BREAKING: Armed Officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High “Never Went In” During Shooting

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has announced that the deputy assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson, failed to intervene in the spree killing that left 17 dead . . .

During an investigation into the shooting, the Sheriff’s department reviewed security camera footage that showed Deputy Scot Peterson on campus at the time of the shooting. Deputy Peterson arrived at the west side of the building where the shooting took place. The officer took up a position but “never went in.”

Deputy Peterson waited four minutes outside before taking any action. He has since resigned from the agency.

Sgt. Greg Molamphy nominated Deputy Scot Peterson as the Parkland Deputy of the Year in 2017. In a memo Molamphy sent to Lt. Michael DeVita, he wrote Peterson handled “issues that arise with tact and solid judgment.”

WSVN 7 News in Miami asked Sheriff Israel what Deputy Peterson should have done in the situation. “Went in. Address the killer. Kill the killer.”

Col. Jack Dale said two other BSO deputies, Edward Eason and Guntis Treijis, were placed on restrictive duty. An internal investigation is ongoing to determine whether anything more could have been done concerning accused shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“I’ve restricted two of our deputies as we dig deeper into this,” Sheriff Israel said during the press conference, “and make a decision to see whether or not they could have done more, should’ve done more.”

During last nights CNN Town Hall Debate Sheriff Israel told the supportive audience that only police can save people and that arming teachers and staff is a useless cause. Seems he overstated his case . . .


  1. avatar Ben There says:

    They were too concerned with their pension

    1. avatar Flinch says:

      Bet the deputy will off himself. Who could live with that kind of failure.

      1. avatar Stereodude says:

        That seems rather unlikely. This isn’t Japan, China, or Korea.

      2. avatar Gregolas says:

        I now have a new intro to my law of self-defense classes. Sad.
        All governors should activate their state militias. Then WE will defend our kids !

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          Demand that the government STOPS CLAIMING THAT IT CAN / DOES PROTECT YOU !!!




      3. avatar Kenneth says:

        Ten will get you twenty that instead of suicide, the next we will hear of this deputy is him suing his former dept. for unlawful termination and full payment of his pension benefits.
        Any takers?

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          Any chance he was BENGHAZI’D?

          Who wants to bet he was told to hold (stand down).

        2. avatar California Richard says:

          He will collect a pension, and he won’t have to sue. There is already pleanty of civil case law on the matter. There have been pleanty of cops who have commited felonies and done prison time that collect pensions. This cop wasn’t even terminated; he resigned.

          He wasn’t “told to hold”, he’s just a coward or scared half-wit with a badge. Same goes for the other 2 cops who got there and did nothing.

      4. avatar Southern Cross says:

        No, he’ll have an “accident” while cleaning his gun to preserve his pension for his family.

        1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

          Former Dep. Peterson’s pension is safe, he committed no crime. The Sheriff though can deny him a “retired badge and credentials”, thus denying him carry authority under Florida and Federal law, except with a Florida CHL

    2. avatar JohnnyL says:

      Yes this is true according to news reports officer Scot Peterson was suspended without pay as police conducted an internal investigation But instead of waiting it out, Peterson chose that moment to resign and retire from his position !!

      But remember that ‘s not the reason why this happen is was the NRA’s fault with their murderous agenda. And don’t forget President Trump was put in office by the gun lobby so they could continue to sell Automatic Weapons. Source Everytown For Gun Safety LOL !!

      1. avatar Southern Cross says:

        At least he got to go home that night. Unlike the students.

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          That’s the important thing…

          …head on a swivel, boys.

      2. avatar Flinch says:

        Are you calling the gun lobby Russians?

        Hmm. I guess it makes sense.

      3. avatar Robert says:

        I’m not sure your tongue-in-cheek is “appropriate” ………
        There are too many out there who don’t understand wit. —- [They are “witless,” AKA Talking Heads, etc,]

    3. avatar Bry Phil says:

      People live under the illusion that the police will save you from harm. The Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. This is why you should have a means to defend your self as this policeman has just proven.

      1. avatar D says:

        First rule of a first responder is to asess the scene and don’t become a victim. I’m sure the keyboard cowboys team 6 would have went in guns a blazing. Shoes on the other foot comes to mind. You don’t know how you would act unless you where there. It’s not like everyone was cool and collective.

        1. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

          Yeah…Ok…The Chain of Command Disagreed with Egg on their Face….

        2. avatar Accur81 says:

          Bullsh!t. The active shooter protocol is to go in. Preferably with backup, but alone if necessary.

          I’ve gone in alone on a reported stabbing spree, and I’d go in alone again against a shooting spree if I had to.

        3. avatar Jeff in CO says:

          Totally agree (Acccur81)! All training (called R.A.I.D. out here) is ideal if three more cover cars are available, but if you are on scene without a cover officer, we are to immediately go in!

          This is just a sad day all around (for the school, family of victims, and now our law enforcement community). Right now, there are plenty of us wishing we could have traded places and gotten in there. The sheriff made the right move (other than the teacher disarmament comment).

        4. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Well, like the Bosstones said, ‘I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested.’

          Now we know.

        5. avatar PeachesSabrina says:

          Ya know, I am not going to fault the guy for not going in, because even on Iwo Jima Marines were scared sh*tless, and didn’t advance off the beach for the longest time. However with that being said IF at anytime during the training that he had for this if he didn’t feel like he couldn’t do the job due to age, or just couldn’t hack it, then he SHOULD have said nope, ain’t gonna do it, and they shoulda found someone who COULD do the job. That’s where I have the issue, this is just an epic failure on all levels on the sheriff’s department.

        6. avatar Hunter427 says:

          I’ve run towards gunfire with no problem and I work with some cowards who stayed glued in their cars, some cops just don’t belong in uniform, so study real hard to become bosses. I hate most bosses

        7. avatar Art out West says:

          Funny, but I thought responders were suppose to RESPOND!

        8. avatar Hannibal says:

          I know damn well I would go in immediately. Not only is it the protocol for years (decades, maybe), it’s the only reasonable option for someone who doesn’t want the blood of kids on their hands.

          You go in immediately. These guys are usually cowards and there’s a good chance he’ll kill himself or surrender. Failing that, hopefully you have more skill, luck or surprise.

          And failing ALL that, every moment and bullet of his spent on you was one less on a kid. It’s a no-brainer.

        9. avatar Bob999 says:

          Columbine changed all that. Police training since then calls for immediate action. This guy was simply taking a paycheck waiting to retire. As far as freezing, no, not for 4 minutes, not after a long law enforcement career with thousands of hours of training. This was all about self preservation. I am not sure you can call this cowardice. He just determine that his life wasn’t worth risking to save a bunch of teenage strangers. Why he made it as a cop those many years is beyond me. One person implied that he will off himself. Unless he loses his pension, I doubt it.

        10. avatar W. Green says:

          Our agency requires all officers to successfully complete ALERRT Active Shooter Training. While this is the only program I have personal experience with, I feel confident that it is similar to other programs of this nature. Officer are taught to immediately respond, locate, and eliminate the threat. At no point was the “don’t become a victim” rule discussed during the training.

          I cannot speak to the laws governing peace officers in other states, but in Texas the officer’s actions would be cause for removal or suspension for violating Local Government Code Sec. 143.051(3) Incompetency, Sec. 143.051(4) Neglect of Duty, Sec. 143.051(8) Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order, and Sec. 143.051(11) Shirking Duty. These codified laws are the actual “Rules” of being a first responder in my state, and I would hope that all other states have similar laws.

