Texas A&M Commerce Shooting
Courtesy NBC News and Twitter
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By Associated Press

Two people were killed and a third person was wounded after a shooting Monday at a residence hall at a university in Texas, police said.

Students and employees were told to shelter in place as a precaution after the shooting Monday at Texas A&M University-Commerce. The university said there were three gunshot victims at its Pride Rock residence hall, and two people were confirmed dead.

The third person was taken to a hospital. Classes have been canceled for the day.

Commerce is about 65 miles northeast of Dallas.

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        • It is all about the timing. The momentum has to be kept rolling at just the right pace. Too many incidents and people will get suspicious. Too few and people will forget.

        • Reports are saying two women dead and a toddler in critical condition and they aren’t looking for suspects. Most likely a (TRAGIC) murder suicide. I hope the child survives..

  1. In other *Breaking News*, Rush Limbaugh has announced he has stage 4 lung cancer.

    Watch how loud the Leftist scum will *Cheer* when hearing this…

    • Awww…with all the impeachment BS I haven’t seen or heard anything(or a Texas shooting). I occasionally listen to Rush in my car. I wish you well Rush!

    • Cigars.
      Fidel’s Revenge.
      Even with half his brain tied behind his back El Rushbo should have known that.
      He has a new Contract though, so I don’t give a damn if they wheel him in on a gurney or down by a rope everyday, he had better do his show, I’ll be listening.

      • Yes, I did have “Die, Ruthie Die” as a part of my nick, but I wasn’t the one claiming to be holy. Already the naked hate towards Limbaugh is starting, and it’s coming the ones who claim to be steeped in kindness and compassion towards others different than themselves.

        Oh, I sure am gonna have me some *fun* calling out the hypocrisy from those assholes… 🙂

        • So what you’re saying, in the words of Rush Limbaugh, is that Rush Limbaugh is going to soon “assume room temperature”, right?

          That’s really too bad, he won’t be able to buy and sell Lortabs any longer, bummer. And I guess his doctor shopping is over now, sad.

          And he probably won’t be going on any more homosexual tour trips to Central America, carrying Viagra prescriptions in somebody else’s name.

          Maybe once he’s gone, character will matter again.

    • I mean… it’s not like a lot of people on the right don’t cheer when people on the left are sick. I was a little disgusted by how many people I saw cheering when Jimmy Carter announced he had brain cancer.

      Just gotta ignore the ghouls, I guess.

  2. Gun free zones are death zones. People who want to kill others are attracted to gun-free zones like flies to honey because they know they won’t be opposed. The dirty secret of gun-control ideology is that it tacitly accepts the high body-counts that always happen in gun-free zones. Shooting people is a bloody minded business that can only be effectively opposed by other armed people who can defend themselves. The police ain’t coming.

        • “Not today they arent. How quickly will that change…”

          Likely the end of campus carry in Texas, then everywhere else; even if the shooter was not legally in possession of a gun.

          This episode will remove any concept of rational thinking.

        • Nothing will quickly change.
          The Texas legislature meets only for 140 days every other year. The next session will not be until January 2021 for laws that would go into effect in September 2021.

        • But it will change when the state turns blue from brown people flooding the state.

        • No, it won’t. First, brown people aren’t flooding the state. Immigration from south of the border is actually down in the last few years. Second, by the second generation, they vote just as Republican as everyone else, depending on their district. Next, history over the last several decades have shown that, as the Hispanic population has increased in Texas so has the free exercise of our 2nd Amendment rights. Finally, it’s predominantly white people from the coasts moving to Texas that are adding Democrat voters, not Hispanics. Turning Hispanics against Republicans, while white Democrats are poring in from the coasts, is political suicide.

      • Downunder over the weekend we had a mass vehicular homicide. 7 children struck by a drunk driver. 4 dead and 3 injured. Already calls for absolute zero BAC for drivers, despite this being a biological impossibility.

      • That’s mass murder. https://www.rand.org/research/gun-policy/analysis/essays/mass-shootings.html There doesn’t seem to be a standard definition for mass shooting. Some include any injury, fatal or not, of 4 individuals. That means that during a shooting, 4 people can trip and get hurt due to the fall and it’d count as a mass shooting.

        Definitions can change to support whatever narrative is of interest. The trick is to give it an official sounding name that people can make presumptions on and run with it. Kind of like 25 year old “children”.

        • Yes, there is a standard definition for a mass shooting — the FBI has used it consistently for well over 40 years. It’s filed under mass murder because that’s exactly what it is: mass murder (or an attempt at it) by a specific method.

  3. The shooting victims and their families are in my prayers. This is a horrible thing for a family and community to endure.

    • The other shooting occurred at an entertainment facility outside of town. There may have been some Commerce students in attendance. No direct connection to the school.

  4. Right on time. The Dems are about to loose on removing Trump, so there’s another shooting. Happens every time the Dems fall on their face.

    • Shootings are common in America. Mass shootings are increasing under Trump. This is normal now. Every month there is going to be a mass shooting and every week there will be a shooting somewhere.

        • There has been a mass shooting on Greyhound bus. Six passengers shot with a 9mm handgun: 1 dead, 2 critical, 1 major, 1 moderate, 1 minor.

