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“High level sources have informed Yellowhammer News that Remington, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers, will on Monday join Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in announcing that they are bringing over 2,000 jobs to Alabama. The company is viewing the move into Alabama as an expansion, but it will likely impact their Ilion, NY plant as well. The New York facility currently employees around 1,200 people. It is expected to stay open, but with a reduced workforce.” Expansion, yes. But Big Green’s move to the Yellowhammer State is nothing if not an escape from New York. As Yellowhammer makes clear . . .

Remington first began considering new locations after the New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act in response to the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn. In addition to banning magazines that contain more than seven rounds and requiring instant background checks on ammo purchases,  the NY SAFE Act broadened the definition of so-called “assault weapons” to include a wide range of guns, including the Bushmaster, which was being manufactured at Remington’s New York plant.

Almost half the states in the country have made pitches to Remington, included Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. But in the end, the company chose Huntsville, Ala.

Governor Cuomo and his civilian disarmament allies have some ‘splainin’ to do. On the downside, Remington’s departure will take the reins off of notorious gun grabber Senator Chuck Schumer, who’s been champing at the bit to ban guns since ever. How will this move effect Cerberus’ longstanding as-yet-unrealized plan to sell the Freedom Group? Dunno. Meanwhile, the distinction between “slave states” (states favoring gun control) and “free states” (states recognizing firearms freedom) continues apace. [h/t BHJ]

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      • Because waiting sends the message that they got an increase in business because of their decision, which puts pressure on other manufactures to do the same.

    • I second the motion, and when they move, I will in joe’s words, buy a shotgun. Not for defense but for speech.

      From the left coast, it’s spoken, it will be done.

  1. Wow. I’ve been following this and had pretty well decided that they would stay in Ilion. Then out of nowhere they are leaving. I’m sure they will phase out their NY operations after the plant is set up in Alabama. Outrageous taxes and an anti gun government.

  2. Remmy got $5 million from New York to stay in Ilion, and now it’s moving at least some of its NY personnel to Alabama? OMG, this is too delicious for words!

    I guess Remmy took the hint from Gov. Mussolini when he said that people who support 2A don’t belong in New York.

    • I wonder how dumb the NY gov officials were in handing that 5mil out and the terms? They couldn’t be so dumb to make it front loaded were they….oh wait a minute…NY government…..nuff said.

      • I decided after they said they were staying in Ilion not to buy a Remington product again.
        I will buy after they start in Alabama.
        The SAFE Act and Cuomo’s current stance about conservatives probably made Remington’s mind up.
        Next up, Cuomo and his gang will BAN manufacturing of firearms in NY State, glad I left.

    • Come on, Ralph, Stop insulting Il Duce by comparing him to the tin pot banana republic despot in New York State.

  3. I honestly might buy a safe act ar so I could feel like a stormtrooper from star wars(I live in Nevada)

  4. That’s going to leave a mark on Cuomo and his buddies. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. The only real downside in all of this is the negative impact and disruption (economic, social, emotional and historical) that the move will have on the employees, their families and the community. It’s sad that it has to come to this but the legislature has made it’s bed and must now lay in it. Idiots.

  5. What are they going to do with their NY employees? Are they going to bail on them or help relocate? If their treatment of Kevin is any indication, then the move is not good for the employees.

    • Regardless of what the left says, manufacturers exist to build things, not to provide jobs. Remington is not “bailing on the employees” as much as doing what needs to be done to stay in business (with a byproduct that some jobs will still exist).

      • If they are astute enough to bilk NYS out of $5 mil and squirt out of the state, they are astute enough to offer a relocation benefit to their experienced skilled employees. Stupid they are not…

  6. What I find amusing the commercial running on tv constantly indicating that NY is a great place to do business and how the state will suspend income taxes for 10 yrs if a business moves there and brings jobs.

