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The NY Daily News reports that racist lunatic Dylann Roof has been convicted on all counts for killing nine people in Charleston, SC in 2015.  The social misfit met a guilty verdict this afternoon on all 33 charges in his senseless murder of nine innocent parishioners at an AME church in 2015.  It took the jury less than two hours to decide his guilt.   The same jury will decide on whether or not to sentence Roof to death or life imprisonment in January.

The Emanuel AME Church where Mr. Roof murdered nine people in cold blood.


NY Daily News:

A jury found Dylann Roof guilty of the Charleston church massacre Thursday, rejecting the twisted 22-year-old’s repulsive racism.

Roof was found guilty on all counts after just two hours of deliberations. Roof stood with his arms by his sides, staring straight ahead as the 33 guilty verdicts were read.

The self-proclaimed white supremacist gunned down nine black people in a Bible study group at Emanuel AME Church on June, 17, 2015 — a mass shooting he hoped would spark a race war.

But instead, the Confederate flag featured in many of the disturbing photos Roof took of himself before the killings was taken down from South Carolina statehouse after 50 years.

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    • As a convicted felon, he can’t own a gun anymore, but they let him keep his right to “no cruel or unusual punishment”.

      • No.

        For deliberate premeditated murder, public hanging is neither cruel or unusual – it is fitting.

        Make the consequences horrible, and people will avoid choosing to do horrible things to other.

        • Could not agree more on that public hanging, I have been saying that for years–also, since he confessed to the murders, he should have been hung months ago–if he does get life, it would be fitting for him to be found beaten to death or hung in prison

        • 5,000 years of human history prove you are in error. Capital punishment has no effect what-so-ever on preventing crime because people who do this are mentally ill. If we followed your philosophy hanging witches or burning them alive would be proper too even though they do not exist which I am sure you would disagree with.

          The problem with capital punishment besides the fact that it is not a detriment is that when you make a mistake you murder an innocent person. This of course does not pertain to Dylan Roof but in American History we have already killed at least 250 innocent people. But of course the unwashed claim, “better to murder 1000 innocent people as long as one of them is guilty”, brilliant.

          Someday in the future when we learn how to cure mental illness we look back on these barbarous days as the most sadistic and cruel in human history, but never mind that the radical far right, most of which are not products of higher education cannot fathom that they were wrong or ever could be wrong on anything because they have not been taught “how to think” but rather “what to think” and they blindly follow authority no matter how outrageous or ridiculous, cruel or barbarous it happens to be as to them “its normal” and could not possibly be wrong because authority has told them as much.

          And by the way the ‘civilized world” has long ago outlawed capital punishment and they look upon America as no more civilized than the various dictatorships and barbarous 3rd world countries. While the radical far right cheer and lust and wish capital punishment were made public the hypocrites then rant against the public executions in other uncivilized barbarous countries never once realizing that America is no different in its barbarism, its just that we tend to try to hid the fact that we do it too, only we try and hide it out of the public eye, other wise the public would demand an end to it if they had to see it first hand.

          In conclusion we do not execute a person because he or she came down with “aids” (although the radical far right would) and we should not execute mentally ill people either but that goes right over the heads of the “unwashed”.

      • It isn’t about “bringing anyone back”. Putting him in prison wouldn’t do that either. It also isn’t about vengeance, for that belongs to God.

        It is about justice. Plain and simple.

        • What is the difference between your justice and vengeance?

          Not that I’m opposed, I love vengeance, I just don’t feel the need to gussy it up with robe and scales and call it something different.

        • Justice is not emotionally-motivated. That is the core difference. That facts, not feels, are the best and most proper way of meting out punishment once (in a perfect world) facts, not feels, have concluded the person is guilty.

          But cruel and unusual punishment is funner, right? Too bad it quickly erodes any pretense of fair trials or factual evidence because, like torture, show trials are more fun for those who have the upper hand.

      • I don’t want my tax money to support, feed, cloth, medicate, or pay for him to get a colllege degree, file muliple appeals, as he lingers for the next 50 years. Hang him and save a few million dollars. The only people who like life sentences are Correction Corporation of America. Cha Ching

        • My thoughts exactly. Every breath he takes is one that he took away from those people. So I believe justice would be to make him stop breathing. Lethal injection may be expensive but it’s probably way less than him serving 50 yrs and being taken care of. Shooting squads the way to go. What’s 10 rds of 30.06 cost? Like 3 bucks? Still worth more than that piece of trash. So I guess either way it’s expensive to kill him. Just not as expensive as keeping him alive. Eye for an eye and all

      • Due to the nature of his crime and the demographic of the general prison population. If he’s not put in administrative segregation I give his life sentence about six months

      • Yes, killing him will ABSOLUTELY bring someone back.
        It will bring back the future murder victims who were spared because would-be violent criminals sociopaths decided it wasn’t worth the risk of being executed to fulfill their deviant fantasy.

