BREAKING: Supreme Court Relists All 10 Second Amendment Cases Considered in Thursday’s Conference

Courtesy Matt Laur

A number of Second Amendment cases — 10 in all — have been in suspended animation. The Cases involving everything from “may issue” carry permits to banning “assault weapons” to interstate sales of handguns have been at the Supreme Court for consideration — some for years — and have been punted along, most likely awaiting a resolution in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York case.

The consensus was, if the Court ruled aggressively in NYSRPA, the Justices would then remand some or all of these cases for further consideration by lower courts given the new landscape under the Heller, McDonald and NYSRPA jurisprudence. If NYSRPA was declared moot — as it was last week — those other cases would be there, ready for consideration.


Thursday, 10 Second Amendment cases went to the Court’s weekly conference for consideration.

This morning, the Court’s order list was released…and didn’t mention any of the cases. The Justices have relisted all 10 of the Second Amendment cases, meaning the Court can take them up at some time down the road.

Stand by for a quick analysis from our Court watcher, LKB.