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Nashville police are reporting that Travis Reinking, the suspect in the murder of four people at a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday Morning has been captured.

CNN is reporting that Reinking was found hiding in woods behind an apartment complex where he was last spotted Sunday morning.

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  1. Look like he spent the night in the woods.

    Doesn’t speak very highly of quality of their tracking dogs that ‘lost the scent’…

    • I guess their little patsy failed to keep to playing his part to their liking, so they were able to conveniently “capture” him.

      • Yeah, its a massive conspiracy. It’s most certainly not a crazy man, no, never. It must be a conspiracy of hundreds of people, no leaks, never, their very good at their job. Just me, Mr. Dumbguy sees all.

        Taylor Swift hacking into my phone now, watch out, their going to get me, I better hide now, make sure I don’t wear my pink tutu though, gotta have a coat, probably pants too.

        • Nope, just a harem of crazy guys the FBI keeps tabs on as their mental state degrades into homicidal lunacy, so they can justify their wages by promising to stop the next guy they already have eyes on.

          I wonder if this guy’s father has FBI connections as well, or if people were reporting him for worrisome/criminal behavior since the last summer attempt on the president?

        • I think Hanlon’s Razor applies here.

          Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

          Government is an uncaring, slow reacting, bureaucratic mess. They routinely fail to prevent the preventable, and then suggest the solution for government programs’ failures is to spend more on those programs.

      • Most of the time I can’t tell if comments like this are serious or not. If they are, you are as crazy in your own way as the shooter.

        • These things may, or may not, be orchestrated. Only those without knowledge of history dismiss conspiracy out of hand.

        • Don’t look at the Government failures as a bug, but an opportunity and a feature to petition for even more government.

  2. Why is it that every time you send a liberal into the woods for 24 hours, they come out looking like they got mauled by every critter in there?

    • Though I would note that it is a nice cover for the early start of the ram-a-van seasonal festivities in Toronto.

    • Why is it that every time you send a conservative into the city for 24 hours, they come out looking like they got mauled by every critter in there?

    • Well Serge, he spent the night in the woods with just a pair of pants (no word if they were on his head and no mention of shoes).
      And it probably got chilly out there last night.

    • He’s a sovereign citizen Alex Jones registered Republican, son of a huge GOP donor.

      Is this guy an indictment of all conservatives or Republicans? Hell no, its a nutter guy going nuts, they come in all colors and political stripes, that’s the only label he needs, crazy.

      His dad is the real bad guy, this guy has been nuts for years, but dad kept giving him his guns back, not just once, at least twice, arguably the local cops who arrested him in 2016 threatening a dude with his AR, should have pressed felony charges, and rich daddy should have paid to house him in the padded room, but at this point daddy needs jail.

      • “Sovereign citizens” are hardly “conservative” the are just a more modern version of the same anarchist geniuses that think individual responsibility will suddenly break out in Somalia if “big government” would quit interfering in the “free market”.

      • Was he a GOPE donor? Because the guy tried to kill Trump last year, which suggests a different narrative than the one I keep hearing.

        How many crazy kids mimic their parents’ political leanings, anyway?

        • How can you be trying to kill trump in DC, when Trump is 1,000 miles away in Florida. He didn’t have any weapons on him when the secret service busted him, just a demand to talk to the president. He had some guns in his car, I thought that was a no no in DC without a permit by itself.

          Trespassing in the White House, and he didn’t get prosecuted? Jeez, what’s a guy gotta do to get sent to the funny farm anymore? Has he now crossed the threshold? Gunning a bunch of people down in the Waffle House with you dingus hanging out is a kind far down the loony trail.

        • @ Rick

          . . . if it ain’t ‘that far’ down the looney trail, you can’t move to see down past there without losing your footing.

    • it does look like he fought a fishercat and lost…but wondering also if the police who apprehended him were appropriately zealous in their woodsy take down. I bet that squad car will need a good hosing out. First thing crazy stops paying attention to is hygiene and it looks like he was trying to join a wolfpack.

  3. Huh? When conservatives go into the city, we rent these things called “hotel rooms”… I know, it’s an odd custom not crashing on your stoner buddy’s couch with the bed bugs and crust of old cheezy poofs.

  4. In light of recent events, Pennsylvania candidate for Governor , Laura Elsworth just stated in interview on WHP 580 AM , that she wants to — ” LOOK AGAIN AT AN ‘ Evil Gun BAN ‘.


  5. The shooting happened just 1200 miles away from me, when I was asleep. Scary stuff. I am planning to write a book.

    • I have been to Nashville. So does that qualify me to be a mass shooting survivor? You know like the Hogg kid?

      • No. You’re already dead from one of the 100s to 1000s of mass shootings that happen in America every day. We all are, actually.

    • Ate at a waffle house in TN 2 years ago no where near this crime so I’m qualified to comment on CNN as a former waffle house customer.

  6. Question: Why are we giving notoriety to this evil nut when we could be honoring James Shaw Jr. as a hero for bringing an end to the shooting unarmed. He richly deserves a hero of the day piece.

    Second order of business: We need to pass the hat and buy him a handgun with some nice engraving to memorialize his bravery and put him in a better position to deal with such circumstances should they arise again.

    Any Nashville FLL want to step forward to coordinate?


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