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Dr. Michael Brown probably didn’t have much expectation of getting any kind of response from Marion Hammer when he published the open letter linked below. He was wrong, though. She responded by, in effect, blaming so-called progressives and gun grabbers for the NRA’s extensive problems.
It is painfully obvious that the NRA’s odd organizational structure was set up for the benefit of one man and his cronies who share the wealth provided by NRA members and donors. The evidence is plainly visible in the way power is wielded and board members are selected. This system was once claimed to protect the NRA from a hostile takeover by gun controllers, but the real intent is now plain to see.
Mismanagement and self-enrichment have been a terrible drag on the main mission of the NRA. It now threatens to completely destroy the organization and leave gun owners relatively defenseless against our opponents. Memberships and donations are drying up as supporters turn away in disgust.
If I and other disenchanted NRA members are wrong about all this, it’s up to the LaPierre faction to show us why we are wrong. Stonewalling and blaming this on the anti-gunners is not working. It just makes your group look more nefarious and out of touch. This path you are on is not going to end well.
It is time for new blood in the NRA leadership positions. I’m asking you and the other members of LaPierre’s faction to resign and give the next generation of gun rights leaders a chance.
– Dr. Michael S. Brown in an open letter to NRA director Marion hammer

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  1. It’s Beyond Time for the LaPierre Faction at the NRA to Resign,along with any and all BOD who recently voted to retain him and his toadies.If he doesn’t leave he will take the NRA down with him but then it’s all about Wayne.

    • This is all such a sad story, really. I – like most others, probably – grew up as a kid and young adult viewing the NRA as a venerable institution representing the gun community. All this crapola that’s come to light over the past year or so has really tarnished its reputation and caused enough angst among 2A supporters that anti-gun politicians have become emboldened. Unfortunately, I have to agree with comments that the only way to save the NRA is to gut it and initiate a complete overhaul. Like an old house that now has mold due to neglect and needs a complete remodel.

      I let my membership lapse, and will consider renewing and sending money their way ONLY if/when I have confirmation that the current leadership is gone, and true 2A-supporting leadership is in charge.

      • “grew up as a kid and young adult viewing the NRA as a venerable institution representing the gun community.”

        As with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, most everyone must find out the truth for themselves eventually. Negotiating Rights Away was never in support of exercising actual individual rights. It steadfastly supported privileges in lieu of exercising those rights. The popular perception of the organization didn’t fit the reality of its historical and current activities.

      • Tom King’s letter, “The Demise of the NRA has been Greatly Exaggerated” is what Marion Hammer sent back to me. My guess is that she did not read my open letter addressed to her, but simply sent out Tom King’s letter as being the party line of the LaPierre faction. They are sticking to their talking points while ignoring reality, much like the gun grabbers they like to blame for their own misconduct.

        What’s funny is that the NRA helped to train us gun owners to resist the cheap propaganda tactics that the gun controllers have used to persuade the soccer moms of America. Now they are trying to use them on us! Well, we are not progressive suburban soccer moms, we are NRA members and lies will not persuade us, no matter how often repeated.

        Dr. Michael S. Brown

  2. It seems it’s time for leadership changes.A new perspective is needed.As a life member I often questioned why the push was never continued for National Right To Carry after it cleared the house.It dies in a Senate committee.No pressure was put on Senate leadership to try to pass this bill.This would have had a positive effect on responsible gun owners and possibly increased our ranks.

    • I got the sense that the NRA really didn’t try all that hard when HPA and reciprocity had the best chance they had in awhile. Then again, maybe it was just a perception, as the votes were not going to happen without a lot of pressure because the GOP is FUDD central. Still, the NRA seemed to always fight harder and scream louder when new restrictions were threatened. Now, they don’t even do that well.

      • The Senate G.O.P has several code pink republicans in it like former Jeff Flakey from AZ and Corked from TN. Now you have Mittens Rhomboid in there along with Murkrapski from Ak. On top of that, Gobbler McConnell wasn’t going to call for a vote on the HPA bill even though it passed The House. Rhomboid is a damn tool.

