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“Will Hayden — the main gunsmith on the reality show “Sons of Guns” — was arrested in Louisiana and booked for child molestation,” reports, “but he says the arrest is the result of a bitter ex-girlfriend’s false allegations. TMZ has learned Hayden was arrested on Saturday by East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies — and according to the Sheriff’s website he is accused of molestation of a child and a crime against nature, an aggravated offense. According to the Sheriff’s website, Hayden was released Saturday after posting a $150,000 bond.” Hayden’s daughter released a statement on the arrest on her Facebook page . . .

This was a false allegation and unfortunately that’s all it takes. My father is a good man, and ALL of his children love him very much and are truly sickened that a person would try to do this to our family. Its not right. You see the love we have for our family. Please don’t believe the headline, READ the rest, even the full story states its not true. The one thing that really hurts us is that my sister is heartbroken that anyone could think this of her father. Its a nightmare…please stand with us.


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  1. When it comes to child molestation people often forget INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. We best stop forgetting lest we relinquish freedom.

    • Unfortunately, the sheeple never go any deeper than the headlines and let the media steer their thoughts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “innocent until proven guilty” only to have flames directed at me for supporting such an obviously terrible person.

      • ^ 🙁 Yup.

        The reality is that nowadays with how fast and pervasive our communications are, in some cases the court of public opinion can have more power than the actual court system.

  2. I was reading about this earlier in the day and if the girl he was supposed to have molested was returned to his home by child services how much water does this charge really hold?

    • Sad to say but a lot of abused & molested kids are returned when they should be in protection

        • I never said guilty or not just replied to the statement. Every year social services & courts return kids to birth parents that should be sterilized. Just in the last 6 months in 1 small county in SC DSS has returned 4 kids later killed or molested further. Because better off with parents. I care less for this guy than a fly speck. The CHILD is the one deserving sympathy either way.
          If mom is using as a pawn the kids screwed for life. If he is a molester the kid is messed up for life. Either way the child loses. Feel sorry for the kids not the adults. The ones who can not defend there selves.

      • Even sadder is how some vindictive women use a false allegation as a tool for revenge or to influence divorce proceedings. In this corner of jurisprudence the accused male is treated as guilty until proven innocent as public policy. The damage done to the relationships between men and children is the true crime. This is just one more area in which our society is self destructing at the alter of the female imperative.

      • Yes, I’m surprised it took four comments to get there. I don’t know this man, but I did watch the show and I wasn’t impressed.

        All that said, I really hope this turns out to be some ‘she said’ custody BS. Either way he’s in a world of hurt.

        • Not even the child’s mother. Someone he broke up with a week earlier that he has no children with. I don’t like the guy, but I don’t think he did this.

  3. It wouldn’t be the first time a scorned or vengeful woman used similar claims for revenge or financial gain.

    • “A man will like steal your car, or burn your house down, or beat the shit out of you, but a woman will ruin your fucking life. Do you see the difference? Like a man will cut your arm off and throw it in a river, but he’ll leave you as a human being intact. He won’t fuck with who you are. Women are non-violent, but they will shit inside of your heart.”

      -Louis C.K.

  4. Women are always alleging this crap when the relationship goes bad. And for some odd reason when the guy is finally proven to be innocent nothing ever happens to the woman. If proven as false allegations she needs to spend a very long time in jail.

    • Women are not held to the same standard under the law as men.

      It is what it is. Don’t take women so serious or pay much mind to their antics. It’s better that way.

      Dames. Sheesh.

      • Just about every legal system that has existed through history treats women with more leniency than men. It is because the lives of women have more value to societies since you need many women to have lots of kids, but you only need one man to have lots of kids, making the lives of men disposable. It is why men often are assigned to much more dangerious work than women usually are and are taught to sacrifice themselves to save a woman’s life.

        Most DAs don’t want to prosecute false allegations because public outcry (mostly from the femnazis) would end their career.

  5. I’ll wait to see the facts before judging, but one part of this story really annoyed me. They referred to him as a gunsmith. After watching the show, that’s a disgrace to all actual gunsmiths.

      • I’ll speak for Paul, I’ve seen the show.

