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Reports are coming in from CNN and others that there has been a shooting at Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas. Witnesses say that a man (identified as a dark skinned man with dreadlocks) was armed with a rock and attempting to break the window of a car outside the baggage claim area when police officers approached with firearms drawn. The man was ordered to drop the rock, and when he instead advanced towards the officers the police fired their weapons. Video of the incident (click the photo above to view) shows police officers responding to the incident, and while the video cuts away the audio recorded two strings of fire (four shots, a short pause, then six additional rounds) from the officers towards the reportedly unarmed man while police continue to yell “stay down.”

Initial reports are, as always in these situations, sketchy. Some have indicated that police stepped in to stop a domestic violence situation. Again, little is clear at this point.

Since the attack on the airport in Belgium earlier this year, airport security has been on high alert for another similar terrorist attack here in the United States. Unusually long lines at the TSA checkpoints in recent months have made for potentially attractive soft targets for terrorists. Police presence outside the airport has been increased accordingly to try to protect travelers before they enter the secure area of the airport.

The last time there was a mass shooting at a U.S. airport was 2013, where a man armed with a rifle opened fire on the TSA checkpoint killing one TSA employee and injuring many others.

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  1. ah, for one, am tard of all these “unarmed” people who have rocks or knives, or tire irons, or hammers being said they ar “unarmed.” in mah opinyun, ifn you charge police who have drawn their guns, ya git what ya earned…gut shot. an’ ifn them police hit someone else while yer chargin’, you or yer estate are liable fer any damages. on the other hand, ah would be jes as satisfied ifn them cops had their own rocks an’ smushed the attacker’s haid.

    • Ah do delcare!

      Agreed. Anyone with a rock, stick, bat, stun gun, pepper spray, etc. is armed as far as I’m concerned.

      Some will say stun guns and pepper spray are non-lethal. The stun gun is debatable. If you are incapacitated by the pepper spray the assailant can do what he wants.

      As with guns, it is the person wielding it that is most deadly and dangerous.

      Too bad this lady wasn’t packing. Should have been a DGU.

      • If you think stun guns/tasters are less than legal, then take a look here. This just happened a few weeks ago, so the whole story will not come out until the ASP finish their investigation. However, I personally know on a very intimate basis the doctor whom the deceased was brought to and the deceased was very clearly tasered to death. There will be no riots, as the deceased is the wrong color, but my point is, tasers are deadly weapons.

        • I agree they can be used with deadly effect. Some might die having their heart stopped by a single jolt. Not to mention your head being the first thing to hit the ground.

          Anything can used as a weapon. If the person is trying to harm me, it is a deadly situation.

    • Nah. Instead of shooting as he charged, the cop should have waited for the aggressor to wrestle away the cop’s gun so he’d be armed. Then the cop should have shot him with…oh…hmm…

  2. So a man with a Rock is unarmed? Man has thrown rocks for thousands of years to kill, hell a firearm just throws a tiny rock at fast speed. I pray that Dallas is not going to be a target of BLM rioting… oops I meant protesting.

    • Way too early. A guy with a rock can absolutely be a threat worthy of deadly force. A guy on the ground with multiple GSWs being shot multiple times again while and no weapon other than that initial rock? That may be a problem.

      • While everyone takes pictures with their smart phones and uploads immediately to Facebook or YouTube , wow !
        What a great world we find ourselves in . I’m impressed .

      • On the top video, it looks like:
        1. The cop tried to arrest him for vandalism, assault, or whatever it was. The cop did a good job of backing away, and trying to calm the situation.
        2. He charged the cop.
        3. The cop shot him twice. He went down.
        4. He got back up.
        5. The other cop tased him to no effect. (You can see the cop with the taser move his hands, but the video is too low-res to be sure).
        6. He charged the cop with the firearm out…again.
        7. That cop backed away some more, and fired more shots.

        Charge cop => get shot.
        Charge cop, again => get shot, again.
        Sounds pretty reasonable.

  3. Nick … do you really mean to say that airport lines are “ideal” targets or just, unfortunately, “potentially attractive” targets? The former sounds like you’re advocating…

    • A clustered group of unarmed people with nowhere to go would sound ideal to me if I were a terrorist.

      Any other wording would be disingenuous.

    • A group of unarmed people crammed into a crowded area with limited routes of egress? Sounds like an ideal target for an attack. Also, watch the video as the shots ring out, and everyone in the frame of the video is just standing there dumbfounded, not taking cover just standing there confused.

      • Because we are all conditioned to believe that we are secure, immune to all the bad things we see on TV around the world, special people who can live in our iWhatevers, a bunch of wide-eyed sheep.

        If you don’t go to bad places, bad things will not happen to you. If you hang around with only good people, bad people will not be there to harm you. And if something bad should happen to a good person…#banguns.

  4. Sounds like gun-ho security guards to me. A rock at love field? I’ve never seen one. It’s f’ing Dallas for goodness sakes. Of cops r scared to go home to their wife and children then get a different job. We don’t need u. Or congress for that matter. Or a president for that matter. Well that’s a discussion for a different day. Cops u r not above the law. A law that was prob placed by beuracrats trying to save a high paying gov job. Smh people. Ofwg out 🙂

    • Best if you sit this one out sweetie, the grown-ups are talking.