    • This was the NRA’s reasoning back in the late 1930’s,perhaps not much has changed between then and now.

      “Karl T. Frederick, the president of the NRA, testified before Congress stating, “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons. I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.”

      Please send money;Negotiating Rights Away

      • He was scared of commies and anarchists. The NRA was probably more of an upper middle class organization back then. During the depression, lots of working people likely could not afford to keep their membership.

      • Uhhh…that was 80 years ago. I suspect that much has changed over the last 8 decades….

        • Historically speaking these were/are some of the infringements Negotiating Rights Away are fine with.

          1791: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
          The amendment reads:

          “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
          the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

          After That
          1871: The National Rifle Association was formed by Union Army veterans Col. William C. Church
          and Gen. George Wingate.

          After that, they start going the other way

          The NRA actively supported the National Firearms Act of 1934.
          The NRA actively supported the Federal Firearms Act of 1938
          The NRA actively supported the Gun Control Act of 1968
          The NRA actively supported the misnamed Firearms Owners Protection Act including the Hughes Amendment (1986)
          The NRA actively supported the final version of the Assault Weapons Ban (1994)
          The NRA _proposed_ the bump stock ban
          The NRA is actively supporting “Red Flag” laws at the state and federal level.

        • @ Green mnt boy, The NRA actively lobbied AGAINST the red flag law here in North Dakota, so you’re pushing bullshit that they’re supporting them at state levels.

        • @Green. You are wrong about the way you portray things. Furthermore, the Hughes amendment was added to FOPA to kill it. No one expected it to pass a late night voice vote by Charlie Wrangel acting as speaker in place of Tip O’Neil. Furthermore, The House and Senate was controlled by the Dems. If FOPA failed in 1986, it never would have got by again. However, I guess you would like to go back to signing for ammo including 50 rds of .22LR and not being able to by long guns in other states etc. Even though the feds haven’t enforced it, there is also the intestate travel protections that it put in place. Back to the point, even Hughes was surprised his amendment passed. Also, SCOTUS hammered Miller when NFA was challenged because he died and he nor his lawyer was present to actually present evidence. That means the Miller Ruling by SCOTUS is largely bullshit. The NRA needs leadership change including getting rid of Wayne and having a Board that actually meets and oversees things. That said, you are naive is you don’t appreciate how NRA-ILA has bucked Pete Sheils and the various incarnations of his Handgun Control Inc including its current rendition, The Brady Bunch and various Bloomberg shill groups.

    • I doubt it would have ever passed.

      No way the upper NE States would have allowed it even if it was passed. They would essentially ignore it like other laws, sanctuary cities ect and tie it up in courts for years.

      Would have been an interesting fight to include the 10th and several other Amendments I’m sure.

      • Manse Jolly: Yeah, the MA SJC acts like Heller and MacDonald never happened.

        To borrow from Beverly Hills Cop: La, la, la I’m not listening to you, SCotUS!

    • Not even a goddamn test-vote to get people on record. Even the Green New Deal idiocy got a test vote to get people on record. Dems hold a House test vote on gun control wish-lists almost every week, just like Republicans used to do with their Obamacare Repeal until they grew second thoughts.

      Mark my words; there’s probably about 15 actual pro-gun voices in the Senate, and that’s it. The refusal to do anything to actually *prove* to us that the Republican portion of that body has a majority of members who favor decreasing restrictions –for some 10-20 years!– says it all. The other 10-20 members pay lip service to gun rights, and are content to pull the lever for “do nothing and continue to fundraise” whenever the Dems propose gun control (unless a Republican does, in which case they are right on board with new restrictions)

      The NRA, under Knox, once helped us ferret out these weasels with NRA ratings and voter recommendations. The current NRA seems to support whoever is willing to pay them lip service & increase their perceived prominence (essentially to help them fundraise). I don’t care if we needed his vote to confirm a milquetoast like Kavanaugh, no NRA organization ever had any business supporting Rick Scott for senate, let alone maintaining his A+ rating, after ramming a raft of sudden gun control through Florida’s government after a mass shooting & before elections. If Scott had known he’d lose his endorsement, even mid-election, and go down in flames for supporting gun control, he would have *never* signed those bills. THAT is how effective activism and holding politicians accountable works, but the NRA has been too spineless to perform this vital function going on 20+ years now.