        Life in prison obviously isn’t working as a deterrent.

        Make the consequences horrible, and people will choose not to do horrible things to others.

        • Except that studies show that the severity of punishment actually has very little deterrent effect. What does on the other hand is certainty of punishment.

        • @Paladin you mean the same way the Gun control or climate change commissions “studies” that show support for (surprise!) the agenda they were pushing anyways?

          I’m not saying its impossible, just highly unlikely. If you can provide a link I’d be willing to investigate further, but that seems to contradict all commonly available evidence.

      • JAlan — if that’s what you want, then sure. And YOU can pay for his lifetime upkeep from YOUR tax dollars. Fair enough?

    • Electric chair? Why? Frog-march his ass to the courthouse steps and put a bullet in the back of his head. If no one in South Carolina has the balls to dispense justice, I’ll come up from Georgia and do it for free (just pay my travel expenses and approximately 12 cents for 1 round of .45 ACP JHP).

      • 12 cents for a round of .45 acp? That is $6 for a box of 50. Please tell me where I can buy .45 acp for $6 a box. I’d love to load up.

    • Right on. Cleanse evil with fire.

      It may not bring anyone back, but it shows the next sh!tpile how seriously we treat this kind of behavior.

    • Yeah perfect. In fact, there is too much racial hatred in this country, and there must be a response. The death penalty for hate crime murder should apply for hate crime attempted murder too! Monsters who try to kill black people! should be punished! Like some sicko running them over with a car at a peaceful protest!

      You’re a lawyer for Christsake right? Quit pretending like you don’t know how the legal system goes sideways almost immediately. The death penalty you voting in favor of adopting for the serial killer is prompted used for the coke dealer who gets attacked. That’s ALWAYS how it goes.

      Let Roof go to his fate without trying to invent some new punishment. I promise, give the state something like that, and they’ll never go to the trouble on using it for simple murderers.

      They’ll use it on your children for defying tyranny. Take a deep breath and quit acting like a fucking democrat.

      • You… are.. so wrong.

        Your irrational fear is baseless. Contain your paranoia, and recognize that a world without serious consequences for serious mis-deeds, is a world without justice – and hence a world without order.

        Punishment for criminal actions is a cornerstone for modern civilization.
        Punishment is NOT the same thing as containment. Stop confusing the two. Justice requires punishment.

      • “Monsters who try to kill black people! should be punished!”

        Yeah, and those who murder white, Asian, or other people are not monsters. Or are they just a bit less monstrous? Or are the victims less dead? Is the grief of surviving friends and relatives somewhat less? Unpack that for me please.

        I understand being repulsed by racism, and wanting to lash out. Better watch that though. Once you establish the legitimacy of punishing thought crime (above and beyond actual crime), you’ve unleashed a real monster.

  1. I really wish you wouldn’t print the names of the whack jobs who commit atrocities like this. I’m all for learning from history, and am ambivalent about whether other whack jobs would be inspired. Really, I would simply rather we damn him to oblivion rather than infamy.

  2. Good. Now he needs to be put to death.

    “rejecting the twisted 22-year-old’s repulsive racism”

    I thought he was on trial for murder. Not that racism is to be commended, but being a racist isn’t illegal.

      • True according to Roof’s own words and writing, so I don’t doubt it. Motive is relevant for establishing premeditation. And I’m sure they did indeed tack on “hate crime” charges here. So I’m not disagreeing with you.

        I wanted it said that Roof’s victims are not any deader than those of Adam Lanza, James Holmes, etc. This matters. By accepting “hate crimes” as a special category of violence, we legitimize the idea of thought crime. I will call that out every time I see it.

  3. He’s very young, send him to that Super Max in Colorado. The place apparently drives people insane from the extreme isolation. You figure 50 or 60 years in there would be hell. Perfect for him.

    • That’s an extremely cushy version of “hell”.

      Really what we mean is “we don’t want to have to see him again – make the scary man go away”.
      That’s a plea for containment, not justice.

      • If I was faced with the prospect of a lethal injection vs. the rest of my life in a super max, I’d choose death. I’m not saying this guy deserves to live, I’m just saying I think there are worse things than death.

        • You say that, but I doubt you actually meant it. Not being snarky, just complely honest.

          I think the idea of life in prison sounds terrible to free men, but when it comes down to it almost no one would choose death as an alternative.

  4. He confessed, the jury convicted, short drop on a short rope, done. Speak of him no more and let him fade into the fog of history.

  5. Oh I don’t know, I’m big on poetic justice. I’m sure there are some uh, large gentlemen in some prison that would like to make his acquaintance. Can’t we find some willing African American male with size 14 shoe and huge hands to greet him warmly? Hell, we could even give Dylann a choice. A final meal of a Big Mac and a noose (hanging) or Bubba!
    I bet that choice would wipe that stupid look off his face.

