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[UPDATED: 1:20 central]

ABC News in California is reporting that at least one person (now identified as a TSA agent) has been shot at the airport security checkpoint in Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of the busiest airports in the United States. The airport is one of the main hubs for trans-Pacific flights, and is located in the middle of the state with the strictest firearms restrictions in the entire United States. reports are coming in that there were three victims, and that the shooter is in custody. According to local TV news . . .

The shooter entered the airport wearing BDU pants and carrying an “assault rifle” and then opened fire targeting the TSA agents. Latest reports indicate that one TSA agent has died.

According to  “A suspect was taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport Friday after a shooting at a Terminal 3 checkpoint left a TSA employee injured and produced “mutiple victims. ‘Suspect is now in custody. Multiple victims,’ LAX officials said in a tweet.” reports that one TSAer is dead and another wounded.


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      • Really? There’s no ‘we’? I’ve always felt that the Armed Intelligentsia, the people of the gun, have become a pretty damn big ‘we’, a family of diverse individuals who come together to protect our God given natual right to bear arms. WE are the ones who have to endure the constact attacks by those who wish to destroy those rights. But thanks for correcting me.

        • I didn’t miss your point. I wasn’t referring to ‘they’, as in a shooter, as you suggest. I was referring to ‘we’ as in the people of the gun having to defend our rights against even more attacks because of a new shooting event. I should have expressed that more clearly.

        • Both Y’all settle down now.
          I get both sides, they being the civilian disarmament machine will role into action.
          The we being the armed intelligentsia going back into a defensive posture to fight what will surely be a big push again, still.

  1. It’s LA. I used to practically live at the end of the Runway of LAX. Three more people will probably be shot within 5 miles before the day is out. It wouldn’t even be news if it wasn’t at an airport terminal

    • I feel that this line of thinking is flawed, though I did briefly entertain the thought. Guns AREN’T outlawed in Colorado (stupid mag-cap notwithstanding) and look what happened.

  2. It’ll get worse before it gets better.

    A guy with a .22lr and 10 magazines in a disarmed “secure area” effectively owns the terminal. By the time LAPD, Metro LAPD SWAT, TSA, FBI, DHS, and the Post Office Police chiefs get done with the conference call to see who’s getting credit for the raid, the bad guy will have shot himself out of boredom.

    • Easy way to speed up a government authorized groping is ask them if it comes with a happy ending lol

  3. Just in time for the holidays. They are now reporting “multiple people shot with high powered rifle at first checkpoint”

  4. The tinfoil-hat part of my brains says that the anti-gunners have realized that they can’t get anywhere with using school shootings as the excuse for further incremental gun control or confiscation.

    As such, a series of airport incidents need to be highly publicized, so that the incremental step of forbidding people to travel with firearms can be instituted.

    … that’s the tinfoil-hat part of my brain, anyway.

    • If they want to win sympathy, they could pick better targets than TSA agents, though.

      • Let’s all try to keep it real in the comments section. I hate the TSA as much as the next guy. That being said, cracking jokes about some dude shooting them two hours after it happened is a little f*cked up. Try to remember that they are people, no matter how much we hate their job.

    • “The tinfoil-hat part of my brains says that the anti-gunners have realized that they can’t get anywhere with using school shootings, as fast as they’d prefer, as the excuse for further incremental gun control or confiscation.”

      Fixed that one for ye.

  5. There was a “lone wolf” terrorist attack at LAX in 2002 by an Egyptian named Hesham Mohamed Hadayet. I wonder if this is more of the same.

  6. I hope everything gets resolved quickly and that those who were shot are able to recover.

    On a different note: it is clear that shootings are becoming more and more common in places which are essentially gun-free, so at what point do the politicians look at this strategy of disarming everyone, see that it hasn’t worked, and enact legislation in the opposite direction? At this point it has been made perfectly clear that civilian disarmament and GFZ’s are both miserable failures, so any effort from this point on to push more disarmament should be seen by all Americans for what it is, the furtherance of an agenda focused not on the safety of the people, but on the goal of controlling the populous by removing their means of resistance.

      • Quite so. Our elected aristocracy is especially adept at filtering out information that doesn’t fit their world view. Hence Feinstein blasting the NSA on Wednesday and pushing through a bill codifying their hijinks today,

        • PRISON for the criminal beeyotch! She came into Congress, she and her hubby were worth about a million or so. Their worth now, due to insider trading and her finagling of government contracts that benefit her and hubby: $100 million.

      • True, but that’s what they’re doing. Saying its about safety when its really about subjugation.

    • Yeah, longbeach, in a world where people were lead by logic and learning from history, this would be the end result, a world that actually honored freedom, individual responsibility and the ability to carry a weapon anywhere a person can legally go. Even into (gasp, a school, post office or government buildings).

      But the one thing history shows, is there are two things people are really good at; not learning from history and people convincing themselves that giving their power and freedom to government actually keeps them safe.

  7. will be used as an excuse for more prescreening security, NY is already stating they will increase S&R at airports.

    apparently the shooter was specifically targeting TSA agents and ignoring passengers.

  8. “shooter entered the airport wearing BDU pants and carrying an “assault rifle” “:

    I flew through Berlin and Munich a bunch of times. If you did too, you’ll know why this kind of stuff would not happen there.