        11. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          What do you want to bet that former deputy Peterson shows up at another police department in the very near future? Bad cops have a tendency keep showing up in other cop-shops, even after screwing up time and again. Wonder why?

      2. avatar D says:

        Sounds like we have a lot of volunteers that are wasting their talent elsewhere.

        1. avatar Art out West says:

          You are excusing the inexcusable. This sounds like total cowardice on the part of the officer. He will spend the rest of his life in shame, scorned as the man that hid while children died.


          “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8 ESV

          I pray that God will mercifully save the officer (from cowardice etc., by faith in Christ) before that day comes.

          I’m no hero, but anyone can recognize cowardice.

        2. avatar TStew says:

          I’m no hero and have only been shot at once, but my reaction wasn’t to shit my pants and freeze. Given the opportunity, I would happily use my 24 volunteer hours per year from work to walk an armed citizen guard shift (or three) at a school. I’d even pay for training myself.

          So, yeah. Volunteer? Gladly. You?

        3. avatar PosseMan says:

          Not this one. I just started my local SO’s Reserve Deputy Academy. Yes, RESERVE — as in, do the same stuff as a FT deputy, but “for frrreeeeeeeee” (to quote Adam Sandler).

      3. avatar Just says:

        So much failure by those trusted,
        For protection they were selected.

        Who will pay the ultimate price?
        Those disarmed they threw their dice.

        A child disturbed, bullied and alone.
        His dire plans to some were known.

        While one that could’ve, should’ve tried
        safely stayed and waited outside…

        Husbands, wives they wept and cried.
        Those disarmed were those that died.


      4. avatar ZMan says:

        That is correct. The police are not obligated to protect anyone but themselves. The reason we have police is to investigate crimes AFTER they are committed and arrest criminals after the crime has occurred

    4. avatar D says:

      Muffin top operaters are coming out strong against this deputy. I’m sure they would have repelled off the couch and saved the day.

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        It sounds like the guy didn’t do his job.
        A police officer who won’t risk his life to save children sounds like a pretty despicable coward.

        Worse than a teacher who won’t teach, or a chef who won’t cook, a firefighter who won’t fight fires, or a janitor who won’t clean.

        That is the epitome of “security theater”.

        Maybe the home economics teacher has a little more courage. Maybe we should let her carry a firearm.

        1. avatar D says:

          The late bird doesn’t get the worm. I’m sure you would have saved the day.

        2. avatar Accur81 says:


          Does it make you feel better to disparage other people? Peehaps courage doesn’t exist in your mind, but it still does in others.

        3. avatar 16V says:

          Accur81, I will give “D” this – he knows his limitations….

          Sadly, he ascribes his fear to the rest of us, who would actually go in, damn the torpedoes. While this particular scenario is highly unlikely to happen to me, burning cars and buildings haven’t stopped me. Gunfire? Challenge…

        4. avatar D says:

          I agree he should have acted but it should have never made it this far. Many people failed to act. Now the whole thing weighs on his shoulders

      2. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

        D is all butt hurt trying to defend the indefensible. If you can’t answer the bell when it rings then you should have never gone into your chosen profession. But I guess that we should just defer to the “guys who just want to make it home.” To bad those kids will never get that chance on this world unlike this police officer.

        1. avatar D says:

          After sleeping it off I realized that the deputy should have acted but he’s not the only one who failed to act. He is now the scape goat for many others

        2. avatar Art out West says:

          True. The sheriff needs to resign in disgrace. His department failed to act, and the SRO is his deputy. Folks at the FBI have a lot to answer for as well.

      3. avatar Hannibal says:

        I may not have the abs I did in the academy (just kidding, I like donuts too much) but I know my mission. And I can tell when someone has failed his.

        There is no excuse for this. The fact that you are trying to make some speaks quite a bit about you. Stop projecting.

      4. avatar tdiinva says:

        Your answers are programmed. At least two police officers responded to your comment.

      5. avatar TStew says:

        That’s “rappel”, bro. If you’re going to troll, have the decency to at least spell correctly.

        1. avatar D says:

          Sorry fellas,didn’t mean to troll. Had a few rum and cokes last night and it doesn’t go well with the internet. Yes, he should have acted it’s his job. Ironic that more police are guarding this guy’s house than ever guarded the school. Hats off to those who do run toward the fight. I would have hated to be in that guys shoes is all and this should have never happened in the first place if others would have done their job.

      6. avatar Mister Fleas says:

        Psychological projection is a form of defense mechanism in which someone attributes thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are perceived as undesirable to someone else.

    5. avatar CZJay says:

      It’s a reflection of leadership.

      The Sheriff doesn’t want to take responsibility and doesn’t want to offer solutions. He just panders to the emotion of the crowd with “ban guns.” That’s not a solution as we clearly see how the government will choose not to protect Americans when they need protecting; they care about themselves, not your kids or you.

      *People are going to die! Stand down, stand down. Repeat. Stand down!*

      In Asia, when leadership fails, they tend to write a letter of resignation and publicly apologize for their failure. They bow deeply with regret and shame.

      In America, it seems like they won’t go down without a fight. They will blame everyone else and make excuses. They refuse to fulfill their duty and responsibilities.

  2. avatar Nanashi says:

    Warren v. District of Columbia strikes again!

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Warren v. District of Columbia is an oft-quoted District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine.
      Which means you are just SOL.
      And we have police because…..?

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Because someone has to write traffic tickets?

      2. avatar Mad Max says:

        Because it makes liberals feel good…as long as the cops don’t arrest or shoot any Democrats.

      3. avatar Stereodude says:

        Because someone has to protect the interests of the local government.

      4. avatar Sheldon Barbash says:

        To generate revenue, and protect the government

        1. avatar Cam says:

          Winner, winner, donut dinner!

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Which one strikes again?

      Warren v. District of Columbia
      — or —
      Castle Rock v. Gonzales
      — or —
      (yet another case where police refused to “serve and protect”)

      1. avatar TroutsBane says:

        South vs Maryland (1855)

      2. avatar CarlosT says:

        Castle Rock is just gut wrenching.

      3. avatar 16V says:

        There’s at least a dozen cites for this. The cops have abso-effen-lutely no duty to protect you.

  3. avatar JDH says:

    He should be publicly shamed.

    1. avatar D says:

      And you would have done what?

      1. avatar When Bullets Collide says:

        That’s easy. I would have gone in. FLAME DELETED

      2. avatar CZJay says:

        You run to the sounds of the gun. That’s your duty. You sacrifice yourself for the public when it’s necessary.

        Current cops in America have a bad mindset of “I just want to go home to my family.” They will either fail to act when a situation puts them in danger or they will overreact in fear when there is no true danger.

        Basically, the wrong people are being hired to be cops. It’s not like it used to be.

      3. avatar Anonymous says:

        So. D

        If they were your kids in there would you have gone in? Or just wait for backup?

  4. avatar IN Dave says:

    It is always those that scream the loudest for change that did the least to help

  5. avatar kevin says:

    And all this time I thought police work was dangerous.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Choking on a doughnut is dangerous.