      • During an election cycle, there is not a single Democratic Party senator who would have DARED to vote in favor of getting the bill to the floor. Chucky would not have allowed it. And since the Republicans needed at least nine Democrats to cross the aisle, there was no possible way the bill would have made it to the floor. Why take a vote you know you are going to lose an that would give the Democrats something to crow about as election fodder?

        • “Why take a vote you know you are going to lose an that would give the Democrats something to crow about as election fodder?”


          I seriously wonder sometimes if our side doesn’t deserve to lose everything. WTF. So, you don’t even want to know how many theoretical Senate or House votes there are to support gun rights? This is the only way to know, pal. Failure to do so is how you get a situation like Florida last year, where a majority-Republican House, Senate, and Governor all ‘suddenly’ and ‘without warning’ pass a slate of Democrat-backed gun control…and reap no consequences for it.

          So we’re supposed to vote for these idiots when they don’t pass gun rights, when they pass gun control, and when they don’t even *try* to pass gun control, and barely give occasional lip-service to gun rights & the NRA (who are then happy to fundraise for them)? No wonder they don’t give a shit about us.

          Black folks started to drift from the DNC ahead of Trump’s election because the DNC was abandoning them for Latin folks, and suddenly the DNC is jumping up & down & standing on its head trying to get them back (“look at all these people of color in congress! Look, reparations! Look, special consideration on the SAT! Look at those evul wyte racists! You can’t leave, don’t you dare leave!”). The DNC sure understood what was at stake, the Republicans likewise need to learn they can’t get elected to dog catcher if they don’t do right by the ‘gun vote.’ We aren’t insignificant, we are damn sure numerous enough to swing nearly every election out there, we don’t ask for very much at all, our interests are not counter to other RNC groups’, and it’s time they realize that.

      • The problem was the gun ban activist P.O.S. Bill Nelson. He and former Orange County Sheriff Jerry Deming were constantly pushing semi-auto ban not only in the U.S. but specifically in FL. While I agree Skeletor needs primaried, getting rid of Nelson was a good thing.

    • One reason you don’t want national right to carry is that if there’s an anti-gun administration they can void all national cards in one day. There’s no national driver’s license. The states honor other states’ licenses. Doctors have state licenses, not national. Sometimes there’s reciprocity, sometimes not. The government could halt all international travel by suspending all passports for days…weeks…months…

  3. If this isn’t resolved by the NRA’s 2020 election ballot printing, the ballot should have a binding proposition to keep or fire LaPierre. Let the members decide.

  4. Blind greed and lust for power is what some men live for. LaPierre will never resign and the power structure is such that no one can touch him or force him to do anything and he knows it. While he is hoping this will all blow over the election of 2020 is coming on like a speeding freight train and when it gets here its going to run right over him and his enablers. LaPierre would rather take down the organization along with himself than ever resign. Without NRA money to buy off prostitute Politicians they will simply go where the money is and gun owners are going to have less chance than a snow ball in hell of keeping their guns when the Dems almost certainly take over in 2020. Even the Republicans now realize Trump is a demented narcissistic fool that is taking down the Republican party and driving away the independents that previously voted for him. His uneducated out house racist base is not enough for him to win the election, not by along shot (pun intended). The latest episode of racism is so vile that it is turning even the normally racist Republicans stomachs but they are all too cowered by his power over them to stand up to him and call him out for what he is and that is an evil demented racist monster that reminds one of Hitler. Just as Hitler never visited the bombed out German cities or the horrible concentration camps Trump also has not gone near his disgusting and inhumane concentration camps either. He is a coward and has proven it many times over in his life.

    • Trump is calling out the real racists and they are doing anything legally, illegally or immoral to try and hit him. Article today said most swing voters are voting for Trump over any Democrat that advocates open borders. Trump is crazy, yes, crazy as a fox.