    • Go back to your job making $7 lattes at Starbucks. You clearly have no concept of what it means to put your life on the line every day for people like you who don’t appreciate or respect it.

    • Probably a high capacity unregistered ghost rock. Did it have the shoulder thingy that goes up?

      • “… a high capacity unregistered ghost rock …”

        Pffffftttttttttttttttttt. That there was downright funny!

        As someone else mentioned on the post about TTaG’s new look, the comments are the real gold of this blog.

    • I bet it was the dangerous “assault weapon” type, or maybe full auto. At the very least it had a built in silencer.

  5. It’s an airport. I am sure there will be better video forthcoming to base an opinion on.

  6. Clearly entrapment.

    The rocks were laying around the place. The Rocks were not adequately secured to keep kids from picking them up. WE need rock safes.

    We need to get the bureau of land management to declare those rocks “assault Rocks” so we can get maximum sizes of Cargo Pants cause the no one NEEDS to carry more than 7 rocks.

    it really looks like we need an ugly rock law.

    Maybe we can have an organization in charge of rock regulation.

    Criminals wont use rocks if we pass sensible comprehensive rock control legislation.

  7. If you hear gun shots and you are as close by as those in the video, do you stand and watch or duck for cover? Seems an odd response from people. I myself would be finding cover immediately where I can better asses what is happening.

    • Its texas,

      They were probably trying to figure out if they needed to throw in with the cop and his girly gun or just spit ‘chaw’ on the varmint after the the ruckus was done.

  8. Foolish Rasta-man didn’t know how to Rochambeau. Rock breaks scissors. Glock beats rock.

    • The Glock certainly had a hard time beating the rock since the cop had to put nine rounds into Foolish Rasta-man and even then Foolish Rasta-man was still a potential threat.

      The cop’s Glock must have been chambered in 9 mm … it is the only explanation for why it took nine rounds to put Foolish Rasta-man down. If it was chambered in .40 S&W, it would only have taken 2 shots to incapacitate Foolish Rasta-man. One thing we do know for certain: the cop’s Glock was NOT chambered in .45 ACP or else we would have seen a large tear in the fabric of space-time on that video.

  9. I’m not going to hold it against the cop for shooting a guy with a rock. Going all the way back to the beginning people have bashed people’s heads in to kill then. That how Cain killed Abel.

    Heck when I hear that illegal are throwing stones at border patrol officers I have thought for years let loose the dogs of war and let the lead fly.

    • Let’s see who’s more likely to be “on my side”:

      On one hand, the police.

      On the other hand, dude trying to bust out car windows at the airport with a rock.

      Ceteris Paribus, I know who my money’s on.

    • The guy breaking into cars probably isn’t on my side.
      As far as cops on my side I would say there is a 1 in 8 chances they are on my side. A lot of bad cops these days. Little men frustrated in their lack of real power. I’ve known quite a few officers that the only difference between them and “criminals” was the side of the bars. Stalkers, wife beaters and petty criminals.
      Been pulled over for a burned out front headlight and given the illegal option submit to a search or take the ticket.
      Had cops try and confiscate guns saying I had to provide proof that I was the owner.
      It’s funny, if you have something like drugs, the cops say their 100% yours. If it’s guns or cash or debt card in Oklahoma now suddenly it prove it, prove it’s yours and you got it legitimately or we are going to seize it, or we are going to seize it anyway and you can spend more money than its worth to get it back.

  10. I have not yet seen video of the person with the Rock, so the jury is out in my opinion. If he had a rock the size of the small boulders that were used to break the car window, then it’s a sizeable rock. If he was threatening people inside and close enough to hurt/kill someone with it – then the shooting is justifiable. I do wonder however, why so many times Cops use guns instead of Taser darts, or Pepper spray. I know it’s much easier just to pull the gun but it’s not always necessary. And yes, I do have force protection experience and I know that it’s always situational and hindsight is 20/20. But, still need to see the complete story.

    • ah lernt this long ago….odn’t screw around with a cop, ‘specially one that has hisn gun out. when a cop er deputy tells ya tado sumpthin, do it. there’ll be time enough fer arguin, after the guns ar put away.

  11. Hey, what happened to the post (a “Question of the Day” I believe) asking whether we would intervene if we saw a man forcibly stuffing a woman into the trunk of a car?

    • Dunno’-I had a non-controversial post on pastor gets a gun disappear(?)…working the kinks out?

  12. You know how to avoid being shot by a cop? When one shows up don’t give him reason to pull his gun. It’s really the same way you avoid getting shot by any other armed citizen. If Dean, RF or JWT pulls their carry piece and tells you to drop the rock, what you do next determines if you get shot or not.

    Breaking into working folks vehicles to steal their shit should be a dangerous occupation. Very. Damn. Dangerous.

    • yes, agreed, but along same lines, if a person is given legal authority to be judge and jury and hangman, there must be serious consequences for mistakes and digressions/transgressions ( of which currently there are few)

  13. Sounds like it was natural selection to me. Anyone who attacks armed LEOs responding to a call with a rock needs to be taken out of the gene pool. We don’t have all the details, but threats to an airport need to be taken seriously.

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