    Wonder if the state development authority will keep squandering state taxpayer $$ on airtime?? 🙂

    • Oh but see these are specific zones only, basically on SUNY College campuses and other “Selected” areas.

  7. I was hoping they would take the whole dang town and move it lock stock and barrel…
    I know that is saying a lot, but they employ 1200, but that is also supported by how many? Teachers, cooks, the guy at the gas station, doctors, police etc. The only reason they won’t is because it is kind of hard to do.
    I do fully support their move. I hope they give their employees the option of moving with them.

    • I think what your seeing is more diversification then moving everything lock stock and barrel. It is wise for them to not put all of the eggs in one basket. It’s the same thing we are seeing with Magpul.

      • I’m sure they need to maintain a “storefront” for the term of the tax deal. After that, who knows?

  8. At the other end of the country, we have Kevin Deleon. Although I’ve never really wanted an AR, his histrionics about “ghost guns” impelled me to go out and buy an 80% lower just because his stupidity pissed me off. I bet Remington feels the same way about Cuomo.

  9. Welcome to “Sweet Home, Alabama”!! We’re glad to see another manufacturer head our way. Might have to buy a Remington to show my support.

  10. New York is hurting. I’ve been seeing ads on tv inviting/welcoming new manufacturing business to NY with ZERO taxes for ten years. My first thought is always, ” yeah right, unless it’s arms manufacturing.” When one starts seeing ads of this nature it’s quite obvious a plea for help. From reports I read businesses and residents are leaving in record numbers.

    • Those are just for special ‘tax free zones’, so I’m guessing you’ll need to spend most of the tax money you save on extra security. And just wait and see what they do to you in 2024.

    • I filled out exactly ONE individual tax return in NY state… and promptly left. The bizarre and idiotic way that NY state required one to do their taxes was insult to the injury of their tax rates.

    • Idiot Andy knows they are screwing up. This is nothing more than a BRIBE to keep or bring business. It’s really lame and I hope most businesses know that. Wo do you think is going to PAY for those tax free years?

  11. What’s sad is when the news hits locally, there will be no shortage of trolls saying “Good riddance! We don’t need those merchants of death!” or some such tripe. in the comment sections of media websites.

    There was lots of it in Colorado after Magpul’s announcement-all along the lines of “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

    (Pace, Ralph.)

      • You’ve got that right Matt. That’s a small town and they are going to be hurting. They lost Univac in the 70’s and now are losing Remington. There is nothing else up there for skilled labor. By the way, Univac was Remington Rand.

        • Univac, General Electric Light Military, Kelsey Hayes, Chicago Pneumatic, Utica Drop Forge , Etc., Etc., The area has been hurtin’ for certain for a long time. Utica, Rome, and the Mohawk Valley have become the poster child for the rust belt. It’s a beautiful part of the country but property values are some of the lowest in the country and headed lower but the taxes can’t go down. Not lookin’ good my friends.

  12. “Governor Cuomo and his civilian disarmament allies have some ‘splainin’ to do.”

    No ‘splainin’ necessary. Just like my canceled health insurance policy, Remington offered junk, sub-par coverage employment that will be replaced through the glorious State group-think of “feeling better”.

  13. Alabama always scores near the bottom for students’ test scores. Remington will regret this move when they cannot find enough local employees that can read the training manuals; but hey, they’ll work for less so that doesn’t matter.

    Expect a lot of FTFs with Remington ammo once production gears up.

    • Really? In Huntsville? The home of the space shuttle? Really? I suppose they should have relocated to Compton.

      (Shaking my head wondering about the arrogance of Californians.)

    • As pointed out above, Huntsville has a ton of skilled laborers courtesy of NASA having a huge facility located there. I think compared to the training manuals for the Space Shuttles, the training manuals for firearms will be easy to read.

      Edit: Also, California schools blow monkey chunks, too, so get off the high horse. I say that as someone who grew up in CA and then moved to the Southeast.