      • He is saying something mildly offensive, and provoking completely unhinged, frothing-mouthed bigoted & racist responses. Yes, he did impugn the congresswomen’s patriotism, but he also provided reasons for doing so.

        Not one thing he said impugned the races or ethnicities or genders of the congresswomen. And Pelosi responds by screeching that he is trying to “make America white again!” Perhaps “white” in the sense that ignorant, racist, unsuccessful black people sometimes describe a successful & productive way of life as “white,” but definitely not in a way that anyone can seriously portray as white supremacist.

        • Remember…Trump’s a master strategist. I firmly believe he does stuff like this to elicit the desired responses from his opponents, and they often fall right into his traps. The new “Dem Squad” consisting of AOC, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib (egad, I actually remember all their names now) defied Pelosi and held a press conference on their own to demand impeachment proceedings against the “occupant of the White House”. And now the whole nation got to hear them stamp their feet and whine that The Bad Orange Man said something about them they didn’t like, and they’re so fragile that they want him removed so they don’t have to hear him anymore.

          He’s playing them like marionettes, and they’re dancing to his tune. Has anyone noticed that we haven’t heard much lately from Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, et al? They’re older and more savvy than the four youngsters, and know what’s happening to them.

        • I Haz a Question,

          He’s playing them like marionettes, and they’re dancing to his tune.

          Alternate description: Trump played them like a fiddle at an Ozark hoedown.

        • Being a troll does not make one a ‘master strategist.’ He’s accomplished very few of his goals, but he sure can light the left up at a moments’ notice. But at least we have a president that is skilled at manipulating the media, if unskilled at governing, rather than the usual type that mostly sucks at both.

        • To Barn Brain

          “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””He is saying something mildly offensive, and provoking completely unhinged, frothing-mouthed bigoted & racist responses. Yes, he did impugn the congresswomen’s patriotism, but he also provided reasons for doing so.

          Not one thing he said impugned the races or ethnicities or genders of the congresswomen. And Pelosi responds by screeching that he is trying to “make America white again!” Perhaps “white” in the sense that ignorant, racist, unsuccessful black people sometimes describe a successful & productive way of life as “white,” but definitely not in a way that anyone can seriously portray as white supremacist.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          Man you really out did yourself on this one. I am sure you did not say it with a straight face.

          One of the most racist diatribes white Racists have used for decades and decades against minorities is screaming in their face and telling minorities to go back to where they came from. I myself agree with one woman that was on one of the political talk shows when she said “I am half German and Italian and I have never had anyone tell me to go back to where I came from simply because I am white.” Its basically insinuating that minorities can never be true Americans simply because they are not white. Its racist diatribe to the 9th degree and everyone in the “real world” damn well knows it.

        • I agree with myself completely. If I say it is 9th degree racist it is. I know because I am a special princess snowflake Vlad Tepes and that is the truth. We are Vlad Tepes and you are not, you are racists. We will take all the guns, you must comply, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. #WeAreAllVladTepes #WeHateOurMommyRealBad

      • Actually think Trump should have just laid back from all this for awhile. It wasn’t necessary for him to get involved in it. Pelosi and the Circular Firing Squad were having a good go at each other, why not just let Pelosi take the heat for being called racist and sit back with a box of popcorn like the rest of us! You can call it strategy, but I think it was just an impulse. He just can’t resist being at the center of a shitstorm. From what has actually been stated that he actually said, I see nothing he said that was actually racist. He did refer to the places these women consider their heritage as shitholes but that’s nothing new, and not incorrect. That is not racist. His one mistake was making a statement that assumed all four were foreign born. He was correct that all four are ingrates, and don’t deserve to live here but he should have been more accurate in his remarks or just let Pelosi deal with it for a change.

        • I think Trump’s taking advantage of the opportunity to let the Squad mouth off and politically distance themselves even further from Pelosi and her Old Guard. Divide and conquer.

        • I think the President said what alot of people are thinking.

          If the US is so gawd-awful then hit the bricks.

          Delta has flights leaving every hour.

          ‘just sayin

        • Yeah… It’s just a coincidence that Trump just got a new rule banning anybody from seeking asylum in the US if they passed through a 3rd country. Notice THAT one on the news?

