas fingerprint spoofing. Neutralizes the attempt with digital white noise.

  4. That round might be interesting out of an 18 inch bolt gun, but I see this as a step back to the M-14 since the rifle sans optic and suppressor is already 2+ pounds heavier than an M4 not to mention the weight of the ammo and lower capacity magazines. The troops already carry more weight than previous generations did with plates and technology. New technology in the cartridge, rifle, and optic, plus fielding a suppressor on it. I expect they will end up going back to some version of the M4 due to weight, maybe reworked with a new cartridge even if this new rifle doesn’t have the problems I expect.

    • Agreed. IMHO, they should have switched the M4 and M249 to an existing caliber such as 6.5 Grendel, which would have been a much easier and cheaper switch, just the bolt, barrel, and magazines, and would not have the problems the 6.8 x 51mm (.277 Fury) will have with much heavier ammo, much bulkier ammo, heavier guns, 20-round magazines, and 80,000 psi chamber pressure. If they were worried about bolt life with the 6.5 Grendel (due to the larger diameter cartridge base), they could have made small changes to the M4 upper to allow for a thicker bolt, rather than replace the entire weapon with a gee-whiz-bang Buck Rogers futuristic gun that will cost taxpayers billions and probably blow up in soldiers’ faces due to the 80,000 psi. By switching from assault rifles to battle rifles, the Army seems to be gearing up to copy all the disadvantages of the M14 that made them drop it after just ten years. The US Army is always preparing to fight the PREVIOUS war, this time developing weapons designed to fight in the mountains of Afghanistan, when it’s unlikely we’ll be going back to that “graveyard of empires” that my brother who was stationed there after 9/11 called “Asscrackistan.”

      And they should switch the M240 from 7.62 x 51mm to 6.5 Creedmoor, which is an even easier switch, just a barrel change. Instead, they’re planning to convert the M240 from 7.62 x 51mm to 6.8 x 51mm.

      • If continuous anti insurgent low intensity warfare is the likely norm would absolutely agree on the 240 rebarrel. Not sold on grendel vs arc or just using 855a1 and upgrading the sections of the m4 wearing out faster but something would eventually need to be done. If we start seeing similar equipment (armor and even lower end nvg) doctrine as well as rifles will need to be revisited.

  5. Maybe I’m getting cynical as I get older, but these platform/caliber changes seem engineered to do one thing – keep the military industrial complex fat and happy.

    • Wait till you figure out how much more advanced we made our military equipment compared to Russia because we thought they might become a power only 20 years behind us. China will continue the pattern and realistically personal equipment for soldiers is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Air force and Navy go through as for the Marines………well they are painfully efficient for what they use vs do.

    • Right now, you buy the ammo directly from SIGArms at $2 per round for the 125gr ball and $4 per round for the 150gr hybrid.

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