      • Not just NASA, but the Army’s Redstone Arsenal and the Missile Defense Agency are large presences too. Almost all of the big engineering firms have a large presence here. We have one of the largest research parks in the nation, and UAH is a great engineering school. People are constantly relocating here, making it the fastest growing region of the state.

    • Wow, this is an ignorant statement. Say what you will about Alabama, but Huntsville repeatedly ranks as one of the most educated cities in the nation. The city has decades of engineering experience, but has also seen success in biotech, software, and other emerging industries. The city has a thriving arts and entertainment scene, and we enjoy a high standard of living paired with a low cost of living. I, and most of my friends, moved here post-grad because of the opportunities that exist here, and I don’t know anyone eager to leave.

      • As a resident of Huntsville, and a former resident of several other areas in the southeast, this place is positively cosmopolitan for the south. A great selection of terrain, shopping, low cost of living and many other things that come together without crowding the place makes Huntsville a win for me. For Remington, they will find plenty of skilled and motivated workers in this area to fulfill their needs. Now if Remington would sponsor a public range nearby this great city, they would have the allegiance of every shooter in the area, as the only downfall to the area is the lack of close public ranges to the actual city of Huntsville.

    • As opposed to the already “stellar”quality they have now?
      No thanks. I’ll go with Ruger for my bolt gun and mossburg for my shotty. 😀

    • Well golly gee we might not be one of dem dare rocket scientists but we’ll shore make a purty gun.

      Oh except we are. Good lookin out, Kali.

    • You guys have plenty of gun makers. At least you don’t have an incompetent frat boy governor who actively chases gun companies away. I could’ve spit in his beer for killing the potential Beretta move to Virginia. Now I’m waiting for FN to close its McLean offices and move them down to SC. Merde.

  14. You have to understand it’s not just the arms manufacturers that are moving into the south. Many other manufacturing industries are heading that way:

    Lower cost skilled labor, less taxation and the absence of unions have been a bonanza for southern states.

    • Unlike the liberals on the West coast and the North Eastern states, we in the South don’t interrupt people while they are talking, it’s not polite. Furthermore, we talk slowly so that people know we mean what we say. Those people in the aforementioned stated see that as dumb. Go figure.

    • Hehe. Cut off the Fudds rifles and they might even wake up and realize the attacks on the 2nd amendment effect them too. Maybe they will get off their 6 pt buck butts and take an active part in protecting our rights and possibly even show up at the polling places INFORMED about the issues.

  15. NY’s future is looking grim. In 2010, due to depopulation, NY’s congressional delegation lost another seat and is now only 29, the lowest in 200 years. Upstate NY is economically devastated and offers some of the cheapest land outside of Detroit. Outside of a few areas near cities such as NYC, Albany, Cooperstown, Rochester the state is covered in abandoned houses with plywood windows. The tax burden places the state in the top 3 highest tax rates any way you slice the data. The new mayor of NY City is already announcing plans to increase taxes. This will drive out another batch of businesses from NYC, the economic engine of the entire state and the downward spiral accelerates. I am leaving as soon as I can. It is too sad.

  16. Your move Kimber. Oh wait, you already moved from a free state to the heart of anti liberty stupidity.

    • I never did understand that move.
      NY must have offered quite a bit to get them to move from Oregon.

      • I lived in western MA and had to go to NY often for work. There is nothing that could get me to move a company from Oregon to that state. I do have to admit I was born in Oregon and lived there until I was 24 so I might be biased, slightly.

  17. If the citizens in the “occupied states” keep electing tyrants, then they deserve what they get. I feel for them, but if it takes this to wake them up, then so be it.

  18. Kudos to Remington! The firearms and accessory manufacturers that are still located in Menshevik states should follow suit. The “New” New York commercial that regularly disrupts my enjoyment of “Varney & Co.” on FBN is an audio-visual Potemkin village that makes Baghdad Bob look like George Washington.