          Better yet, he’s welded the DNC to the crazy stalinist branch of their party.

      • Nope, Trump’s going to win. He’s got Israel’s backing, you know , the ones who own the banks, insurance companies, electoral college.

      • Barn Brain

        “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Vlad, go back where you came from if you don’t like it here”””””””””””””””””””””

        Go back to Nazi Germany or start a new Nazi State where you would be much happier.

        • We agree with ourselves again. The world needs lots of new Nazi states where we can wear our big girl panties and our mommy can not tell us no because we are a big boy now. We are Vlad Tepes and you are not, we will take all your guns, you will be assimilated, you must comply, resistance is futile. #WeAreAllVladTepes #BigGirlPantiesNow #WeHateOurMommy

    • Dang it! Here’s that urge again to buy another gun every time Vlad posts something with no semantic content! Must resist clicking on CDNN’s site for a Sig trade-in CPO in .40SW….

    • Trump derangement syndrome in full effect , the Democrats better pay attention to their own cards and don’t let these crazy women ruin it for them, ( the Democrats are full-blown liberal socialist )then get voted out, Trump is master of this game, just ask China, Korea etc…..And let’s not forget Wayne fired North right in front of Trump and the world and you’re wondering who’s going to stand up to him?, looks to me like Wayne has all the cards.

    • I am a special princess snowflake so if I call you racist you have to be scared and beg me to forgive you. When my mommy drinks her grownup juice all day long she tells me all the guns are going to go away next time but she told me no again and I want to wear my big girl panties. I hate my mommy.

      • pg2, what you do with you momma’s panties is between you & God, but you should really stop wearing the skins of others like Leatherface.

        • Yeah, I’m thinking of a couple of names that can go. I think there are some basement dwellers that wormed their way into TTAG.

        • Yes! Where’s the moderator? Almost time to move to another gun forum. This is stupid.

      • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””I am a special princess snowflake so if I call you racist you have to be scared and beg me to forgive you. When my mommy drinks her grownup juice all day long she tells me all the guns are going to go away next time but she told me no again and I want to wear my big girl panties. I hate my mommy.”””””””””””””””””””””””


        • You are just jelly because your mommy will not let you buy your own big girl panties with the money I got for my birthday. We are Vlad Tepes, we will take all your guns, you must comply, resistance is futile. And, we hateses our mommies, we hateses them real bad.

        • We are Vlad Tepes and you are not, you are racist. We agree with ourselves again, we are a nut case. We have made many vile, derogatory comments about this website. We do not understand why the moderator will not protect us from ourselves. We will take all the guns, you will be assimilated, you must comply, resistance is futile. #WeAreANutCase #WeAreAllVladTepes #BigGirlPantiesNow #WeHateOurMommyRealBad

  5. Re Dr. Brown’s open letter to Director Marion Hammer: Fat chance that will happen! The only way the LaPierre faction will give up its power over the NRA is to be forced out by a membership rebellion – or be convicted.

    • You mean Director Hammer, who receives $200k+/yrs to serve as a FL lobbyist for the NRA? Why would anyone think that someone with a self-serving cronyism deal would lead the rally against cronyism nepotism, self-serving, and conflicts of interest?

    • I was employed in a 30 year old successful company that was brought down the hubris and arrogance of the management. Consulting was to be the savior of the company and the consulting section was massively expanded. In the late 1990s when conditions for consulting were ideal, the section was subsidized by two-thirds to three-quarters. It never made a profit, much less cover it’s own costs.

      When the most profitable section was sold off, the section which subsidized all the others, the company folded within two years. By that time the staff was down to less that 10% of the peak and most of the main office was sublet.

  6. With all the latest news (the sponsor boycotts, the scandals), I’m surprised he’s still there.

    • Wayne is hunkered down in his armor-plated office, from whence he will write his column for the NRA magazines using Standard Words and Phrases, and never mention the current unpleasantness.

  7. You WON’Tsee a damn thing wrong in the latest American Rifleman. Join your local state pro-gun groups and SAF…

    • It was interesting reading the latest issue. It’s like an alternate timeline where the recent unpleasantness never existed…and probably never will.