  6. I don’t want the state to have the right to execute people. I realise that roof is a slam dunk with no question of his guilt. But the state isn’t just using the death penalty on roof.

    And I don’t like the idea that the state can threaten the death penalty to bully someone into pleading out to possibly avoid the death penalty.

  7. Frankly I see life in prison without parole a harsher sentence than the death penalty.

    I’m not opposed to the death penalty.

  8. Frankly I see life in prison without parole a harsher sentence than the death penalty.

    I’m not opposed to the death penalty.

  9. The biggest problem with being anti death penalty, is that its roots are in progressivism, meaning that, “getting rid of the death penalty” is only the first step in a process of making it easier to get criminals back out into society, so they may harm the innocent in the name of things like stricter gun control. After the death penalty is removed, then the argument becomes, “life in prison is also cruel and unusual,” and so on, until your Norway, where someone who kills 71 people will be a free man before he’s 50. Don’t believe me? Look up Anders Dbrevik’s trial and subsequent sentence. He’s at a government paid for boys club for 20 years, and succsesfully sued the state for “inhumane conditions”. It all started somewhere. The death penalty will ensure we don’t face that hellscape in the future. What a disgrace the descendants of a once proud people they have become.

  10. Send him to ADX Florence for life with no parole!

    Death is the easy way out compared to that. Cheaper too, once you factor in the cost of appeals.

  11. With respect to all on here, I’m a Christian from Greenville, SC. Obviously, this man does not represent my State as a whole. He is clearly a criminal who admitted his crime and I sincerely hope my State sees fit to execute him in the name of Justice.

    That being said, there is absolutely no reason, other than a purely emotional desire for vengeance, to impose upon this convicted murderer any more painful punishment than simple execution. He has been judged according to our law and will hopefully be executed so he may face his final judgment that much sooner. If Hell be his fate, then so be it. That will be punishment enough. No need to make things worse for him.

    If Hell and eternal torment (which from simple observation of his actions would seem to indicate as his final destination) is not his fate, then good for him. I don’t particularly want him in Paradise as I personally don’t believe he deserves it. Hard truth: none of us deserves eternity in Paradise as we’ve all screwed up. The good news here: it’s not up to us. Hence that little thing called divine mercy and grace. Let him make his peace with God. It’s not for any of us to judge who is worthy or not. Above our pay grades. I’m glad he was convicted and hope he is executed, but it’s not for me pr for any of us on Earth to judge his eternal resting place. And before anyone here decides I’m some liberal d!*%5@ck who feels bad for him, I’d put the .45 in his head myself just to get him off my planet and out of my State as he has utterly lost the right to play with us any more.

    • An interesting way to justify the death penalty from a Christian perspective.

      It’s probably a sign of how far we’ve come from Christianity, as a society, that this argument doesn’t appear to hold as much water as it once did.

      Another sign: you know what the penalty for perjury used to be in the old (Middle Ages) days?

      Absolutely nothing at all.

      You just swore an oath before god to tell the truth. If you perjured yourself….you’ll get punished soon enough.

  12. If they send him to a federal penitentiary with a lot of black guys, there’s a good chance he’ll get to test that whole “Once you go black, you don’t go back” myth.

  13. The best thing I’ve seen come out of this whole business is that in every picture you see of this doofus he sends the message that racists are bat-shit crazy and not very bright.

  14. If anyone ever deserved to be put to death by the state, he would be one.
    But I have to admit that I can’t quite get my head around how Roof, Holmes, and mothers who murder their own children can do so and not be mentally ill.
    I’m not saying that mentally ill people should not be put to death but it is a fact that that is a legitimate defense (to one degree or another) in this country.

    Maybe I just don’t believe in the devil enough.

  15. Curiously, Roof stated he bought a Glock 41 because “he didnt have enough money for an AR15.” G41s generally sell in the 600.00 range, of which AR15s were available in that price point at the time he bought the Glock. Maybe the gun store he went to didnt have any low cost ARs in stock, but it just seems odd he would buy the most expensive Glock if he was tight for money.

  16. I see everyone’s hoping he gets the death penalty or raped by black dudes during life in prison, but the worst punishment I can imagine is the punishment he puts on himself. He obviously never really knew any black people or had any black friends. He should have life in prison and put in a cell with a black guy that is compassionate and intelligent. The ultimate punishment is him having a black guy as his only friend so that in time he will see the monster that he was.

  17. I’m from Charleston myself, and currently live just outside of it. What gets me about this guy is the whole “expecting to start a race war” aspect. Close-as-makes-no-difference to ALL black folks reacted with a “What a racist asshole!”. And close-as-makes-no-difference to ALL white folks reacted the exact same way…we ain’t Baltimore ’round hea. 🙂


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