  19. I seem to remember a lot of you people wanting to sell your Remington what-nots not too long ago, and here I see that same bunch now wanting to buy one.

    How fickle we are.

    Anyway, this is still good news all around. Lots of skilled labor in Alabama, contrary to whatever churlish rants about them “not being able read technical manuals” or some other complete bullshit like that, and plenty of decently-paying jobs coming their way. I wonder if Remington plans to close their Ilion plant once their .gov contracts are fulfilled…

    • I’m not selling my 870, but my money won’t go to anything Freedom Group these days regardless of where they move. The quality and integrity simply aren’t there.

      As a fellow upstater I’ll feel bad for the residents of Ilion when they lose their livelihoods but I can’t blame Remington for shipping out. Odds are after 2014 I’ll be leaving too, Cuomo has no real opposition and I’m not sticking around to see how much of a shitshow he can make out of my home state.

    • Reward the faithful, punish the faithless.

      That aside, I get what you’re saying, which is why I don’t go in to much for the “So-and-so is dead to me!” wharrgarbl. Like I noted in my letter to Goodyear about their weapons policy: “Should Goodyear’s policy on this matter change in the future, I will consider reestablishing our business relationship.”

      • Goodyear is dead to me as long as they have their anti-gun policy. My high-performance tires will be Hankook for the time being. My Infiniti dealership doesn’t have a gun free policy, and I don’t think my old Ford dealership did either.

        • My tires are actually BFGoodrich g-Force KDW2. I was pricing and comparing them against Goodyear Eagle F1s, and when I decided on the BFGoodrich, the guy behind the counter at Goodyear offered to get me a price. I was skeptical, but hey, knock yourself out. I was quite surprised when they beat Tire Rack, handily.

        • I’ve had Goodyear tires on two of my vehicles. One was a 2002 Lightning truck, they sucked. The other, a 2003 Cobra, also terrible. They could not hook up for crap and they were noisy. I now usually go with BFG or Toyo for performance vehicles. I hit up discount tire usually when I was down in Texas. They had a lot of them and I seem to attract a lot of flats in Texas.

  20. I do not intend to purchase any Remington firearm while it is owned by Cerberus/TFG. I don’t care if it’s made in Isny im Allgäu, Germany, by the same craftsmen who make Blaser rifles.

    As long as the company is owned by TFG, its products will be of poor quality. I own Chinese firearms that are far better made. Chinese! And that’s sad.

    • Great news, Ralph! The Freedom Group no longer exists, it’s Remington Outdoor Company now. No need to thank me, go buy that Remmy you clearly want so much.

        • Aww, aren’t you a sad fellow. Did you buy a new Remington and it had a tiny dent on the action or something? You’re worse than all those Glock, excuse me, GLOCK haters. And don’t accuse my of being a Remington fanboy, I don’t even own one.

  21. I moved back to NYS because my dad had two strokes. So now I am behind enemy lines. I feel for the people of Illion. I hope that they get their finances in order fast because once Remington leaves there will be nothing left. The town will die . FUAC. Thanks for nothing.

  22. Great news about Remington. Wish some other companies would get with the program. *glares at Smith & Wesson*

    • If S&W leaves Massachusetts, all gun rights here will die, and not coincidentally, so will Springfield. I hope that the company never moves.

      • Can one not make the same argument about Remington, New York, and Ilion? Yet here everyone cheers the move as relates to Big Green.

        • No you cannot. NYS has the SAFE Act. MA, as hoplophobic as it is, does not — because of S&W, among others.

    • I still think the R51is a crappy design, being that its a similar size to the Glock 26 / 19, but holds much less ammo and is fickle about reassembly. Regardless, you should have the freedom to vote with your wallet, and Remington’s move out of occupied communist territory may help you with that. I hope Remington’s quality improves, but I’ll hold onto my cash until that’s confirmed. My $.02.

      • The R51 is an old design, and unlike the M1911, it never was a good design even back in the day.