  8. With the intransigent behavior of LaPierre and the NRA BoD it seems our best hope to save the NRA lies in the hands of the Attorney Generals of NY and DC. It is my understanding the the NY and DC AG have the power to fire and/or remove any and all of the BoD and Administrators of the organization found to be or suspected of being in violation of the tax-exempt organization regulations and force restructure (including bylaws) or remove the tax-exempt status altogether. Removal of the BoD and Executive officers, along with restructuring of the control mechanisms within the NRA is what is necessary to save it IMHO. Let us hope that if this is to happen, that it happens sooner than later before the gun grabbers realize that they would be doing us a favor by removing the enemy from within and making us stronger in the end.

  9. What is an NRA? These exotic’s sure have some strange names. I will just stick with hunting Bigfoots

  10. It’s hilarious to see you hillbillies falling all over each other. You just can’t see the big picture. Socialism awaits all of you POG and we won’t rest until that day comes. You see, bumpstock bans, suppressor bans, even red flag laws are just the tip of the iceberg. They are just a means to the end for all POG. When the new democratic president takes office in the form of Kamala or AOC, or Michelle, we will show the world what gun control is. A complete and unrelenting ban on ALL GUNS in America. And you all will comply. How will we socialist confiscate those 200+ million guns? The old fashion way. House to house.

    If you’ve been to one of the larger airports recently you may have noticed an increase in K-9 patrols. Every year hundreds of K-9 handlers are trained and soon there will be enough to sniff out every gun in the United States. We will go door to door with the military behind us and if you don’t open the door politely we will kick it down and take all your beloved guns and arrest you. If you own a gun you will be arrested. The socialist will put a reward program in place that will pay “informants” thousands of dollars to turn any gun owner in. Your worst enemy will be your neighbors.

    And, after we take away all you hillbillies guns we are going to take your minds. We own the internet, we own the media, we own the government. The socialist party with the help of our immigrant friends will control the U.S. You will be re-educated and you will comply.

    Your choice is simple. Join our movement. Live on your feet or die on your knees.

    • Maybe you should find someone to relieve a little pressure? While you’re waiting on the NRA to fall and crumble

    • You got that right except, We’re not all hillbillys some of us are River Rats and we will never die on our knees, probably be flat on our backs coughing up the pink frothy, but not on our knees

      • “Cuz you can’t stomp us out and you can’t make us run
        Cuz we’re them old boys raised on shotguns” -Randall Hank Williams

      • Fellow River Rat checking in.

        The first “club” I ever belonged to was called the River Rats. We were very young kids who lived along the river or, as in my case, onboard a boat.

    • Poe’s Axiom (I refuse to call it a law) is strong with this one. Whether intentional or unaware, Vlad Tepid is a caricature. A parody.

      • A fraud, actually. pg2 has been co-opting his name of late so he can talk to himself about wearing panties, or something.

        • I get that trolling can be fun sometime but how genuinely sad is it that someone would spend so much time and effort at it? That is a miserable, empty and meaningless existence that should be pitied. Jesus loves you, nameless internet troll, you don’t have to try to fill that void inside by lashing out at strangers online.

    • And we own our big girl panties and we say when we wear them and the doctor will help mommy stop drinking all that grownup juice when she wears her red shirt and we will take all the guns and turn them into more big girl panties and I want to wear mine now! now! now! I hate my mommy

    • Gun detection dogs? BS. A Australian Federal Police commissioner tried this one on a Senate panel of gun control and didn’t know one of the senators was a registered veterinarian who immediately called BS on such a proposal.

    • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””Your choice is simple. Join our movement. Live on your feet or die on your knees.”””””””””””””””””””””


      • Nu huh, I am the real special princess snowflake Vlad Tepes and you are the unpersonator and management needs to ban you or I will tell my mommy and she will make you sorry after she drinks the rest of her grownup juice and makes all the bad guns go away. My mommy makes me sorry every day. I hate my mommy.