      1. avatar Jim B says:

        It is a misconception that police have a very dangerous job. The numbers do not say that. Policeman isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs. The most dangerous job tends to alternate between fisherman and logger depending on the year. In any case this guy Scot Peterson resigned that God.

        1. avatar Cliff H says:

          But long-haul truck drivers routinely hit the list at #7 or #8, and most are not allowed to carry guns.

        2. avatar pieslapper says:

          Think pizza delivery driver ranks higher than cop in the danger scale.

        3. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          Working with heavy machinery (including motor vehicles) is what makes most dangerous jobs dangerous. The most dangerous thing cops usually do is drive a car for an entire shift.

    2. avatar BJI says:

      Years ago there was a study that showed policemen or firefighters WERE NOT in the top ten most hazardous occupations!!!

    3. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      The work would have been more dangerous if he actually went in to do it… I’m disgusted for the whole profession right now.

  6. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Deputy Peterson then took up a position but “never went in.” Because he had pride of service with integrity?
    Sheriff Israel last night during the CNN Town Hall Debate ranted and raved that only police can save people and that the arming of teachers and staff is a useless cause. I dunno about the teachers, but the police are a lost cause.

    1. avatar Doesky2 says:

      Ain’t it special that sheriff dipshit didn’t announce this until AFTER the town hall. Scumbag puzzie.

    2. avatar ironicatbest says:

      I didn’t know cops dropped their weapons before they “di di”, but yeah just about as useful.

  7. avatar Tile floor says:

    Fire his ass.

    I’m an SRO. My job is to keep those kids safe and If that means dying so they can live, so be it.

    1. avatar IN Dave says:

      And I thank you. Keep up the great work. Just because one of you screwed the pooch doesn’t mean everybody is bad. Kind of like gun owners.

    2. avatar Flinch says:

      Long grows the list of adult failures.

    3. avatar CTstooge says:

      I bet an armed teacher (or coach) would’ve stepped in. They have more stake in the game

      1. avatar Ing says:

        Hell, an unarmed teacher/coach stepped in where the police feared to tread.

        The progressive system of government and society is an enormous, evil lie.

        It cannot and will not protect people like you and me. Or Aaron Feis, who should have at least had the option to face that homicidal nutbar with effective tools. Or schoolchildren who, by law, shall not under any circumstances be defended by those who love them.

        1. avatar Charles says:

          The coach that did step in was a second amendment supporter and had entries on his facebook page supporting arming teachers and stand your ground.

        2. avatar FromMyWarmWetSock says:

          They have the footage now of that football coach, he actually did #2 in his pants and it ran into his shoe and he slip and stumbled in front of the shooter… but he made his block so…

        3. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

          @sock, even if what you said was literally true he’s still more of a hero than most people.

        4. avatar ProfessorManque says:

          Sock is a lying, soulless troll.

        5. avatar Scoutino says:

          @ Sock. Brave is not the one who doesn’t feel fear. Bravery means being scared shitless and go anyways!

          Give them a figting chance! Down with Gun Free Zones!

  8. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Once again, still, We Are On Our Own.

    1. avatar 2004done says:

      JWTaylor (still we are on our own): Yes, up the proverbial creek, and we sat, while our legislators have removed the ‘paddles”, to make our children safer? I’m sorry to say ANTIFA and BLM are much more effective by destruction of rules and decency, than we are by following their leftists’ rules.

  9. avatar Geoff PR says:


    Unbelievable, except it’s *very* believable.

    A handgun against an AR-platform rifle is not ideal in *any* sense of the world.

    I’ve thought about this today, and I’ve come to the conclusion a pump shotgun with a laser sight and loaded with Brenneke slugs would be just about ideal for a school shooter with a long gun situation.

    A one ounce-plus slug, even if it hits body armor, will likely knock the shooter down, and a follow-up shot could finish the job…

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      In an enclosed area a handgun can be VERY effective against a shooter with an AR, especially if he is not expecting it to bark at him.

      1. avatar Art out West says:

        The Klackamas mall shooting (AR15 involved) was stopped by a guy with a handgun.

        1. avatar Art out West says:

          Also, there was that police officer in Texas who stopped (with his Glock) two shooter terrorists (armed with semiauto rifles). I’m glad he didn’t wait for the SWAT team to show up.

        2. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

          *Clackamas, but you are right

        3. avatar Jeff in CO says:

          Here’s the Garland Incident:

          Also, here’s where he talks about the incident:

          Yes, there are plenty of people who would have been willing to go in after the shooter and risk it with just a handgun. Officer Greg Stevens had an opportunity to run in this attack, instead, he faced TWO shooters armed with semiautomatic rifles.

          The Florida incident is just tough all around . . . 🙁

      2. avatar Bob999 says:

        That is true. In my military law enforcement days, some decades ago, we would often switch to pistols during build entry. It is simply too easy for the bad guy to get hold of the barrel and take the rifle out of play. Also, the distances are short enough that it mostly nullifies the advantage of a rifle.

    2. avatar CWT says:

      This isn’t some with any training to overcome his tunnel vision. What are the odds he would have noticed anyone who wasn’t directly in his line of sight once he started shooting?

    3. avatar Joe says:

      Its well proven that these shooters are looking for victims and not a gunfight. Every mass shooting where a DGU happens the mass shooter immediately retreats. They are cowards looking for soft targets. I this case you are wrong, any gun would probably work just as well. Against suicidal jihadist bent on ending his life with victims you might be right.

      1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        “Every mass shooting where a DGU happens the mass shooter immediately retreats.” The Dallas BLM shooter didn’t.

    4. avatar Scoutino says:

      Handgun against rifle is not ideal. But it’s thousand times better than bare hands against rifle. If we will sit outside and wait for ideal conditions, the killers just keeps upping their score.

  10. avatar paul says:

    Anti’s already seizing on this as “evidence” that a good guy with a gun doesn’t work. And, it doesn’t work, if the person does not engage; obviously. That is why we should not employ LEO’s for school security. Instead, let’s train committed CCW holders. Or teachers, administrators etc

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      The answer that should be obvious is armed PARENTS in school. Very few armed parents are going to sit by idly while a spree killer is engaged in a search-and-destroy mission for that armed parent’s child.

      It should be no surprise that many law enforcement officers will violate their own protocol to go in immediately without waiting for backup. After all, they have no skin in the game.

      1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

        Armed Mama Bears?

        Basically there is no guarantee of any success against kamikaze killers, but you might as well let any legal carrier who wants to be, be armed. Your trained guard may not save the day. Your special designated person may not arrive or may escort people out the other side.

        The person you want armed is the unlucky person who gets caught in the room with the killer, with nowhere to run or hide. They may not have special skills, they may not be able to clear hostage scenarios, etc. But they have no choice, act or die. It might just be that a little muddled, unskilled resistance will be enough to either eliminate the threat, or said perp ends themselves. Maybe they don’t act, and our last resort is killed, but as soon as the killer steps into the hall, they corner another person. Eventually either one of these people has success or the killer is slowed down and hemmed in.

        This means you have to have “enough” armed friendlies. Sure, designate and train a few, but let the others carry.

        1. avatar Joe says:

          I agree the more armed the better but I have a higher opinion of people. In almost every group there is a hero or two who will run to the sounds of gunfire. Its been proven again and again, look at the unarmed coach in this incident. I would like to think I would but have run to the sounds of gun fire but I never been in this situation. I could not live with myself if I was that cop.