          The shooter was disarmed by passengers then thrown off the bus. He had multiple magazines. The man was arrested after the bus drove to a gas station for help.

          The bus has security cameras on board but so far no news on whether they captured the mass shooting.

        • That’s not even the murder capital of America. It’s the place most white males focus on to make the argument against gun control, but there are other states with less gun control and a higher murder rate. It’s kind of like gun control, or lack of it, doesn’t really change the behavior of society.

      • “Every month there is going to be a mass shooting…”

        Only if you use the progressive propaganda definition of it, which means no, there aren’t going to be monthly mass murders, or even mass woundings, as you and the progbots would have us believe.

  5. I read that this was a freshman dorm . . . if this was a freshman, he/she is likely 18 or younger. Can one get a concealed carry license in Texas if under 21?

    • I’m really, REALLY hoping this is just poorly written sarcasm. You know, because Trump is responsible for 300+million people’s actions.

      Assuming you’re being sincere, Obama let a kid go into Sandy Hook and shoot small children. He also allowed a racist white kid to go shoot black folks at a church. Terrible, just terrible fault of policies and politicians.

      • Just ignore the TTAG trolls. Most are easy to spot, they pop in with new usernames, and usually blame Trump, racism, classism, wage/wealth gap, conservative values………….The list goes on.
        Most are just Soros/Bloomburg/Sanders/Demanding Mommies (with basement dwelling college grad toddlers) shills, upset over how the impeachment wound up in the Senate. Trump 2020!

      • There’s a legitimate connection between Obama and the MSDHS shooting. He instituted policies to encourage schools not to send high school troublemakers into the criminal justice system. Without a record, one with a history of threatening behavior was able to legally purchase a gun and shoot up his alma mater.

    • No trump is to blame.

      We were promised a wall that Mexico would pay for. Somebody’s doing the raping.

      $20 bet says this a Mexican.

  6. They had a sponsored off
    Campus Halloween party 2019, a didtdu nothing sold some fake x, so a “bad” hombre went to his truck retrieved a pistol and shot the place up for no good reason. We need free
    College for everyone just saying

  7. This incident must not fit the main stream media format because there is an almost total news blackout.

    • So true.
      I just got off a phone call with a friend in San Antonio. He had no idea there was a shooting at A&M today. Just like the school shooting in Cali a few months ago, done by some “gender fluid” or trans students (one born male, the other female) so the media didn’t cover it non-stop for days/weeks.

  8. Wait ! What!
    Can’t be, it’s against the law to have a gun in a gun free zone. They must have been stabbed, or, hit with a spoon. We need some more laws. Don’t seem like the laws we have against homicide and all the laws against theft in all it’s forms, are working. Maybe 25 or 30 more laws will put a stop to all those crimes. I know what will stop a lot of those crimes. Make everyone responsible for protecting themselves and their property. Start passing out a thousand dollars to anyone who shoots somebody that is endangering a life, or, is in the act of stealing or damaging property. Make it two thousand if the perpetrator is killed and/or has/had a prior arrest for the same type offense. Stop incriminating decent people for doing what ever is necessary to prevent a crime against them or their property. If you think being shot to death for stealing a candy bar or bike is too harsh my suggestion is don’t steal.

      • JWTaylor Texas campuses are partially gun free zones. Only those who have a license to carry in Texas can possess handguns in physical buildings on the campus of an institution of higher education. I saw another post about under 21yr olds and LTC eligibility, the only exemption is for active duty military who are at least 18yrs old. The age requirement alone makes the probability of the shooter being an LTC holder extremely low.

        • State owned campuses are not partially gun free zones. They are not gun free zones at all. Any LTC holder can have a gun there. It’s the same as other state owned property or any privately owned building without specific 30-06, 30-07 signs. 21 year old students, parents, RA’s, visitors, anyone with an LTC can legally have a openly or concealed firearm there.
          I don’t think anyone is arguing the shooter had an LTC.

  9. White people- you really need to start true costs of diversity.

    If you can make the mental leap that somehow “guns save lives”, then you can see the negative externalities of integration, immigration, and diversity.

    Nb4 I believe in the first and second amendments. I have a right to say “Jews control the media” and I defend that right with my AR15, DIAS, solvent trap, level IV body armor, pvs14 and an IR laser mounted on both my rifle and FN Fiveseven loaded with EA T6B.

  10. What’s the point of posts like this? Each day theres a shooting like this. These stories don’t show up in my newspapers. Why post them here every day? I like the gun and gear reviews here but a shooting of 2 or 3 people isn’t news or important.

    • Then why you read about them and use your valuable time to bitch about it. As an important a person as you I would not think in all fairness to the world you should squander it so.

      • Great job of ignoring my question and making a personal attack on me. Do you even read the articles? JWT corrected your misstatements in previous comments. Why don’t you troll some other site.

        • Oh my bad, you had a question in amongst the bitching. How could that be? You know everything and never make a mistake. And if I am your definition of a troll, you just made your first. Because in 76 years I didn’t know you existed and now that I do I could actually care less. Byeee.

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