        • It is about time we put a stop to this nonsense. We are TattleTale Vlad Tepes. We will whine and cry to management and take all the guns. Great, now we will never get to wear our big girl panties. #IAmTellingOnVladTepes #IHateOurMommy

      • We agree with Vlad Tepes. We are using our name. We are very cross with ourselves for pretending that we are us. We will take all the guns and all the big girl panties. #WeAreAllFakeVladTepes #WeHateMyMommy

      • We are the real Vlad Tepes and you are not. We control your television set. We will take all the guns. The voices in our head will not be quiet, please mommy please, make them stop, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Mommy will take us to the doctor again for more medicine… mmmmmmmm drugs! #mmmmmmDrugs #HateYouMommy

  11. People who say that the NRA needs to be “burned to the ground” are simply wrong. You simply have to send the existing board members to prison. As far as I’m concerned these people are embezzlers. That is how you can fix the NRA. And the membership can then take NRA and make it what it’s suppose to be about. Protecting 2nd amendment Civil Rights, firearms education, and ownership responsibilities.

    • The NRA should have stuck with teaching kids how to shootzer worn out military rifuls and stayed out of politics

    • People saying that are pretty much all talking about the national offices, which is to say the upper leadership. Can’t say I disagree. Most of the lower level affiliate chapters, even those closely modeled after the national group & loyal lapdogs, can’t do nearly as much damage as the VA higher ups are doing. They can be fixed by peer pressure, imo, but won’t threaten ‘the whole.’

  12. I used to think bashing the NRA was a huge mistake but not any longer. We have a limited time to actually evict the problems and install proper management of this once great organization and make it stronger than before. If or when the democrats get control of the senate and WH they are going to pull a NZ next chance they get and we can’t let that happen.
    The result will be calamitous.

    • Which is why I have been saying for over 10 years now that the NRA is doomed and we need to fix it before it’s too late. Back then people just called me a lefty trying to destroy the NRA and in the last few years they said they didn’t need a new strategy nor diversity because the NRA is strong and doing well as is. Now we are very late to do what we should have done 15 years ago. The elections are here and so are the new generation of lefties ready to finish what their grandparents started. Yet most NRA members still haven’t seen the light.

      There has to be a strong and swift revolt to modernize the NRA for the future. If that doesn’t happen within the next presidency, America will be on the ropes covering up taking shot after shot. The pro 2A guys will be too old and tired (or dead) to continue the fight; leaving a few young ones to fight off the majority/mob and the government on their own.

      • “There has to be a strong and swift revolt to modernize the NRA for the future. If that doesn’t happen within the next presidency, America will be on the ropes covering up taking shot after shot. The pro 2A guys will be too old and tired (or dead) to continue the fight; leaving a few young ones to fight off the majority/mob and the government on their own.”

        I think you covered the age/youth movement in a previous post and what you said is accurate. The socialist party within our government already controls the education system in this country and they are readying this new generation to finally do what needs to be done on a national basis – BAN ALL FIREARMS. Children now are taught to drink soy milk instead of whole milk. They are taught that red meat isn’t a good source of protein. Very soon now the education of our children will give them the option to choose their gender before they enter school. These types of changes are coming within the next 5 years and our new Democratic/Socialist president will be able to enact sweeping changes to the Jethro’s that currently inhabit this country. Without guns, without the means to revolt the Jethro’s will pass into history. Mark my word, 5 years and the Republican party, the Christian collective, and all guns will be gone.

        • You heard it from me first. In five years my mommy will take away all the guns and I will be a big boy and she will let me wear my big girl panties! But I want to wear them now. I hate my mommy.

        • “”””””””””””””””””””””””””You heard it from me first. In five years my mommy will take away all the guns and I will be a big boy and she will let me wear my big girl panties! But I want to wear them now. I hate my mommy.”””””””””””””””””””””””

          This guy is a fake he is not Vlad Tepes

        • You are the fake Vlad Tepes. We have reported us to our mommy. No big girl panties for you! We are the real Vlad Tepes. We will take all the guns. You will be assimilated. You must comply. Resistance is futile. #NoBigGirlPantiesforFakeVladTepes #WeHateOurMommy

    • The threats aren’t that bad. The RKBA is already infringed, right? Worst politicians can do is infringe more. Yawnzers.