      2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        And put the parents at the opposite end of the school than their kids.

    2. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

      ….And a Well Trained Private Armed Security…and School faculty who wish to participate…And it shouldn’t be an excuse to turn schools into prisons either….

    3. avatar tjlarson2k says:

      Of course antis don’t believe in average citizens with guns, because people naturally think they are the average person and insert themselves into their narrative to see if it makes sense to them.

      Meanwhile, the reality is if you knew a bunch of antis were about to be threatened by an armed psycho, how many of you would come to their aid?

      How about a bunch of non-binary SJWs? Whatever that means.

      Antis hate pro-2A people because owning and carrying firearms represents a level of social responsibility and freedom they will never fully understand or experience. And in their heart of hearts, antis know that if we knew what they really thought of us, that we would leave them at the mercy of their enemies.

      Now I understand the protect me and mine philosophy. Sounds heartless and selfish at first glance, but when you realize not everyone deserves saving… and you do the math, the odds aren’t good that a good portion of any people you save likely don’t give a crap about anything you hold dear and would just as soon take away your freedom or put you and yours in jeopardy when given the chance.

      1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

        I have had friends who don’t own a gun because they say they would want to “use it.” The difference between them and an anti-gunner is that they don’t assume that is true for everyone.

    4. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      “Anti’s already seizing on this as “evidence” that a good guy with a gun doesn’t work.”

      It’s a “good guy with a gun”, not a coward with a gun. Scott Peterson was not a good guy with a gun, he was a coward with a gun.

  11. Wasn’t there a ruling that they did not have to protect people from an active shooter?

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      No, not specifically. There was a civil court case in NYC where a subway passenger sued because police failed to protect him from a stabbing. The city court decided that the police in question did not owe a “special duty” to the victim beyond society as a whole and therefore were not liable.

      This case was not based on federal caselaw nor is it applicable everywhere. It was local to NYC. While the plaintiff stated he would appeal, I am not aware of whether he did so.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        See above for other cases. There are many. The same is true in California: unless an officer accepts a “special duty of care” an officer owes no duty to protect you or the public at large from any harm. The California case was a civil case where a stranded motorist on the left shoulder was injured when the CHP(who had stopped behind with lights on) left the scene before a tow truck arrived and her vehicle was struck.
        The “Protect” of “Protect and Serve” is just advertising.
        Now, to be fair, there are, and have been, many officers who have intervened in a violent situation, and some have lost their lives as a result. It is a job they are paid to do. What I am saying is that they do not owe a legal duty of care to the victim, and the victim doesn’t get to sue them if they fail to protect. This used to come up quite frequently when officers did not respond timely or at all to domestic situations where a domestic violence restraining order of some kind was in place.

  12. avatar former water walker says:

    Damn Floriduh dude…memo from The Pulse Nightclub. TRY.

  13. avatar IN Dave says:

    FBI director: well nobody could screw up this shooting more than we just did.
    Sheriff Israel: We will see about that, hold my beer.

    1. avatar Charles says:

      The officer that choked had history too. Evidently he stonewalled investigators looking for details on Cruz in the past

      “Peterson is mentioned as part of a 2016 social services agency investigation into Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old identified by police as the gunman. According to a Florida Department of Children and Families report detailing that investigation, Peterson was approached by investigators and “refused to share any information . . . regarding [an] incident that took place with” the teenager.”

  14. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I recently attended A.L.I.C.E. training for churches. Our presenter is a deputy in my county. Our presenter was very candid and said flat-out that he knows deputies who will not “storm the castle” until a large team is assembled.

    That was his way of saying — without actually saying — that we cannot rely on police to save us during an attack.

    The only bright side to this: it gives us INFINITELY stronger support for our position that we insist on having the capability to save ourselves.

  15. avatar Bersa Bob says:

    I watched the CNN report and he sure cut down the NRA and a good guy with a gun approach. The guy was a dick head. The sheriff should be removed from office.
    CNN wont cover that story.

    1. avatar just says:

      People are already twisting this to fit into their agenda
      They are saying “see- not even armed guards will stop this” but they left out the word COWARDLY

  16. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Okay, since our legislatures refuse to decriminalize armed self-defense in schools, and we cannot count on law enforcement to engage an attacker in a timely manner, how about if our Sheriffs step up and deputize concealed carry licensees so that they can carry concealed legally in schools?

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      I’m in. Considering all of the crap I went through to acquire said permit, I might as well be one.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “how about if our Sheriffs step up and deputize concealed carry licensees so that they can carry concealed legally in schools?”

      That’s just what’s now happening in Florida. A sheriff has announced he will vet, train, and deputize volunteers for school duty…

      1. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

        Grady Judd will but Chris Nocco sure as heck isn’t going to.

    3. avatar Justsomeguy says:

      The Posse Comitatus is the first cousin to the Militia and is who should be responsible for stopping such actions.

  17. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Is it Paterson or Peterson? Both are included in the post.

    Regardless, get your ass out of the car, grab your rifle and active shooter kit out of the trunk, (which should be there, and consist of: plate carrier, level III or better plates, at least 6 magazines, and an IFAK) put everything on, and take your dumb ass inside and put that loser out of his misery. I know, there’s probably some confusion as to who the bad guy is, but he’s (or she’s, let’s be inclusive) probably the douche bag shooting children.

    1. avatar RadicalAmericasGotTalent says:

      Patterson is the great WCW epic, Peterson is the study guide

  18. avatar W says:

    I had this argument with a police cadet a couple of years ago. You have to go in. You just have to.

    Actually, it pisses me off when I see police in full tactical gear show up at some scene. Don’t waste time getting dressed in that stuff. We all know you have fashion forward camo and matching boots. But there is no time. Just get there and go in. If you can’t do that, then ask for a desk assignment.

    1. avatar Smalltownguy says:

      In the town where I work there are a lot of militarized cops, the kind who wear plate carriers all day, even to court. Funny thing happened a few months ago when someone accidentally hit the panic button at a local school, triggering an active shooter alarm. The tacticool guys in brand new dodge chargers got passed on the way by a beat up SUV with a plainclothes detective inside. He was the first officer on the scene and entered the school in a T-shirt and holding a Glock. He figured out it was a false alarm before the other guys got out of their cars.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        The truth is that tossing on a plate carrier takes no time at all if it’s properly set up and broken in. 20-30 seconds at the most. Even if it’s brand new it’s still under a minute.

        In terms of gear there’s no reason for this to be an excuse. You don’t need the battle belt and all the extra pouches if your carrier is set up right. Just open your trunk, toss on the carrier, secure cummerbund, grab rifle, insert mag, charge rifle, switch safety on and you’re ready to roll.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          I suspect that some people confuse plate carriers with external carriers.

          I can’t imagine any cop would be going to court regularly wearing plates without getting a talking to.

        2. avatar RadicalAmericasGotTalent says:

          I can juggle three plates, is that what yer talkin bout!?

  19. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I thought it was only police that should have guns in schools to stop school shootings? Again, the notion of a cop as the only one able to stop mass shooters is proven false, it’s the people themselves that limit casualties the most.