        I would buy an R51 as a safe queen or conversation piece, but that’s it. And frankly, that might be Remmy’s plan for it.

      • Yeah, but Glocks have some of the worst triggers of any firearm on the planet. Plus they are too fat for easy carry. If the R51 is even marginally lighter/slimmer than a 1911 Commander it will be worth it.

  23. Hopefully the employees and families who work in that Remington factory will relocate as well. Every NY job lost is a win-win for America. A non-violent protest … if you will.

      • You’re probably right. This would be the time for employees to pay their own way if the company will guarantee their job in Alabama. A chance to leave a dying state/town is not to be missed.

        • Companies have found that it’s cheaper to relo employees than it is to pay terminal benefits, COBRA etc., and train new employees. It’s simple economics, and it works in favor of bringing your people with you when you move.

  24. Wonder if the Honorable Mr. Schumer will support Ilion with his fortune the same way he fights NRA with his fortune? Good move Remington to a great state!

    • The shame of it is most of Upstate NY is gorgeous. Catskill Mountains (skiing at Windham and Hunter Mountains are some of my favorite memories of my childhood), West Point area (pretty much anyplace along the Hudson River), Lake George (my first introduction to early American history at Fort William Henry), Lake Champlain (same at Fort Ticonderoga), Finger Lakes (great camping, hiking, etc), Cooperstown, etc. Now I hate going back and I never enjoy my time there. I can almost feel the oppression on final approach to JFK.

  25. Huntsville is a great place, and I’d be willing to bet that many of the employees that make the move to Dixie will end up loving it.

    I love the move. Roll Tide.

  26. I would like to see all the arms and ammunition companies refuse to sell anti-gun states and cities weapons or ammunition for their police forces. Know it won’t happen, but they deserve it.

  27. Not to rain on the parade, but I’ve seen no place where Remington has said they are shutting down Illion or moving production from NY to anywhere. Remington is way behind on production of many products, especially ammo. Huntsville is just adding production capacity, why would they close their Ilion plant at a time when they can’t make stuff fast enough?

    Add that to the fact that Remington has specifically stated that they will be staying in Illion and this “relocation” talk looks like pure speculation to me.

    • Remington ammunition is currently made in Lonoke, AR and has been for many years. It was formerly made in Bridgeport, CT. None of these other Remington factories are involved in the manufacture of ammunition.

  28. I just purchased myself two new Remingtons (20 gau. / 12 gau.) for the next hunting season. My favorite hunting shotguns.

  29. I live in nys at this point, but am seriously looking at relocating. I say congrats to remington for moving. I’m sorry to the people that will lose their jobs. They should contact that pos governor and tell him that he is responsible for this move. I know some people will see this as remington bailing on us ny’ers but if they dont make a stance and just stay they will be out of business anywAys if douchebag cuomo continues with his anti gun crap. I feel that ALL gun manufcatures in nys should leave not just because of the safe act but the anti business friendly attitude and ridiculous high taxes. Ny wont be worth the toliet paper that the fleeing companies and people wipe their bums with in the end.

  30. As soon as we can we too will join the exodus of folks who are 2 A pro life conservatives who ” have no place “in Cuomos communist state . Sad but reality is taxes , anti gun , pro death of babies state is quickly heading down the toilet !
    That’s the flushing sound you hear

  31. Strange, I haven’t seen this story in the business sections of The Times or WSJ ? Maybe they are waiting for the official announcement as responsible objective publications.