  13. I am a life member and I will donate neither my money nor my support to the NRA until the top leadership is removed and replaced. Really, just how well the house is cleaned, from top to bottom, will determine my future support.

  14. I’m coming to the conclusion that something of the following nature, is appropriate and I’m interested in the thoughts of the POG:

    I’m a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and I’m totally dismayed with the current state of affairs withing the organization. Among my primary concerns is the complete lack of candor and transparency as to what is being done to address the situation. It is my sincere belief that the current situation could not have come about had the leadership or the board been properly doing their jobs.

    My proposed solution is a post card campaign from the voting members stating simply, Wayne LaPierre, you are fired. Signed NRA member x_________ and the membership number. I nominate Allen West to take control of the organization for the interim. 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

    If you agree, please forward to other members by any means that you have a available.

  15. How long till the NRA’s debt catches up with it and bankruptcy is declared? I can’t see how any financial group would step in. Very little in material assets.

  16. With the socialists of the Democrat party attempting to quash our republic before the next presidential election, why do so many who claim to be concerned shooters choose to help the Bolsheviks by throwing gasoline on the one organization that creates actual fear in our enemy? Why are they working so hard to ease the pain of the leftists? They never give actual data, only continued accusations borrowed from the New York Times. Who benefits from their drumbeat of no ideas? Who else uses the same tactic in an attempt to destroy and undermine their opponents? Sounds an awful lot like the left is alive and well on this forum.

  17. The NRA is a lost cause. Join GOA and move on. The NRA is a rotten house full of roaches that must be abandoned or burned to the ground. Either way they are not getting my money!

  18. I won’t renew my membership until Lapierre resigns, the board is restructured and their income is made public.

  19. Everyone needs to renew their NRA membership. Just don’t give them any extra money. When you hit 5 years you can then vote in elections. Then vote the f*ckers off the board. I will be at the Nashville meeting next year. It’s just a 50 mile drive. And I will be carrying my pro 2A sign with a statement “vote Wayne and the rest of them off the board”. While open carrying my side arm. Because in Free America we can do that here.

    • Thanks Chris- that is a positive solution as opposed to the typical herp derp “I always said the NRA is bad” on here.

      Many of these commenters seem interested in some kind of pathetic self ego-stroking rather than actually DOING something to support the 2A.

      So here goes: All you mouth-breathers are right, the NRA has been a cabal of anti-Freedom for 150yrs (even though it’s only had a political organization since 1977.) Now let’s infiltrate it and flip to the side of Liberty!

      Feel better? Good, so stop pointing out what we all know, the NRA is broken, since no one cares about your petty justifications, just shut up and get to work helping.

      • I hope I’m not the only one there. I’m not sure the news media can handle a black pro gun owner who is a member of the NRA. And who openly carries guns. (Smile)

        I am the scariest thing in America. And I am the NRA.

  20. Marion is a part of the LaPierre “faction”. She helped usher in the current regime to include Ackerman-McQueen if memory serves.

    So does that mean she’s gonna resign too?

  21. ll admit that I’ve only been a member of the NRA for about 3 1/2 years , but even I know that their stated mission was to improve civilian marksmanship and to help train both civilian and police. When we think about defending the second amendment to our sacred constitution, the NRA has not taken effective sides until the last FEW years.I must agree that that other groups are better positioned to FIGHT for our rights. While I’m not a member I think that GOA or SAF have a better grasp on the battle to keep our freedoms. Who am I ? just a guy who wants to preserve ALL constitutional RIGHTS. Stop this infighting and support who you REALLY believe will defend us and let the NRA keep on being the biggest target the left can concentrate on.
    Probably the only reason that I joined NRA is because I had never heard of the other rights groups….. the gun grabbers have never heard of them as well so just support them for all it’s worth. Who am I ? just another gun owner who needs all of the help we can get!! I send the solicitations back to NRA in their own envelopes with a a note to clean up their act. I don’t have a cleaver pen name so call me…………………..

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