  20. avatar anarchyst says:

    I may ruffle a few feathers here, but, I DON’T CARE. Most cops are pussies, citing “officer safety” instead of doing their jobs, especially when it comes to school shootings, “officer safety” takes precedence over apprehending the shooter. Look at Columbine, and other school mass shootings where “trained police officers” and SWAT teams SAT ON THEIR HANDS and waited, afraid to take action, while the “bad guy” was committing his carnage. Marines are TRAINED and would go towards the sound of weapons fire. I would trust a Marine over a police officer in such a situation, even though police officers are protected by their unions and official immunity. Yes, I would volunteer in a minute, even if not protected by official “immunity”.

  21. avatar rc says:

    Yeah, I think we get it…Sheriff Israel would rather blame the guns and restrict the rights of law abiding citizens than accept blame for the shambolic job he and his deputies did in preventing this clearly preventable tragedy. So he failed to do his job and he wants all of the lawful gun owners in the country to pay in order to cover his a$$. Typical Democrat. Screw up and force everybody else to pay. What a POS. Broward county deserves this…they elected this turd.

    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      No one deserves “this”… I sure hope you reconsider that statement… For your own sake if nothing else…

      1. avatar Bob says:

        Uh, he’s not wrong. You can disagree with his language, but we usually get the government we deserve, good and hard.

        Note that this is the same district that covered up Trayvon Martin’s crimes, which kept him out of jail and merely suspended, and put him at his Dad’s girlfriend’s house in Sanford that fateful evening, all to make the district look less criminally infested. Will we also see that this kids crimes were suppressed in the same way, which resulted in him not being a prohibited person, and therefore he was able to buy that AR?

        1. avatar BobTheKnobRacistLiar says:

          George Zimmerman a grown man followed teenager Trayvon Martin in a car, got out of his car to accost him and shot and killed him.

          The adult Zimmerman had previously been arrested for violently resisting arrest, was accused of repeatedly using violence against his girlfriend and subsequently stalking her, and was fired from his security guard job because of his hair-trigger temper.

          Im not aware of Zimmermans juvenile record

          Martin has no juvenile record, no criminal record.

          Teenager Martin was suspended from school for tardiness and skipping school, for spray painting “WTF” on lockers, and for having a baggie with marijuana residue.

          The “cover-up” you highlight was possesion of stolen jewelry and a burglary tool.



          So naturally yall racists slur the teenage victim Martin as a “thug” (racist code for “blacks are criminal”).

          And have absolutely nothing to say about the violent criminal record and extensive violent history of the adult Zimmerman.

          “Note that this is the same district that covered up Trayvon Martin’s crimes…”

  22. avatar Shire-man says:

    Between the court rulings and the simple realities of being human why does anyone ever expect a cop or anyone else to put their life on the line for them?
    It’s one thing to be in a defensive position and take the opportunity to engage when presented such as barricaded in a room but a completely different thing to go in solo with a handgun and confront the attacker.
    I can’t say with any certainty I’d go in. I’d like to think I would but I don’t know.
    Which is why the teachers who are barricaded in those rooms waiting to die should be armed.
    911 doesn’t do shit. Cops wont do shit nor are they required to. The only one whose going to do anything to save you is you.
    I come to work everyday with a gun, spare mag, GSW care gear. I take training out of my own pocket regularly. Because I’m the only one who cares about me enough to save me. Nobody else. It’s all on me.

  23. avatar George says:

    Shades of Columbine ! There, the armed officer LEFT the building while the 2 punks wandered about killing people(most with a shotgun).

    1. avatar YaDaddy says:

      Pretty sure that before columbine that was SOP, of course that incident changed the procedure.

      Before 9/11 it was SOP to cooperate with a hijacker…

      1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

        It changed the procedure….on paper, perhaps. On the ground, as in Orlando, they still sit on their hands safely outside while victims bleed out on bathroom floors inside.

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        It was, and nation-wide training reflects that.

        But you can train tactics without necessarily being able to train giving men the heart needed to use them. Of course such men should recognize it and find another profession BEFORE it happens, rather than after.

        Or maybe he just vapor locked. That’s something you CAN train your way out of, but it takes work.

  24. avatar Mas Cool Arrow says:

    At least he got home safe. You know officer safety and all.

  25. avatar LJPII says:

    How long did it take SWAT to go in and take out Omar Mateen in Orlando? And you expect one School Resource Officer to just dive in? Ok.

    1. avatar Sheldon Barbash says:

      Completely different situation, in Orlando according to eyewitnesses no one got shot until the police showed up. It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback this or 2 internet Commando it had I been there with my pistol I would have gone in because children were in there and I will do whatever I can to save children or Die Tryin

      1. avatar jim m says:

        I have 7 grandchildren , 4 children, and their spouses . Armed with my edc(1911)I would not hesitate to stand in their defense against a semiauto rifle . As a last resort I wouldn’t hesitate to insert myself between them and a lethal threat armed with a brick .
        It’s a matter of priorities .

    2. avatar Ing says:

      Yes, I do. I expect adults not to stand by and let children die.

      I expect no more of this failure of a deputy than I’d expect of myself if I were there in his place. I’m not saying I would have done better; I just hope to hell that I could if I had to.

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      Orlando turned into what police believed was a hostage standoff. Different situation.

  26. avatar Quasimofo says:

    Some of the talking heads on CNN are already running with the angle that this somehow gives lie to the “good guy with a gun” notion. I guess the recent Sutherland Springs church shooting response doesn’t count – doesn’t suit the narrative, I suppose…

    All this does is prove, yet again, that cops aren’t guarantors of safety. And it’s yet another in the long string of law enforcement failures that led to this horrible event. What a fail parade. Would you want to give LEOs like Israel and Peterson any more power after they’ve dropped the ball so badly?

  27. avatar Bad News1081 says:

    Let’s just face the fact that alot (but not all) Law Enforcement Officers only want to play at being a law enforcement officer. They want to strap on all the gear and act like they’re Billy badass and they can do whatever they want until someone challenges them and they have to do their job. Then they piss on their leg.

  28. avatar Steve in TX says:

    Why are two other officers on restricted duty? Did they have three officers there when the shooting started?

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      No, I think it’s related to their response/performance on some of the initial house calls.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Correct. While the one officer being forced to resign makes sense I kind of suspect that these two are going to end up being thrown under the bus for the failings of the department\state.

  29. avatar Jim B says:

    The school that knew something was wrong with this Cruz. So wrong that they wouldn’t let him bring a backpack to school because they were afraid he would bring a gun! After many incidents he was expelled.

    The state mental health worker interviewed him and declared him not to be dangerous. Psychology is NOT science.

    The FBI got two warnings, one very explicit yet they never even interviewed the guy. So much for “If you see something, say something.” Yeah, right. And you’ll do nothing.

    The local police department responded to 39 911 calls involving this idiot. All they had to do was arrest him for domestic violence and he could not legally get a gun. They didn’t.

    Lots of failure on the local, state and federal levels. Now this gem and the media blames easy access to guns! Guns have never been more difficult to get in the US than now. When I was a kid you mail order an ARA-15.

  30. avatar Bob says:

    Tell me, again, why we shouldn’t arm teachers?

    And it’s all about allowing teachers and staff to be armed, and keeping it secret who is and isn’t. Even the possibility can change the equation for most shooters, who kill themselves at the first sign of resistance because for whatever twisted notion they must end it on their terms. Now in this case he didn’t kill himself, and the presence of an armed guard didn’t dissuade him, so he’s the exception.