        That’s it, I’ve seen the show. I’m an amateur, a hobbyist, always looking for expert advice, and Will is the last person I would trust to give it. He, on camera, made the decision that a flimsy .25″ aluminum receiver would be a great backing for a full auto 12 gauge. His employees made the mistake of supposedly spending weeks on a gun that a layperson could see had a gas tube issue. Back when I watched the show, I used to find the parts they were looking for during the episode, and at a fraction the price they broadcast. And, yes, I know that nothing airs as it is filmed. So, maybe some of the obscure parts that Numrich has thousands of in stock weren’t there when the episode was filmed months earlier.

        Then again, there are enough people out there who have had their lives destroyed by accusations of sexual misconduct. It’s the easy, legal way to get revenge.

        • From everything I’ve heard, he’s actually a pretty good gunsmith. His older saigas were reliable as heck and still fetch a pretty good price. The problem seems to have come into play around the time the show started. He started filming a show and not working on guns. Then the spotlight hit and Red Jacket got swamped with orders he couldn’t fill, so he hired a bunch of other people. (From time to time, they’ve showed the actual production shop on tv. It’s a completely different building on a different lot.) Those people sucked at building guns and he didn’t have time to go over their work anymore so shoddy work went out the door and people started complaining.

          Now as far as the things they build on the show. Sure, most of it’s just flashy things for tv, but from time to time, he came out with some pretty awesome stuff. He built a KSG silencer and quick attach mount before silencer co even started work on their shotgun suppressor. He gets ancient guns to fire again. Heck, if I had an old WWI or II cannon laying around that I needed work on, I’d send it to him. I’d just ask him not to chrome it or put it on tv.

        • His older saigas were reliable as heck and still fetch a pretty good price.


          I’m not at all sure that a modified AK-47 design still being reliable after someone touches it is a useful benchmark for claiming that person is a competent gunsmith.

          As far as the rest of it is concerned, I’ll wait for the verdict, and agree with the people saying that if this is a false allegation, the person making it should be penalized.

  6. This is just another wait n’ see, like most of the rest of whatever cases we see where someone is accused of something. He’s already been convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, though, same as everybody else who’s ever even been so much as accused of any sexual misconduct — and that conviction stays with them even if they’re found innocent in a court of law.

  7. We know what will happen if he is found guilty. However, what will happen to this ex if he is found not guilty? Will she then be arrested for filing a false report, or anything similar? I never see that happening.

  8. While I certainly hope he is exonerated if the charges are false; on the plus side maybe we won’t have to suffer his show anymore..

    • Good God! Another Sheeple that is unable to press one of the “change channel” buttons on his clicker.
      Same as the café customer that cleans his plate, then doesn’t want to pay for it because he thinks it was horrible.

  9. Our system rewards woman for this type of behavior( if falsely accused)and there are no checks or balances.

  10. Innocent until proven guilty. If he’s guilty; God have mercy on him.

    On another note; really? TMZ are bottom feeders. Does TTAG really need to recycle their garbage?

  11. These allegations are probably false, but what he really should be arrested for is firearms molestation. Some of the things that RJF has done to pieces of history; the M1919 and the Thompson come to mind…

    • If I remember correctly that Thompson was technically a modern production semi auto one, that they converted to full auto and made it tactical. I don’t see an issue with that.

  12. Juries are very eager to convict accused child molesters.
    Janet Reno made her career by falsely (and intentionally) convicting the employees of a day care facility as a ring of child molesters.

  13. SOunds bogus, ive seen this happen to a good friend of mine. didnt have money for a decent lawyer and got further screwed and his life is f&*$%ed now all cause of a spiteful ex-wife, a cop looking for a promotion, and a dirty lawyer looking for a quick payday.

    • Yep. With a friend of mine, it happened due to a spiteful ex-wife who was actually dating a detective during the divorce who helped her set him up. He couldn’t afford to fight the charges. The child endangerment was dropped, but there was a no-contact order that remained in place. The kids loved their father, and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see him.

  14. If he is guilty, stand him up in front of that firearm, while it is doing as shown. If not, stand the omen who accused him, not the child, and do the same. While there is saposed to be a presumption of innocence, this kind of accusation even if proven wrong, is a life ender.

