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Waco Shooting (courtesy

The Associated Press has “reviewed more than 8,800 pages of evidence related to the May 11 confrontation [at the Twin Peaks bar in Waco, Texas], including many police reports, and viewed dash-cam video and photos and listened to audio interviews.” That would be some of the evidence protected from public view by a judge’s gag order. Indicating that the Waco Powers-That-Be want to get the cops’ side of the story out before the gag order’s lifted, an “alternative” version of the Waco homicides emerges and the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device. Think I’m a tin-hat wearing anti-cop cynic, and this late Friday info dump is just coincidental timing? Here’s the AP’s take . . .

Back in June, Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said three officers fired a total of 12 shots, but police have never said whether those bullets struck anyone, fatally or otherwise.

Officer George Vrail was assigned to a special detail to cover the meeting and wrote in the incident report that he saw two officers during the shootout who “had multiple suspects down on the ground.”

The officers told him they had been “engaged” by gunfire as they got out of their marked police car. Both of them returned fire and “struck multiple suspects with their patrol rifles.”

In his portion of the incident report, officer Keith Vaughn wrote that another officer spotted a man shooting into the crowd and told Vaughn that he fired one round “to stop the individual from shooting anyone else.”

While this is the first time the Waco police have admitted that police rifle rounds hit bikers, there’s still no word on how many bikers the cops’ bullets injured or killed – despite the fact that the Waco coroner has had that information for months. As the CBS version of this story says ” it remains unclear whose bullets struck the dead and injured.” What more (or less), the AP’s report says nothing substantive about the dash-cam videos, which seem a little . . . lacking.

The trove of evidence — expected to be presented to a grand jury — includes dashboard video of people fleeing the scene while shots ring out, audio of police threatening to shoot people if they rise from the ground and photos of bodies lying in pools of blood in the restaurant parking lot.

So they’ve seen dash cam video which doesn’t show any police shooting or, for that matter, the run-up to the turkey shoot incident. Does that seem like anything approaching a complete or even independent accounting of the police interaction with the bikers, or the evidence gathered after their deaths? The only thing “new” here: a regurgitation of the official police version and a glimpse at two officer’s reports, which is, after all, their side of the story.

Consider my credibility stretched. If nothing else, when was the last time you heard about a police officer firing a single round – unless it was a head shot and he saw it connect? The Waco biker massacre coverup continues . . .

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  1. A late Friday press release always tells you that they want something to go as unnoticed as possible.

  2. No no, Ted Ulsomethinorother has it on the HIGHEST authority that all of those shot totally had it coming. Because reasons. Also, the rule of law doesn’t matter anymore and if you’re in any way associated with a group that he doesn’t like then you’re automatically guilty.

    • Cops vs Everyone (except the Velvet Press); expect it to get much worse, until citizens realize they are bankrolling their own oppression.

  3. I’ve pretty much reached the outer ambit of my interest in this story.

    Don’t drug trafficking biker gangs kill each throughout the year, anyway, like black drug gangsters do? Yet, we’re glued to this story….why……because some may apparently have been killed ( in the course of their own shootout) by police?

    *Yawn* Can’t we just march a couple blocks, send some indignant tweets with snarky hashtags, and finally be done with it?


    • Hey, calm down! I’m with you! Anyone the copsters want to eliminate from our society is A-OK to me… after all, it’s not like bikers pay taxes or anything.

      You stupid bastard! You can’t even imagine you’re signing off on your own oppression.

    • ” in the course of their own shootout”

      Well, therein lies the crux of the interest in this story.

      What actual evidence have you seen that there actually was a “their own shootout”?

      The official version of this story stinks to high heaven. And, I say that having logged my share of time as a direct party to quite a few homicide investigations…including shootings where multiple parties fired multiple shots at multiple other parties.

      This thing stinks.

      Now, if the evidence supports the official version of events, why the gag order? Just release the data and the speculation dies.

      The gag order itself does not “prove” that anything untoward has happened, but you have to admit, the ‘totality of circumstances’ here sure points to something unseemly.

      The gag order, the ridiculously high bonds, the coroner’s details that are MIGHTY suggestive (at the least) of single shot kills with rifles and a few other fun facts sure do make one ask some serious questions.

      You want to rake them under the bus because they were bikers? Beware of that attitude. “Gun Owners” are almost as vilified in the public consciousness as biker gangs; it’s not much of a leap for tomorrow’s story to be about one of us just for being a 2A supporter.

      Or another Vicki Weaver…

      • I’m a Northern California boy and I’ve been drinking with 1%ers in shitty roadhouses for as long as I can remember. Now, Texas boys might be different, but this is the last venue anyone I know would choose for a bushwhacking or any kind of armed confrontation. A mall on a weekend day? That score is 100% going to be settled somewhere alot more discreet than that. Hell, I doubt there was any real serious drinking even going on yet since everyone had to run the gauntlet to GTFO. Even fistfights would be heavily discouraged, with real consequences later on I’m guessing. No one is going to Twin Peaks to conduct any kind of business IMO.

        • “Bidnize”. Whet “bidnize do the biker scum “conduct”?

          You’re not familiar with “stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things” gets you hurt? That certainly would include at the top of the list “drinking with 1%ers in shitty roadhouses” Grow up and live long.

          Pretty sure in this contect the “1%” would be the sillyass investment banker with the sillyass doo rag and black leather and sillyass $30000 Harley POS who couldn’t find the plugs.

    • So you have proof beyond all reasonable doubt that ALL of these citizens were “drug trafficking biker thugs”?

      I’d love to see it.