    1. avatar tjlarson2k says:

      It’s smarter to arm people that specialize in security or have a primary focus on dealing with armed threats. Knowing how to engage armed threats is a costly skill set if you actually want to be proficient and more than competent in that environment.

      While armed teachers are a start and a decent deterrent, it will be a risky gamble to assume they will be very effective vs. a better armed (and potentially armored) mass shooter / psycho that has the element of surprise and a rifle.

  31. avatar Ret1SG says:

    One officer could make the difference in lives lost! Guess this guy was just too worried about his damned pension. Old and fat, that’s why he could retire. Sorry assed POS! Want respect from me? Earn it now MF!

    1. avatar Goodoleboy says:

      Yeehaw, yeah buddy, you know it!!

  32. avatar James69 says:

    That’s what you get hiring “college boys” to do redneck jobs.

    1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

      You gave me a good laugh in a very sad situation.

  33. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    The police are totally unreliable.
    I don’t care who they are, city cop, county sheriff’s deputies, state police, FBI and any and all federal law enforcement agencies.

    I’m so glad I live in a free state. No state is a utopia. Kentucky has its problems. But Kentucky is number 5 out of 50 for the best gun civil rights.

  34. avatar Ret1SG says:

    Before the Sheriff gets canned (if he does) he needs to be at every shift change and find out if his deputies are willing to enter a building alone if necessary to save lives. If they can’t say yes, turn in your badge. Don’t give a shit about court cases saying otherwise. What the hell are we paying them for if they can’t?

    1. avatar anarchyst says:

      You mean “what the hell are we paying them for if they WON’T??

    2. avatar Chris Mallory says:

      About the only way to can a sheriff is to defeat them at election time. If he was a man of honor he would go in a closed room with his pistol.

  35. avatar Ralph says:

    If the nation of Israel had the tiny cojones of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, it would never have existed.

    FU, Sheriff Israel, and your entire POS department. You reap it, Broward County sows it. And a big FU to the FBI too.

  36. avatar Ret1SG says:

    I need another beer….This shit’s just too sad.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Well, according to Snott Israel, it’s all Trump’s fault.

      1. avatar ACP_arms says:

        And the guns fault, your fault, my fault, but not his and other law enforcement’s fault.

        And now the chickens have roosted.

      2. avatar CZJay says:

        I watched the CNN emotional bash fest.

        The Sheriff said guns, guns and guns were the problem. Apparently It was the guns that allowed this to happen. The guy who is supposed to defend the Constitution says it was the 2nd Amendment’s fault not his.

        That’s not a Sheriff, that’s an a*****e.

  37. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

    Scot Peterson. Must have something to do with the name.

  38. avatar HiddenHills says:

    Cops are only minutes away….until they stop at the door.

  39. avatar GS650G says:

    I guess he didn’t have kids in there. And if he did he’s a bigger coward than ever,

  40. avatar Darkstar says:

    I for one call bullshit on this whole mess. Quit bashing the deputy, he was only doing what he trained to do. I have seen many, repeat Many instances were LE behaved bravely with no regard to their own safety. Why, there are numerous examples of our brave and stoic heroes: Blowing away villainous family pets hell bent on mayhem, Flash bangin’ their way into private residences serving warrants on dangerous crimin…whoops, sorry Ma’am wrong address, And all sorts of other shining examples of integrity and bravery. Bravo Deputy Peterson you are the personification of a true American hero sir! A reflection on our society at large. You remembered and held sacred the greatest creed: “Whatever it takes to go home at the end of my shift”.

    Rest of y’all are just haters

    1. avatar cisco kid says:

      His own boss condemned this prick coward and said that we he viewed the video of this coward it made his stomach turn. Yea no shit. They should put this prick in jail for life.

      1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

        You’re the one that wants to leave the cops as the only armed ones.

        Until you insist loudly and longly to remove the GFZ areas and allow all good folk to carry their guns you are as responsible for these dead kids as this coward deputy was.

  41. avatar DaveL says:

    On the news yesterday, it was “an armed officer was present on campus, but he never encountered the suspect.”

    “Never encountered him?” I thought to myself, “what is that supposed to mean?” Is that school so vast that someone can be shooting up one end of it and an officer on the other side wouldn’t know anything was amiss? But of course, no. It means he turtled.

  42. avatar Underdog says:

    I want to know how many school zone speeding tickets these law officers have written.

  43. avatar D says:

    Boy, this sure did bring out all the tuff guys. I feel so much safer knowing all the people bashing this guy would have been muffin top operaters and saved the day.

    1. avatar Darkstar says:

      No tougher than anyone. Not an operator operating operationally Just stating facts. Guy stood by and did NOTHING. Repeat, NOTHING.

      Any questions?

      1. avatar D says:

        What would you have done?

        1. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

          Try as he might he couldn’t have done worse.

        2. avatar ACP_arms says:

          Not be a door greater for starters.

        3. avatar Darkstar says:

          Sorry went to bed but I feel I owe you a reply. Honestly I don’t know what I would have done, but that is irrelevant. I wasn’t on the scene. He was, he did nothing.

  44. avatar aircooled says:

    Honestly, I don’t expect an LEO to go up against an unknown active shooter situation with only a pistol. I do expect him or her to run to their patrol car, get their rifle and armor and then enter the school with haste! Sheriff, every one of your officers does have a rifle and armor in their trunk, right? right?

    1. avatar MDH says:

      Well, it’s pretty clear no one here would share a foxhole with you.

    2. avatar Old Fart says:

      Not all 1st responders are like this guy. Had a school shooting somewhere outside of Dallas Ft Worth area last month and off duty fireman went in and saved the victims life. It was his town and he felt his responsibility. Stayed with her till help showed up. Luckily no one died but he had no way of knowing situation. The deputy in Florida is deserving of contempt but most people are better that that.

  45. avatar Bcb says:

    I see bashing of people bashing this SRO but as a parent if someone is shooting up a school I’m going in. I may get my ass shot but jesus! How can adult especially one that’s had kids just stand and take that crap happening. I’m sorry but I’m calling pussy.

    I normally can see the other side but not here. Dude stood armed and let kids die and did nothing to intervene. Only person on site armed and he stood outside… I mean at least the one poor coach confronted the shooter. That guy if he was armed likely had the fortitude to stop the shooter.

  46. avatar MDH says:

    So an unarmed HS coach shielded students with his body, while an armed coward responsible for the defense of innocent lives stood down?

    You bet we have to have national debate about what works and what doesn’t, what happened and what didn’t. And right fucking now!

  47. avatar cisco kid says:

    When a Cop comes up against someone who may fight back they turn tail and run. Cops are only good for bullying helpless people especially women like the cop that got the woman down on the ground alongside her car at the freeway and beat the hell out of her. Of course he got away with it they always do.

    The coward cop at the Florida School then retired immediately but they should strip him of his pension but of course they will not. He will walk across the street and get a job at another police department they love guys like him.

    Yep Florida’s finest.

    1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      But you’re the one that would disarm all but the cops. You and your MDA allies are as responsible for creating victim rich zones.

  48. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    Only trained and designated people can be armed to protect you… until they decide they don’t want to.

    Kinda makes the case that people should be able to tool-up to protect themselves.