  15. If it is show to be a valid accusation, then Will should be punished in the most severe way the law allows. If it is shown to be a false accusation, then his accuser should face the punishment he would have suffered if he had been convicted.

  16. Sadly sex crimes, especially so for men are one of those crimes where you are guilty until proven innocent. As I am sure we will see happen, those mere allegations often ruin someones professional career. Expect to see RJF going under or being sold very shortly.

  17. Hmm, innocent until proven guilty? This is no joke, and if it turns out that they are false allegations, the female accuser should have to serve the same jail time that Will Hayden is now facing. That sort of justice would put an end to these type of retaliatory accusations.

    • #BlackKnighting – it’s a thing you have to know about to execute.

      Most average people don’t understand the insidiousness they are dealing with to think of turning it around on their accusers.

  18. Feminism in action: Men are always guilty first and forced to prove their innocence.

    This is how the women get them convicted for rapes that didn’t happen & steal their children.

  19. We definitely need to reserve judgment on this one. There are two standard accusations made by soon-to-be-ex-wives in bitter divorces or separations: spousal battery and child abuse. I’m going to wait for the facts turned up by an impartial investigation. And if, as I strongly suspect, the allegation is false, I hope he sues her mercilessly for defamation.

  20. Went through DV charges against by Son filed by his girlfriend. His public defender wanted him to take a plea. Put up the money for a criminal defense attorney who used photographic evidence provided by the police and witness testimony to prove his innocence. Girlfriend went free without having to defend her false allegations. In my opinion trial my media is guilty until proven innocent and a public defender is nothing more than a railroad to hell.

  21. Lets not discount the possibility that the Discovery Channel is behind this shit. The show’s ratings are in the crapper, nobody buys Red Jacket’s crap, and everyone may be looking for one more buzz before cashing out.

    I stress it is a possibility, merely a speculation.

  22. The bullshit doesn’t just flow one way from ex-wife to ex-husband though, I was falsely accused of molesting my stepson by his meth-head dad, just to make our lives difficult. Three separate reports filed and dismissed, but there aren’t any charges against him because it is the child that makes the statement to the father, and then father to police, if the kid changes his story when pressured by investigators are you going to punish the child? When the boy goes away for a month to live with his dad, there’s nothing to stop him from telling a four year old what to say, and a good probability that they would say it. The truth always comes out, but the resolution is often not as you would have hoped. There’s no easy answer, just hope for the guilty party to find Jesus, or better yet, fall over dead.

  23. Your comment made zero sense. I doubt anyone would get tricked by you not using the words “sexual assault” and “molest.” And instead use fondle or oral sex. If your going to deny you sure as heck will deny them too.

    • You’d be surprised how often these guys admit to it when asked as if it’s just consensual sex. Like 90%+.

    • @ Karl What you have to realize is that the interrogators establish rapport with the suspect first. Once the suspect, in his mind, believes his behavior is acceptable to the interrogator, than those question are asked as a natural extension of that conversation. It’s obviously a time consuming process. How t.v. shows and movies portray an interrogation (police or otherwise) is generally not very accurate.

  24. The media likes to pronounce people guilty without a trial… Imagine this happening to the average Joe pulling $50k a year…by the time they get their trial and are found innocent, they’ve lost their job, their house, possibly their spouse, and their ability to get a job in the area because pictures of them would be all over the media…

    Now don’t get me wrong, you find someone who actually did this, and they are found guilty, tie them to a truck and drag them down the turnpike a few miles…it’s a horrific crime that deserves no mercy in punishment.

    I don’t believe Hayden would do that… I hope he gets her back for defamation of character.

  25. I stopped watching after their chief gunsmith walked after being forced to work ungodly hours to fix the mistakes of a brown-nosing twerp. I think this guy is a jerk, but I highly doubt the accusations are true. Considering Red Jacket’s close relationship with local police departments, I am pretty sure the LEOs are playing everything by the book so they do not look like they are playing favors.

