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Two police officers in central Iowa were shot and killed Wednesday in a pair of ‘ambush-style attacks’ . . . The first shooting occurred at 1:06 a.m. when an officer in Urbandale, which is part of metropolitan Des Moines, responded to a report of shots fired, Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesman for Des Moines police told The Washington Post.

The officer was shot while sitting alone in his patrol car at 70th Street and Aurora Ave., next to Urbandale High School. He was pronounced dead on the scene, Parizek said.

About 20 minutes later, Des Moines police officers responding to the shooting of the first officer came across a patrol car at Merle Hay Rd. and Sheridan Dr., an intersection about two miles away, where they found another officer with a gunshot wound, according to Parizek. The officer, who was among those responding, was transported to the Iowa Methodist Medical Center, where he too was pronounced dead . . .

“They clearly were just seated in their cars when they were shot,” Parizek said. “The best they can tell from the scene there was no interaction between them and whoever did this.”

Asked about the dangers that face police officers during last night’s press conference, Sergeant Parizek became angry. “These guys were gunned down, sitting in their car doing nothing wrong,” he said. “There is a clear and present danger to police officers right now. There’s definitely danger out there right now.”

Des Moines police immediately mandated two officers per patrol car (as in LA). It’s only a matter of time — and money — before police unions demand doubling-up (a.k.a. “contact and cover”) as standard practice.

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  1. Meanwhile, another one of those useless liberal organizations (with tax exemptions and taxpayer subsidies) gave an award to the welfare whore who started “black thugs matter”. No, I will not give the org publicity by mentioning its name. Enough is enough. Time for a law enforcement president instead of a community organizer in the Whitehouse.

  2. Hint to cops: while deliberate murders of cops are still rare and isolated events, just sitting in a parked car makes you a possible target. Either go out and do something, or admit you aren’t doing anything and park your ass in a well lit donut shop with a walkie talkie.

    Doubling up in parked cars?
    Great, now they can talk to each other and really let their situational awareness go down.
    Are we forgetting what happened last year back east, when some clown managed to walk up to a parked cruiser and kill two cops?

    • Oops, the two NYPD officers were killed in Brooklyn in 2014

      Somebody tried it at a traffic light in Vegas last year, fired 3 shots, managed only to shoot one officer in the hand.

      The fact remains, doubling up in squad cars is not the solution to the problem.

    • But actually leaving their patrol cars would increase the chances of them not going home at night…. and we know they can’t allow anything to keep that from happening.

      • Demand that liberal prosecutors and judges lock up the thugs they catch. Get the lawlessness off the streets and maybe there won’t be near as many thugs gunning for them.

        • Cops have been targets in their cruisers for many decades. The bright ones park in such a manner that getting the drop on them is difficult.

          This inherent risk is part of what LEOs voluntarily sign up for when they accept the badge. Just like the trash-truck dudes understand they may fall off the back of the truck and die.

    • Back when I lived in a city we would stumble across cops sleeping in their cars under bridges, behind shopping centers and in cemeteries.

      It was just a sleeping cop, often with windows rolled down and doors unlocked, and us standing there staring. We could have cut throats and stolen their equipment without witnesses. At least once a week we’d see this walking around the city.

      For all the “get home safe” and itchy trigger finger nonsense they tout around some sure as hell don’t seem to give a rats ass about living though their shift.

      I have more situational awareness on the toilet than the typical beat cop has when he’s out and about.

    • Yea, I’m thinking if I were a beat cop I’d keep mobile as much as possible. It’s a lot harder to hit a moving target let alone plan and execute an attack on someone randomly driving around town. Maybe coordinate doughnut runs with other cops too.

      • Lot harder to kick back and take a nap without being noticed, or sit back and spend an hour or two dicking around on your phone when you’re staying mobile though….

    • A few years ago a man walked into a restaurant in Tacoma area and shot three (I believe) officers having lunch. And not too long ago we will all remember the two officers shot in Las Vegas while having lunch.

      Doubling up only works if at least one officer is on lookout at all times. Maybe not even then if the attack is sudden and done by a group instead of a lone shooter. By the way, I hear that SKS’s and AKs have pretty good range.