  49. avatar Love the Lake says:

    Shame on Sheriff Scott Israel for throwing Deputy Scot Peterson under the bus! It’s my understanding that our law enforcement people are trained NOT to enter a hostile environment/building without backup/ knowledge of the situation inside.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Your understanding is COMPLETELY WRONG and has been since Columbine. “Our” law enforcement- counting me as one- is trained to run towards the sound of gunfire in a school and not stop until the bad guy is dead or we are. Every second of hesitation is another dead kid.

      1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

        See Pulse nightclub, see Parkdale. You may be amazing, but the other cops are consistently cowering while disarmed innocents die.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Orlando does not fall entirely outside of protocol as, at the time the police arrived, there was no active shooting. In such a scenario is a judgement call as to whether to breach a barricaded position- thereby possibly prompting the execution of hostages- or to use other tactics.

          It may be that the wrong judgement was made, but it’s not quite the same as waiting outside a school as kids get shot within earshot.

  50. avatar Sam in Ohio says:

    I speculate that there are multiple protocols out there, depending on the law enforcement department, for a school shooting ranging from “go in as soon as you arrive” to “secure the exits and wait for the tactical team”. From the reported story, it seems the deputy didn’t follow that department’s protocol; hence the suspension.

    It takes a special kind of person to go it alone and engage rather than wait for another officer so that they can work as a pair. If the protocol is the first to arrive enters and engages, it takes a special kind of person to execute. Not everyone has it, but if you’re a school resource officer, you need to be honest enough with yourself to carry out that protocol or you need a different assignment.

    That said, there’s enough blame to go around here. You have multiple failures at the FBI, local law enforcement, local educators, Children’s Services that could have prevented this and now we have an apparent failure to follow the local law enforcement department’s protocol. A protocol of enter and engage to decrease the lethality of the attack. Res ipsa loquitur all the way around.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

      It’s sad state of affairs in America when your unarmed boys are willing to risk their lives while an armed man entrusted with a duty cowers.

  51. avatar greymas says:

    When seconds count the School Resource Officer is just outside taking up a defensive position waiting for backup. This is why teachers and staff who choose to be armed should be allowed.

  52. avatar CZJay says:

    Is the NRA not calling out the police for their failure? How can you win an argument about retaining your human right to self preservation when you don’t want to point out how the powerful government constantly fails you and will choose themselves over your kids? Isn’t that one of the reasons why the 2nd Amendment exists? How can you be civil rights organization that doesn’t criticize your government?

  53. avatar ironicatbest says:

    . Peterson Scott your beyond despicable, I’ve seen your type before. May this haunt you until the day your body dies.

  54. avatar Hannibal says:


    Cops nationwide- particularly those involved in school security- know that you don’t wait around when kids are being murdered.

    And it speaks to a bigger problem with departments and schools. Guess who ends up being the “school resource officer”? There are certainly some good ones. But often it ends up being the older guys who are almost retired (or semi-retired). Maybe because they’re available or maybe because they have seniority and want an easy “sunset” gig. That’s okay if it’s a old-school fighter who, even if he’s slower than he used to be, will still get to the fight as fast as he can.

    But sometimes the house mouse gets put at the school. You know, the guy\girl that you don’t want covering your back during “real” policework for some reason. Maybe because she’s a bad shot. Maybe because he’s known as for being the guy who always shows up third to a scene so he doesn’t have to do anything. Those cops sometimes get put in schools because they’re thought of as “safe” spots. And usually they are. Until they aren’t. Then you get what you had here. It’s a tough position to figure out because it really is a glorified security gig and most young\good cops don’t want to be sitting around doing nothing.

    Just more reason to figure out alternatives.

    1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      “But sometimes the house mouse gets put at the school. You know, the guy\girl that you don’t want covering your back during “real” policework for some reason . . .”

      I think you’re right but I also think there’s an inherent problem within police departments that don’t get rid of people like this. Competitive business don’t allow this kind of incompetence to stick, although military organizations do Perhaps it’s time for cop-shops to stop acting like military organizations. That won’t be easy for them to do, so I doubt that is will ever happen.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        I’m not sure it’s the para-military aspect so much as something both the military and police forces share in common: government.

        Firing people in government is hard. You open yourself up to all sorts of legal problems unless you can really document objective reasons for firing. Additionally, once police recruits\trainees end up in the most crucial and difficult part of their training where they go out in the field and actually start being The Police, the city\county\state has already put plenty of money into selecting and training them. Not to mention, a lot of places are hurting for qualified candidates, so if they fire someone because he seems like the kind of guy who won’t run into a school, they’re down even more in manpower.

        Field-training is where the rubber meets the road and, in some (many, etc) departments, ‘troubled’ trainees will get through and shuffled quietly to the place they’ll hopefully do the least damage.

    2. avatar StratSG says:

      On the radio show I listen to on the way to work every morning, a guy called in that was 70 years old. He did three tours in Nam and still practiced at the range on a regular basis to stay sharp. He said he would gladly walk the halls and/or be a guard at a school. I’ll tell you, I’d put my trust in this guy one helluva lot faster than the Police, especially the ones in my town. I wouldn’t call the Police in my town to stop a snowball fight, let alone something serious. I know there are officers out there that would’ve done what needed to be done, the cops by me, forget it. That’s just my personal experience. I don’t like having that kind of attitude towards Police, but they cause it, not me.

  55. avatar tdiinva says:

    First gun control advocates argue only the Police should have guns. Then they think it’s ok if the assigned police officer doesn’t do his job. Mae up your mind.

  56. avatar tjlarson2k says:

    This casts a little doubt in the Left’s mantra “Only the police should have guns” argument.

    Watching the anti’s talking points implode one by one as all the obvious scenarios we knew would happen play out in real time in the media is satisfying, but I don’t think it’s worth the body count.

    What say we skip all the needless bloodshed and just ignore everything the Left says and just do what’s right?

    1. avatar Squire says:

      I have to disagree. This no more casts doubt on the notion that only police should have guns anymore than it discredits the good guy with a gun principal which the media is shamelessly pushing at the moment. The point that should be taken here is that you should never assume that someone else is going to risk their life to protect yours.

      1. avatar tjlarson2k says:

        You are discounting several factors:

        Emotional bonds
        Armed parents would be compelled to go save their kids if they were on campus.

        This particular case study shows that people who just rely on a paycheck, with no emotional attachment to the kids may or may not engage an active shooter on their behalf and risk their own life.

        Being a Target
        Armed teachers may not actively engage an active shooter elsewhere in the school in certain situations but they would already be “in the fight” and defending their particular classroom and likely barricading.

        The resource officer was not in the line of fire so he had the choice of engaging or just staying out of harm’s way as an observer.

        1. avatar Squire says:

          I don’t think you understood what I wrote. I was saying that I don’t think these actions by this police officer hurt the argument that only police should have guns and I don’t think they bolster the argument that a good gut with a gun would not be effective. It was an act of cowardice. So, my point remains that you should not assume someone else is going to save you. You are responsible for your safety. Not armed police, not some other good guy with a gun.

        2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          “I don’t think these actions by this police officer hurt the argument that only police should have guns … . So, my point remains that you should not assume someone else is going to save you. You are responsible for your safety. Not armed police.”

          Squire, your first point and second point are contradictory. If I am responsible for my own safety, why should I give up the right to the tool that is by far the best for the job of defending myself from a violent attack? If I am responsible, I should have a gun. If I should have a gun, then police aren’t the only ones who should have a gun as I am not a cop.