  26. You said:

    “The last thing the gun culture needs is to handle the problem the same way the Catholic church handled its sex offender problem (silencing the victims). We need to investigate this seriously and hold criminals responsible. Sex offenders can look and sound like anybody and they do not have a “profile.” We could set a good example for the rest of the world by investigating rather than judging with no information.”

    What are you suggesting?

    That the “gun community” should launch an investigation into this matter in order to deal with “our” child molester problems like the Catholic Church? Yeah, okay chief. Let’s call up Nutnfancy, Hickock45, Yankee Marshal, Colion Noir, the Carnik Con guys and Instructor Zero and get this investigation started. I’m with you.

    Um, WTF are you talking about?

    You trollin’ bro?

    I’m sure the police in that jurisdiction have it under control so there’s no need for the “gun community” to take this on.

    • @WilliamUhlemann:

      Nothing will make women happier than for every man on the planet to take your attitude and treat every single accusation that comes out of their mouth as beyond reproach and 100% truth on its face, every time.

      Great way to hide the 60-80% false accusers who do so for fun & profit. Or to save themselves embarrassment. Or one of 1,000 other selfish, self-centered reasons they accuse men of horrible things for their own gain.

    • I would actually like to see Instructor Zero do any type of investigations. Particularly how he handles crowd control.

  27. I really don’t like Will Hayden or that stupid show or asshat outfit (Redjacket), but I really do like a think called Due Process. The man is innocent until proven guilty. That’s the basis of our whole system. I suspend judgement or any other commentary. If this turns out to be patently false, there should be consequences for those who would bear false witness against their neighbor. If it turns out to be true, there will be serious consequences for the criminal offender. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  28. The guy is dick with a major attitude problem but I don’t see him being the type of guy that would do something like that. Then again I could be wrong, it has happened once before

    • And Ted Bundy was the nicest guy anyone could meet, and John Gacy was was a clown for kids and a volunteer in the community and loved by all. LMAO not many criminals look like what your TV mind thinks they look like.

  29. And for all you fools who run to defend some person you don’t know only because you like some stupid reality show, Honey boo boo, he may be guilty. Just as Catholics run to defend the child molester priests you idiots run to defend some fat ass swamp rat you never met and would lie to protect. What do you expect his family to say? Good god prisons are full of people that their family says are innocent. And if he is guilt some will still say its a scam because they are fat lazy couch potatoes who get their identity from a TV reality show that not reality but a scripted and a bad scripted POS show for lazy ass fools who have not see their dicks in years.

  30. Here is the thing, if Hayden was some unknown the police may have jumped to arrest him, but with is fame and notoriety, I bet the rent money they did a full check of the facts to make sure they had their ducks in a row before making an arrest. But many idiots who are about as intelligent as a 13yo at a rock concert will defend him to the death. Hell Charlie Manson had many who said it was all a frame up. LOL Good luck with that fools.

  31. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tiny penis “PATRIOT” gets caught with his hand literally in the cookie jar but because he is a microphallus gun owner we need to defend him? All you fathers with children should shun this moron faster than you can say statutory, incest rape. Any other response is inadequate.

    • Well. Aren’t you a real patriot.
      You’re the same person that screams bloody murder when you think your free speech rights are stepped on, but you walk all over another’s right to a trial before you declare him guilty.
      What a mouthy prize of a human bring your are.

  32. If somone would just come forward accusing one of the people on PawnStars of a crime, it would sure do a great deal to improve American television…Discovery Channel? History Channel?

  33. @ William Uhlemann

    May I ask you for your credentials, Sir?

    Everyone knows that the one hurt most by the allegations, or, God Forbid, the truth, is the child. His welfare should be everyone’s most sincere concern.

    I would dare to hope that the child went through some very intense, but carefully disguised, analysis before being returned to the care of the accused. If the child’s father is convicted of child abuse, his harshest punishment will be doled out by his fellow inmates. And, IMHO, I couldn’t think of a more deserving scum bag to find judgment by his peers.

    What a disgusting topic of conversation.

  34. Unfortunately, everyone who defended Will are now licking their own boots… Loyalty was genuine though and at first I thought so too, but time and evidence, not to mention his older daughter on Dr. Shill changed my mind. That dude is creep city and done for.

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