      You want to prevent cops getting murdered? Identify the people who are violent felons, arrest them, convict them, and DON’T LET THEM OUT AGAIN.

      • “You want to prevent cops getting murdered? Identify the people who are violent felons, arrest them, convict them, and DON’T LET THEM OUT AGAIN.”

        That was part (a). Part (b): stop arresting, imprisoning, and killing people for “contempt of bureaucracy”.

    • That thought occurred to me too, somebody might have had every moral right to kill both of them.

      But it seems highly unlikely that such a person would be lucky enough to get two perps in one hour.
      Usually the most feasible explanation is the correct one. He might have had a legitimate beef with the department, but unless proven otherwise, I’ll continue to assume the dead were merely targets of opportunity.

      • Des Moines is a rather small town in the middle of nowhere. Sorta.

        Still, they have money to buy drugs. As that is the case, it is entirely possible that these were the couple of cops in the dept. that were up to their eyeballs in protection, delivery, whatever. I’d wager that most depts have at least 1 guy on a dealer’s payroll, if only to cover his own habits.

        That said, until there’s some actual evidence of that, or anything else, I’ll chalk it up to random violence against cops.

  3. If this continues the soccer moms and scared white people will vote in large tax increases to put more cops with more equipment on the streets.

    Or, like after 9/11, we’ll see troops patrolling the streets.

    • I also have to wonder if this an intentional act which serves as another diversion from the criminal actions of the Hillary political machine.

  4. Cue the gun ban crowd in 3, 2, 1…

    Oh, wait, the victims were cops? The anti Gunners will go back to sleep then. They only get mad when a non black shoots a black man.

  5. Bet the shooters were good boys with no criminal history… just ask their mothers. Truth in sentencing, don’t let the violent offenders out. Wonder how long it will take some the POTUS let out to get back in the game. Wonder how their thug funerals will look compared to the send-off the officers will get? I believe in rehabilitation, but maybe some don’t deserve the chance. Again.

    • Big difference between hating cops and wanting to see them shot dead. But I also recognize that police work has inherent risks. Voluntary risks that cops accept when they accept their badge. They simply just scare me.

  6. “There is a clear and present danger to police officers right now. There’s definitely danger out there right now.” — Des Moines Police Sergeant Parizek

    And there is a clear and present danger to We the People right now if we fail to cow-tow to every whim of police and the ruling class.

    Maybe police would face less danger if they started representing the interests of We the People.

  7. You mean two people whose occupation consists of highway robbery, enforcing gun control laws, kidnapping people who possess plants, and violent assault of anyone who doesn’t go along with everything their politician bosses say – all paid for with money stolen from you and me – have been killed? Pardon my lack of outrage and surprise.

    The real outrage is that these two people were convinced that every unjust, immoral act they committed was justified because calling something “the law” exempts it from moral scrutiny, and that ignorance of this serious logical inconsistency made them public enemies. And who could blame them? Nearly everyone has been taught from birth to think the exact same way.

    • The cops are getting it from both ends of the spectrum. They think it’s bad now!?! Just wait until after the election.

  8. “They clearly were just seated in their cars when they were shot,” Parizek said. “The best they can tell from the scene there was no interaction between them and whoever did this.”

    So “shot” is a bit of an undestatement, then. It sounds like they were assassinated.

  9. California LEO shot and killed in the line of duty.
    …by another California LEO who had a ND while they were playing Show and Tell with their BUGs.

    We need a law to prevent these unsafe handguns from being sold in California!
    What’s that? We already have a law for that?
    We need a law to prevent these unsafe handguns from being sold to law enforcement officers and agencies in California!

  10. Breaking> they caught the confederate flag waving white dude who allegedly killed these 2 cops…news at 11.

  11. The shooter has multiple arrests. From what I’ve read elsewhere, one arrest resulted in a mental evaluation. He was placed on a drug regimen and sent on his way. Some immediate family claim he is mentally ill. Judging from some of the things he has allegedly done, I don’t doubt them. He was taken into custody without apparent injury because he surrendered peacefully to a DNR agent on a rural road. He is supposedly a registered Democrat with a Trump sign in his yard.


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