  57. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Israel’s deputy couldn’t be bothered to enter the building with an active shooter inside.

    But now there are reportedly six deputies guarding the home of the deputy who failed to act:

    Just when you think law enforcement couldn’t look worse in a high-profile situation, they find a way to look much worse.

    1. avatar arkansas says:

      I’m sure the fine people of Broward County are happy to know that their tax dollars are hard at work paying deputies to guard the home of the man who they paid to fail to protect their kids.

    2. avatar darkstar says:

      One of the articles that was linked in the main post stated that after resignation the deputy would be eligible for retirement, presumably pension and benefits etc. That is also a pretty bad look. I don’t know if there is a legal reason he wouldn’t be entitled to pension but resign in disgrace, and get paid for it. Bad optics.

  58. avatar Sprocket says:

    Given that this deputy was working for liberal sheriff in a liberal county as a school resource officer within a leftist school district; you have to wonder how much aggressive police work was encouraged (or not) and just how many hours of tactical training a year this guy got compared to touchy-feely police work training. Within organizations, you get what you incentivize for. It’s pretty clear this agency did not incentivize stomping out the scum bags.

  59. avatar Oh noes says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.
    In my County ALL Police officers have an AR-15 patrol rifle locked in the trunk of their cruiser. The State patrol even have a 10″ barrel AR-pistol on their Motorcycles
    (Highly secured).
    First Responders can engage an active shooter with equal or greater force (Alone or as a team).
    To the Florida cops defense maybe all he had was a pistol, not knowing if the active shooter was wearing body armor or how many shooters there were I understand his hesitation. If the cop did have a rifle available then he is a Coward who let a lot of children die by his inaction.
    Even engaging with just a pistol, Usually any armed resistance makes the bad guy either off himself or run away.

    1. avatar Jack Moore says:

      In Aurora a few years ago, the SRO from Adams county sheriffs office aggressively engaged the school shooter (with his pistol) and only one student was shot. A pistol is a legitimate close quarters weapon regardless of body armor. (hips and heads) and these jerks practically never wear body armor. If this jack booted thug doesn’t have the personal courage to aggressively engage he has no right pushing you

  60. avatar Aaron says:

    So, uh, what exactly are “school resource officers” for? I’m not sure what their purpose is. What are their guidelines? What are their rules of engagement? Are they supposed to be the same as other cops?

    because it seems to me that a cop is supposed to “move to the sound of the guns like salmon to the sea”.

    and to every liberal who says, “only the cops should have guns”, how come an UNTRAINED 19 year old douchebag loser was able to pull off quite a deadly operation and ESCAPE (at least for an hour) while a “TRAINED” school resource officer wasn’t able to do anything?

    1. avatar Jack Moore says:

      The sheriff is a useless fascist tyrant and that trickles down to his whole department.

  61. avatar Jack Moore says:

    More important to go home at the end of his shift than to save children. This is the government that steals your money and demands you give up your rights.

  62. avatar John Hankwitz says:

    Unfortunate that the excellent FASTER program isn’t moving along faster. All teachers should be allowed to be fully trained, validated, and subsequently be authorized to conceal carry in their classrooms if they want to.

  63. avatar Ricky Cutie says:

    Its easy to say “I would have” and I’m not sure what that cop was thinking. 2 men died in that school trying to defend those kids (UNARMED) and that cop held position and did nothing ?? On every battle field or situation were you have the chance to die a lot of people just freeze and survival instinct kicks in. This guy froze out of fear and thought “better them then me” he has to live with that and he will be judged on those 4 minutes the rest of his life. I get it. I’d also know that most cops would have went in alone and give their lives trying to stop this sinceless murder of kids. Don’t be surprised if this guy takes his own life because of this cuz he can’t live with the shame. I’m not going to judge him but I’m glad I’m not him. God bless this truly damaged nation and give the police the strength to always do the right thing.

  64. avatar A. C. says:

    When people want to take guns, we need to bring up a couple of old arguments and demand an answer.
    The first old argument is: the Second Amendment exists for protection not only at the national level (the militia) but the individual level. The Supreme court has even agreed with that. The second argument is that old bromide “when every second counts, the police are only minutes away” and as the mass shooting in Broward county showed, they may choose not to show up until we’re dead. When legislators ignore those arguments and take away our ability to defend ourselves IMMEDIATELY, they take on a moral duty to provide protection that is RIGHT THERE, all the time, just as my gun would have been. They can complain that no law requires them to provide it, but it’s still their moral duty.

    The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was a failure of government at the local, state and federal levels to provide the protection that legislators took on, but failed to provide. The school administrators failed to take action to protect students; they didn’t expel him, nor even try to get him into a counseling program that was a vailable. They were more worried about a number. Their students were worth less to them than that number. It was a failure of the sherrif’s office, which should have been protecting everyone. They failed to take action, and there were a number of things that could have been done. They also could have initiated a process that could have helped Cruz. And their assigned deputy decided not to confront Cruz, but to let the shooting go on, and on. The FBI failed to protect the students by not following their own protocols when his social media statements were reported to them. Too busy looking for Russians?

    And after all the ways government failed to protect students, they blame the NRA for abject moral and physical cowardice by all levels of government.

  65. avatar Robert Stewart says:

    If this had been a military situation, it would be “cowardice in the face of the enemy.” The penalty for that is…

  66. avatar Dave B says:

    Would I, Joe Citizen as a concealed carrier outside the school engage? Don’t know. The SRO is a sheepdog, hired to protect the students (his sheep) Did he properly utilize his training? I don’t know as we really don’t know all of the facts (but his boss suspended him without pay) Here is an interesting article about sheep, sheepdogs, wolves and porcupines… Not all will agree with his conclusions, but he makes a lot of sense to me.

  67. avatar Mikial says:

    Cops do not protect, they investigate. Period. They may provide some degree of protection after the fact by arresting someone who has already committed a crime, and by so doing prevent them from committing future crimes, but they generally do very little to stop a crime in progress. And in this case, they did less than usual. The crime was over and the criminal on the run before he was caught by cops in another jurisdiction . . . which illustrates my point very well.

  68. avatar Clint says:

    I believe that if you look at past mass shootings law enforcement did not immediately enter premises. Training far lacking for these kind of situations. LEOs punish. Not prevent or protect.

    1. avatar Clint says:

      In response to my own comment. What kind of holy hell would’ve been heaped upon this man for any collateral damage ?

      1. avatar 2004done says:

        Clint (Holy Hell): Good Point, But… Coming up on a decade ago for my locality Binghamton, and never any info on how many victims bleed out after SWAT or LEO arrives before entry I’d guess the ‘balance’ drawn by the ranking chiefs that armored SWAT lives are much more valuable than victims. It turned out here that the suicided-perp DID have body armor, so I’ve personally come to agree w/ your original conclusion, LEOs punish not protect, and potential victims are their own responsibility – including schools, despite the legislation

  69. avatar Greg Rice says:

    All the solutions to mass killers deal with restricting the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens and destroying the NRA. I have not heard one word about more severe punishments for mass killers. If someone uses a car, knife, gun, poison, etc to cause mass casualties the punishment must be fair and speedy and so harsh that it might deter others. Some won’t be deterred but if we can “save just one child’s life” (as the pro abortion anti-gun crowd shout) then harsher punishments is where to start and end the discussion. Not making good people helpless.

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