  32. Too bad for the employees of Remington but, that’s what happens when people like Coumo get elected. What his father couldn’t do to destroy the state, his son is getting done now. What a shame as the country side of central N.Y. is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, next to the mtns. of northern Idaho and Montana but the politics of this state has it going in circles like the toilet when I flush it. Somebody has to make up for the funding of the schools, fire Depts.and general public works and its a simple math to get this done, residents still there will have a bigger slice of pie. I left the state I was born in, September of 2013 as that was all I could stand for those reasons and other personal reasons. The fuel prices are $.50 to $.75 per gallon higher in N.Y.. Electric rates are thru the roof and the infrastructure is seriously failing. All these businesses that provide these services are being sold to out of state investors and all they care about is more money for the services. I was paying more to get my electric delivered than what the electric actually cost. That’s just insane, an almost free way to get rob the people of more money and that’s just one of the many ways the people left in NYS are getting rifled of their wallets. I moved to Florida and all my monthly bills for these services and products were cut in half instantly. That’s crazy, how much can these rich politicians put on the public. They’re falling like fly’s as they’re getting caught in their dishonesty all the time (Sen, Bruno, Eliot Spitzer, etc and lets not forget my favorite little rep. Weinner in the NYC area sending naked pictures of himself to some gal, what a freaking demented creep, and he actually wanted to get back in office too, WOW, I mean WOW what a huge set of balls he’s got, LOL.) and some actually go where they should stay, in prision!!! Now the Govenor has chased out the largest employer in the area other than the public employees, but who’s gonna pay them folks??? Get out while ya still have SOME value in you property’s that won’t last long when taxes go sky high as somebody’s gotta make up for this largest employer tax payer in the area is gonna be gone you and whatever businesses left have to make up for that at least until they get better offers and they too, leave NYS for more business friendly locations. Remington Arms even warned the Govenor that if they passed those laws that the Arms would pull up stakes and head out the state. What did they need, someone to hit them in the head with a mallet??? But then in NY the people for the better treatment of mallets would be up in arms as hard as the politicians heads are. When the last person is out the state would they close the gate behind them!!! the electric will have already priced itself out the peoples market.

    • Incorrect… In fact both of the metaphors were used incorrectly. I wasn’t going to “nit pick”, but since it came up I will. I was raised on a working ranch / farm in the south and spent many a day on horseback, so these terms are second nature to me. As I’m sure you know the terms are referring to a bridal bit (metal rod that is placed in the horse’s mouth) and reigns (leather straps held in hand(s) that are connected to the bit to control direction and movement of the horse)…. Or simply put, to “control” the horse. Schumer would be the one holding the reigns for control, not wearing them. Therefore you would take the reigns (control) from Schumer, not take the reigns off of him. That would imply he would be wearing a bridal and therefore being controlled, which he should be. And we all know that just the opposite is true. He is out of control as are many of our “representatives” and it would be a great day for Americans to see these “representatives” being bridaled and reigned in. As for the bit… When a horse is excited / anxious / displeased, it will “chomp” or chew on the bit (not champ) to try to get the bit out of it’s mouth. The horse either does not want to be controlled or is not comfortable with the bit or simply “rearing to go” when being held back. Hence the term “chomping at the bit”. Anyone who has spent time around bridaled horses will have experienced this. I’ve never even heard “champing at the bit” until now. What is “champing” and how is it done? Is that like twerking? Haha. That sure was a pretty long winded way just to get to my originaly intended comment so i’ll just apologize now. Remington has labeled the Huntsville plant as an “expansion” and not as a move out of N.Y. nor are they closing N.Y. operations (yet). Utill Remington and / or any other manufactures / suppliers completely close shops and move out of N.Y. and /or other slave states, I will still not support them and / or any other manufacturer / supplier with my dollars. It is a pain in the ass to do the research required, but worth the effort to me personally. My rights and freedom(s) can not be bought and will not be dictated.

  33. After reading the article again, i realized that i misinterpreted the “taking the reigns off” of Schumer. That metaphor was used correctly. My bad..

  34. Remington officials announced to us today they are closing bushmaster and 1911 and moving them to alabama.

  35. The Remington Rep I talked to last week says they are moving the R-51 line from North Carolina to Alabama also. Supposed to be turning out New R-51’s sometime in April 2015.

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