    • I disagree. If a spree killer or terrorist wants to target a location with armed police/military/security, they have two easy options:
      (1) Casually walk up behind a guard and taze/slice/shoot them in the neck.
      (2) Walk into the bathroom with a carry on bag, change into an costume that looks the same as security, and go to town.

      Lots of concealed carriers are the only answer.

      • An enterprising spree killer could also employ a garrote wire on an unsuspecting armed guard and then go to town.

        Only a team of guards would negate any benefit of a spree killer sneaking up behind a guard because another guard on the team would presumably see the spree killer before striking or be able to neutralize the spree killer after taking out the first guard.

        But again, a shrewd spree killer would simply walk past the team of guards with his/her carry on bag, go into the bathroom, change into their guard costume, then come out and go to town.

      • How will one get those guns (short and long) and wires and stabbing tools past the front door?

        (And my point was not to argue for a militarized police zone in the airports.)

  9. What I can’t understand is how a tragedy like this could hit such a close knit community like Los Angeles where human life and dignity are held in such high regard and everyone looks out for each other…

  10. When will somebody figure out that trying to prevent violence with law after law is like trying to nail jello to a tree. More laws = more shootings.

    As far as shooting TSA agents, I haven’t met many that didn’t need shooting, or at least be improved by shootin,but unless the jury are all frequent fliers, I think it wouldn’t look good.

  11. I feel stupider for listening to 15 minutes of Shepard Smith. I’m gonna go do something not-about-this for a while.

    • Matt in FL,

      Actually after 15 minutes of “Shep”, you should be approaching most stupidest. While I like FOX News, ol’ Shep is a Drama Queen’s Drama Queen………..

      • It was more that he wasn’t saying anything. He was talking to a woman on the phone who was on a plane waiting to take off, and then they were returned to the terminal and were about to deplane. What I just said in one sentence, he spent at least five minutes on, but it might have been more, because he was still talking to her when I turned it off.

    • WHOA! Even I’m not ready to say that!

      But, with the arrival of more dissonant information in the coming hours, conflicting stories, and obvious obfuscations, I’ll probably be saying it by tonight.

  12. But But But… if it WASN’T a gun free zone even more people would have been shot…. See, it works!

    Sarc off.

  13. Well, since everybody — including the TSA– knows that almost everything the TSA does is hysterical theatrics that does nothing to enhance passenger safety, perhaps the TSA should be dismantled and all of those brownshirt shitweasels should be punted.

    For their safety, you understand.

        • Silly? The TSA has an unnatural attraction to diapers and Depends. Google “Government Pervert.”

          Oh, and recall the unredacted, sealed FOIA response from DHS that said all the security theater at the airport is worthless, as it has not foiled any hijacking attempt. Ever.

    • Swarf knows what’s up. Last time I flew back east from California they wanted to take my girlfriends McQueen clutch because the ‘brass knuckles’ you hold it with are a weapon , yet said nothing about a full sized pair of scissors at the top of my bag.

    • Security theater. I wholly agree with booting the jackboots. Look how powerful they’ve become in just a few years. They must be stopped. How many terrorists has the Toilet Security Agency foiled/caught? Oh yeah, ZERO. Airport security can do at least that well.

    • Amen. TSA security has to be the world’s greatest joke. I know someone who was searched three different times because of her finger nail file, but the TSA agent was too damn stupid to notice a stun gun. Took the nail file out of the carry on, put the taser BACK IN THE BAG and rescreened her carry on. It passed.
      Watched it with my own eyes. Idiots.

  14. In the meantime this happen. Many died because of a doctor’s mistake. Smoking killed a handful and so did car accidents. None of this is even reported.

  15. So far given the live news feeds and eyewitnesses the guy was a short man, a tall man, wearing fatigues, body armor, a black hoodie, gray and green, all black, and was carrying an assault rifle, AR15, some kind of rifle, and was shouting angry stuff in english, completely silent, running, and moving slowly. A dozen shots were fired, also 20, also 7.

    Seriously, not exaggerating this.


  16. LAPD Official Statement: Today at 9:30 am a single shooter in LAX around terminal 3 area started shooting. Multiple victims were injuried. LAX PD engaged the suspect. Suspect was taken into custody. For precautionary reasons terminal 3 and surrounding areas will be swept.

  17. Let’s play how many times can you count the word “AR ASSAULT RIFLE”. Also watch the amount of times the news anchors say completely ignorant stuff. “We need to ban hi-cap magazines in California…’s because of the Tea Party…..Shooter was racist……Its the Republicans fault for not funding government sooner….Blah, Blah, The Democrats and Obama wiping the sweat off forehead that news has shifted away from MAJOR healthcare issues.

  18. I’m saying Ruger, guys. I was at JL beers having a bite with my girlfriend when they showed the first pic and I immediately said “Looks like a 10/22 or a Mini-14 to me.” Then I went home, found the pic, did a little fiddling around, and I’m thinking Mini-14 with one of those tactical stocks. It just lacks an AR profile so badly. Yet, I can’t be anymore sure than any of you guys. Even if it is a Mini, though, they’ll keep calling it an “assault rifle.” If that’s a damn assault rifle, then every gun is. I suppose that’s the objective, though. With all that said, I’m considering suing every medical professional that works at any of the hospitals that a liberal reporter was born at, because letting them live was medical mal-practice.

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