  4. How many went down from very well placed shots? Reported
    How many went down from rifle caliber rounds? Suggested
    How many of those types of wounds could have been created running with pistols? Hmmmmm
    The stalling with what should be investigated and confirmed information inspires fears of coverup.

  5. Their own shootout? Still not one shred of evidence to support this was anything but a State organized massacre of it’s perceived enemies which never did any harm to it… Because losers? Because drugs? Because guns? None of those so-called “justifications” actually justify murdering these people as the State very obviously did, no matter how little you think of them…

    The lives of this judge and the cops are demonstrably forfeit, it only remains for them to be properly executed for their actions. Which will never happen.

  6. Of course they did. It’s all very simple.. Make the gag order long enough for most of the public to forget, spin a story meanwhile, to turn most that haven’t forgotten against the victims.

    • Well it’s Texas, don’t you know. And Waco, of course. Things like this can percolate along for awhile until some seriously good lawyers show up and then they rather quickly fall apart. Knowing that this what most likely is going to happen, you have to wonder what the prosecutor was thinking. Defense lawyers are loving this case. If the prosecutor, judge, and sundry Waco cops survive this without going to jail themselves or at least losing their careers, I’ll be surprised.

      I’m betting the bikers in jail were smart enough to dummy up and say nothing to the DA’s office. If they didn’t talk, the DA’s probably looking for a way to back out of this.

      • No it’s just Waco being Waco again. Texans know its a squalid, corrupt blight of a city known for mass murders and cover-ups.

        • The times I’ve been there I kind of liked Waco–one of the best hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants I’ve ever found, home of the last Underwood’s Bar-B-Q buffet, kind of a Ft. Worth-y look to the whole place–But I’m afraid you’re on to something there, McClennan County has had DA troubles forever. Looks like they still do.

        • Has been years since I spent much time in the SW, but it is hard to image any difficulty finding great Mexican cooking at a hole in the wall and while still avoid “stupid places”. Someone closed the Southern border and cut off the supply of Mexican home cookin?

  7. I have ridden over 500,000 miles and have facial hair, and I hate loud pipes but not the bikers. I hate injustice bigotry more. I am a life member of the NRA, DAV, ABATE of California and the BMW motorcycle club. I am a veteran and a Presidential candidate. After you elect me I will put NCIS to work finding the truth and there will be no gag order and those responsible for the cover will be held accountable. Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

  8. I have a hard time believing police only shot 12 rounds during what was described as “minutes” long ordeal in the AP’s story, especially with at least 3 different police officers saying they popped off shots.

    • If it’s true they fired 12 shots total, the only believable reasoning is carefully aimed rifle fire – against stationary targets.

    • Given the behavior of cops all over the country in live-fire incidents, reports of “only” 12 rounds expended sound implausibly low – even for one officer.

      That they claim this round count came from three officers? OK, now I’m dropping the BS flag.

  9. I thought it sounded like there was actual reporting going on, to be honest. It might not be the Watergate reporters but it’s better than what we’ve had so far.

  10. Do you really think, that the facilitators of the first massacre of children would be convicted and sentenced because of a grown up massacre, especially when involving outlaw bikers!
    Do you really think this is over if a Waco policeman is convicted,

    • In all fairness, I’m not sure how the local law in Waco “facilitated” the Mt Carmel massacre, if that’s what you are referring to. Seems to me the Feds went to some effort to go around the locals in that case.

  11. The anecdote about everyone raising their hands is just too cute and just that. A lie.

    Emily Schmall wrote this and all she has done from day one is vomit up the LEO’s version of what happened

    Everyone please remember that this was a Political Action Meeting. A political group that the DPS and ATF wanted disbanded.

    If the AP wanted to, they could actually run a line by line of what we all know happened with the various testimonies.

    Chief among them, that the LEO’s could have prevented what they testify that knew was coming. All they had to do is want to prevent it. They had the power, and those powers they use on a weekly basis.

    Then the AP could do a critique on what has been posited as “probable.” The probable is that the LEO’s involved fomented a riot between to clubs for political purposes. After all, they could have prevented it if they had WANTED TO PREVENT IT.

    If everything that the LEO’s say is true, then they are responsible for not preventing the violence.

    If everything that they LEO’s say is true, then show us all every one of the videos that the LEO’s have been sitting on for four months. That includes the special surveillance cameras the ATF mounted on poles the day before the violence.

    The LEO’s (Law Enforcement Organizations) were gathered at the scene well before the violence erupted.

    Several days before the ATF erected “Pole Cameras” near the front door and the patio area of the restaurant.

    The AP hasn’t been shown those videos.

    In fact no one has seen any video courtesy of the LEO’s. The video that the AP saw was courtesy of the Twin Peaks franchisee.

    The largest Law Enforcement Union in Texas was on hand hours before the violence with supplies sufficient to last the officers during a protracted siege.

    The Justice of the Peace that wrote those arrest warrants was on hand hours before the violence. He was encamped with the LEO’s. No word on when those arrest warrants were prepared.

    According one eye witness; a member of the Cossacks MC in Waco; the Waco PD contacted members of his club and asked that they attend the meeting. According that witness, the Cossacks had not planned to attend prior to that.

    The only good; but not great; publication for what happened and most importantly WHY it happened, is a short story on Amazon. “The Waco Texas Biker Massacre” gives a story that could well be true and one that every biker and nearly every citizen of Texas knows could be true.

    It is my belief, based upon decades of experience, that no one at the Twin Peaks was there with the advance intention of killing anyone else. I believe that the LEO’s were there to foment a riot and then use that riot as a pretext to arrest everyone present under the draconian state laws for organized crime. Then something went wrong and the scene devolved into a living hell for everyone there.

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